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Eighty Eight Keys / Blog


Sup. I just recorded 9 new songs, and no bullshit this time, they are recorded, and they will be mixed and mastered over the next week or two. This will be my second release. "But where's the first one?" Uh...it's out of print? If you want it, find me or Zack. But you'll probably want to talk to Zack about it. So yeah, I'll be back with more info on this new one.


So, I'm writing a lot of music and recording it to my phone, and that's about it. I should be getting a recording software tomorrow, but no guarantees. And I'm sure no one's gonna see this so I can do whatever I want.


Butt farts douche ass.



Hey, hey. New song up! This one's called "Clover", and it's got Zack Harding on bass, Andrew Randall on electric guitar, and myself on drums, acoustic guitar, and vocals. It's the first of many I've written over the last couple of months, and it's also the first off of a CD I'm hoping to put together and have out by the end of the year. And it'll be great if I can achieve the "full band" sound on all the songs like I did with this one. I've got another one I want to start working on called "Southern Girl", and it'd be nice to have it out sometime next week, but we'll just have to see! So thank you so much for listening and checking me out! - Trevor P.S. tell your friends...


Sorry about that last blog. Shit just wasn't going so well at that time...but man, 2012 (for the most part) was a pretty good year. I played the most music I have in my entire life, I got a new job, I met a girl, and I ended up writing some of the best music with the best people. As a matter of fact, I jammed with an old friend on the 31st for the first time in probably 3 or 4 years, and it was incredible. I really thought there was something to it and I'd love to try to record some of it someday and make something out of it. The Modern Myths put out an album and, at the moment, are writing more great jams. I played an absolute shit ton of coffee shop gigs/open mics, and I sort of wrote some tunes on my own. And to start off the new year (sort of) we're having an all out jam tomorrow night with a fellow open mic'er. Nice. This year I hope to actually write some songs (and upload the decent ones) for you all. All 3 of you. I had some good times in 2012 and I had bad. I met some great people and I reconnected with some not so great people, so we'll just have to see what 2013 brings. See you soon. - Trevor

I get it.

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So, yeah.

So, Zack (from The Modern Myths) and I are going to be recording an album or two over the next couple of months. One of them will be songs he's written, and they'll all have bass, and guitars, and drums, and banjo, and all of that jazz on it, but it'll just be us. We'll play everything, and it'll be pretty fun. The other album, will be songs I've written, but it won't feature as much. Pretty much acoustic guitar(s), banjo, bass, some piano thrown in, and maybe some drums if I feel like it. I look forward to both and hopefully they'll get done soon. And I know no one is reading this, so I guess I'm just talking to myself, but I feel like this should be said. My page has been pretty lousy so I need to get to it! So, yeah.


Well, as far as recording my songs with drums, bass, piano, etc. with the intention of getting a full band sound to it, it's not working out, and it's just going to have to wait. In the mean time, I'll try to record about 2 or 3 songs with just myself and an acoustic guitar. Maybe two. Maybe even a guest singer. But I need to get something uploaded, it's definitely been awhile. So I'll start working on some lyrics and hope to have something up soon. So keep a lookout. - Trevor

Current status...

Hello all! I bring good news! The debut album from The Modern Myths (the name I've given the band myself since we have yet to actually come up with one) is near completion. We just recorded and finished up a track tonight, with one more to add vocals too, and as soon as that's done, it'll be ready to go. I've gotta say, I've had a lot of fun making this record. Sometimes it was stressful, and others times it went great. There will be 10 songs included onto the final cut, and I will say, I couldn't be more proud of these songs. I truly think they're a wonderful, creative, lovely batch of tunes. There isn't one genre we attached ourselves to either. There's a jam song, a funk song, a punk song, hell, even a country song! Working on these songs have been some of the happiest times of my life and I'm glad people will have the opportunity to hear them, and maybe get as much out of it as I did. So head on over to www.reverbnation.com/panacea for more info about the album. Thanks for reading, and be sure to keep an eye out! Check ya later. -Trevor


Hey everyone. Just so you know, the reason for no songs or updates or anything for Eighty Eight Keys lately, is because I've been playing drums and writing songs with another band, Panacea (temporary name). And as much as I like writing music for EEK, this is something I've thoroughly enjoyed. I love it. And it's taking up most of my time. Not including work. :P And you should check us out too. Maybe? Sure. Why not? We're alright. Anyways, I'm also in the middle of moving some of my things into my brother's new house in the woods, so that should give me a new environment to write some songs in. I'm looking forward to the outcome. So thanks for reading, and hopefully I'll be seeing ya soon.


So this song has been kicking around for awhile and just now got recorded. Can't say much about it other than it's just a fun little folk song. Nothing to it. We've got Zack Harding playing banjo, and myself playing guitar, bass, and tambourine. Hope you all enjoy it.