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Jody Jaress / Blog

Sorry… I'm not good at Blogging!

Happy New Year… 2014 will be the Best! Warm Hugs to you all…

"Haunting Movie Memories"

"I was one of the lucky one's to see Jody Jaress at The Gardenia...." - Maray Ayres, actress/producer

"Haunting Movie Memories"

"Warm, witty, charming Jody Jaress. I was so struck last night by your warmth and wit. Everyone in that room loves you and you have touched all of us. Thank you!" - Ada Bird Wolfe, vocalist

"Haunted Movie Memories"

"The epitome of effortless glamour of the movie stars in the 30's and 40's with the heart of a little girl." - Dolores Scozzesi, vocalist


Life is like a bowl of cherries.... some sweet, some tart... but you wont know which until you try them.