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LUVIS / Blog

upcycle some Luvis Antiques view car styled

Upcycle some Luvis Antiques via view car style when you out about today. Cause it all goes down in the end. A song written in lovely Homeplace Indiana for a couple of old friends o'mine. Ya see The good Lord bless me me with several things. some things are HUGE and other things are small. I have a small brain but a big heart. I have small hands but a HUGE COCKY ATTITUDE -MUST BE CAUSE I'M FRON NEW JERSEY -WHERE WE DONT FUCK AROUND ! . I left that troubled little state of mind decades ago but once a junky always a junky . I remember not so long ago being taken to that mother ship. Abducted by aliens isn't always pleasant. They told me I was lucky and let me go back to planet earth. faster than the NSA can tap your bank account I was taken to another time and place and brought back to life - not once , has this happened to me. It all goes down in the end. my life is like the last 2 minutes of the superbowl game - its either or for Luvis. But I know some real useful mind bending tricks that work because you cant fuck with mother nature and you can fuck with karma. So when these issues happen you better have the intestinal fortitude to continue on with your mission in life. My mission is simple like pimple. I have my shit together today, tomorrow is another story. but right now I'm at the top of my game. Its 2014, I should have been dead yrs ago. To have be able to do so much in such a short period of time is extra-ordinary ! Like bruce lee I fear no tablature . Like chuck Norris I hear no evil notes. with so many distarctions going on its easy to get sleezy. as I UPCYCLE my musical ANTIQUES I will BIKE NO-LA all over this land spreading the Luv ranking Potion # 15. I have much to be thank ful for. I thank all of you who have made me a top twenty artist all yr long. Thanks to my family for all the support and love. I thank the good lord up above for giving me everything I can handle. When time are tough tough people get tougher. we didn't become the greatest nation on the planet because of these chodes in office today. I Support the music the music support me and now its on with the show. Big news coming from SWAMPMUCK RECORDS in a few weeks. We are still looking at which songs to upload this month to diskmakers/cd baby/iTunes/reverbnation etc etc Like david lee roth said " these are Good Times , Damn Good Times " No lie there ! have'n the time of my life with the one I love ! I am a lucky guy who play with a drummer named lucky - go figure ! High Ho Silver ! MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM !

why it sucks to have so much sometimes on REVERBNATION

WHY does it suck to have so much on reverbnation. I mean when you have over 300 videos I guess there server is unable for an artist to move them in any order that works for my/there web site. I guess I should try it on another computer- maybe win95 will let me do it ? maybe if I use the command prompt I can do it ? I should call them more. I haven't been to the headquarters yet. Where is reverbnation ? sometime when I drink coffee and the NSA is logged into my account the entire service goes fucking crazy. I work really hard from 5 am to 8 am to get my internet site setup for the day ahead. maybe its the coffee. today cup of coffee isn't as good as other daze. As a musician who knows when to say when and who knows this is a age for taking action I must just wait. just hang out. chill. do nothing and laugh to the evil bank. Ya that's it.the whole reverbnation isn't able to handle all this info. how can it. With over 300 videos, 100's of web sites, 100's of songs, 100's of blogs, 1000's of pics - I should just be happy and move on to another web site. 2014 is showing a plays of past 2013 and 1994 along with 1977. the entire site is great for what it does for me. Today we are #14. Thanks for the support. What I wanted to post today isn't a problem for me. just a problem for reverb nation. Its a cool rainy day down here in nola. swampmuck is soaked.with musings. what else would we be doing today. frozen in a shed with no internet and nobody who wants to jam at the open mike. A real struggle takes place at times. This Monday is no different. today i'm gonna do nothing. just let the day flow. a little work and a lot of thinking. i'm feeling the blues today. how many time can upload all this info. must be like 1020 gigs of Luvis Production/ Swampmuck Record stuff out there. I pay my service provider and so I can get my piece of the pie. It good pie. sweet pie. thistle pie. or pound cake. muffin top or junk in the trunk Luvis gets the job . You know my name. time to jam. gotta get the guitar back from Webbs bywater music. Maybe i'll run into some old friends of mine from the band BLOB SNARLY. I really like days like this, cause nobodys your friend on payday. MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM ! :-)

