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Stay the Course - Enjoy Your Music

Wishing everyone a wondrous 2014 ahead. Stay on a good path with your musical journey. Enjoy it. Always make it fun and just challenging enough, too. Set reasonable goals, and don't ever, ever, ever give up! :D

New Blog Thought

Hessen Riff - Folk / Rock / Acoustic 06/27/2011 1:20 PM

Consider making time to actually listen to artists, bands, or music you endorse. Read the "claims" carefully made on their banners before you just promote them. Don't just do it so that they will "supposedly" promote you.

If you like the music, the artist or the band and what they're about, you're helping others discover sounds and people they might also enjoy hearing.

No need to be exclusionary or snobby - Good Music is Good Music. Just worth checking out what you recommend. Easy to get "burned" otherwise.

In giving, we all receive. Vote with your heart and use your head, too. All kinds of music out there, all kinds of listeners. Be cool! Make your own choices and realize that diversity is a great thing - in music and in life!

That's my story and I'm sticking to it. All the Best..........Hess

Starting Notes

Interested in growing and sharing with others musically - listening and getting heard. No expert by any stretch, but passionate about improving my songwriting, recording, editing and other interests. Still honing my tone and willing to help others still navigating their musical journey. I love all good music, no matter what style. My own personal range is more rooted in the folk, rock, and folk-rock genre. Although I've dabbled with Pro Tools and other digital recording programs, I currently enjoy the Hell out of home recording and editing on my new iMac with GarageBand 11 for now. Striving to get better all the time, but don't take myself too seriously. Open to constructive criticism and willing to lend same, if anyone out there wants some feedback and/or encouragement. I juggle an intensely busy schedule, at times, but communicate across a diverse number of music sites. Working on a website or two and hope to have those up and on or before end of May. Planning to tie in to other sites, as well. Preferred contact is via e-mail for now at hessenriff@ymail.com. Thanks for your interest. I can be a good resource for some of you out there. Appreciate the support and kindness I have been fortunate to receive and willing to "pay it forward" whenever I can. Best Wishes in your musical aspirations. Be persistent, have fun, and be kind to yourself, too. Hess