2014 - Ranked top twenty - new songs- new tours-new groupies

hello and welcome to another exciting year of sex drugs and rock and roll. I am your host with the utmost respect for the arts. As we ponder the yonder this year I have made a pack with certain people. We are a team of dedicated professionals who exploit the musical landscape this year like Indiana jones looking for the temple of boom. Its cold and erie in the studio today but sunny and stoned. Swampmuck records is working to produced the hits this year. each month Swampmuck records will release a new song on iTunes/amazon/spotify etc etc.As of right now only 2 songs are out there " santa doesn't come to the hood " and " the double duce " -still only 99 cents. Now 20 years ago this year MYRAGE was in its last stage of performing. we had hit a milestone and where working on lifes song and dance. This year is gonna be a hugh year for the old MYRAGE band as Swampmuck release's the new MYRAGE album " Is a pigs pussy pork " MY RAGE was a fun band with fun band members who played fun music in a fun musicial city ~ Memphis. I still miss those crazy daze. Hanging on beale street eating gumbo from the rum boogie café. As always I have a few choice songs that have to be completed. There is a new video for every song. We have more youtube channels to create. we are expanding our catalog of music this year. touring will be rough since the country is spinning outa control thanks to a president who only cares about killing people in the middle east and starving out Americans- no different than his big daddy BUSH. So fuck the man and his plan and step back and get out the way cause LUVIS is taking his guitar and smashing the charts ! MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM - LONG LIVE LOCAL MUSIC PEACE

Happy New years eve - ranked # 11 today - Thanks

its New yrs eve, we are # 11 today . whata great way to end the year. I cant say enough much luck its been for me this year. still living off 2 truck load of stuff from Indiana and with a limited amount of guitar equipment and all my recording stuff. Only with lots of love could I been able to get this far. I was talking to a musician friend of mine last night on Decatur who plays a lot for all to hear daily along the river and such. We laughed how this town is a vacuum for music. sucking people from parts of the states and world here daily. the sounds created are sounds from 100's of years ago transcribed with todays modern technocrap. we are playing pieces of music from our past and present situations. He and I have very different backgrounds. I'm from stateside he's from Africa. Over the past yr we've run into each other and listened to the music this city makes for free . We made a pack to record something for 2014. Swampmuck records is going to be a big deal this year. We are going to release a lot of new and old recordings. the vault is being inspected for classic Luvis jams. The next big thing is right around the corner. nobody puts baby in a corner . So last night I wrote my last song of 2013 " I'm a Nobody BUT Everybody Knows Me " . Its how we roll. number 11 today for rock. Thanks for that kids. I started off the year this way and I want to keep it there ! top twenty is a nice title. top 10 is really sweet. Blob Snarly is # 1. so either or i'm ahead of the game today. Please kids, have a safe day and easy nite. drink some good stuff with the ones you love. tell your family you love them. and i'll see you next year where I will make you laugh and you can make me drink some more whiskey or lite my smoke while we take a toke thru the streets of the French Quarter otherwise know as the birth place of Jazz . xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox xoxox MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM

2 days before NEW YEARS 2014

with just 2 days before the coming new years I want to say THANK YOU. It been a lot of hard work. I have truly learned a ton about myself and this music business i'm evolved with- SWAMPMUCK RECORDS. we tested the waters with our new LUVIS cd. ground breaking recording from nola. The band BLOB SNARLY was a massive project that still has a few more hits to play and perform. Blob Snarly is gonna be huge this 2014 yr. 2013 also taught me how to deal with the mishaps of verbal agreements - they never work - get it in writing and get those signatures. there were a lot of independent music put out this yr from almost every band I know - 7" records & 33" records are on a massive upswing . this is all good - cause under bush/Clinton/bush/Obama tranny many Americans had a lot than lost it all and are now fighting to get something back. thanks for all the help our government does these days with spying and drone use under our nations flag ( bullshit) . WE the musicians, us artists are the sprit of the U.S.A. we call all the shots. we will run up into a church and scream our songs in your face and be sent to prison for doing so (pussy riot). we are the ones who sing our freedom songs while the industy put out more fluff and stuff but zero reality. We are in a world where your music can be heard in Russia but you don't have any copies of the song on cd or tape during your house party gig. times for musicians are great but the price to play Is amazing if not impossible for some of us. with a lot of us barly making more than a drive thur window operator we make music/art daily and are willing to part with it at any minute for another. I am still amazed from the musicians who still have to give themselves a label. " Ionly play metal, I only like jazz, I hate country, I don't know who bob marley is - that my favorite ? how do u not know bob marley ????? moving to nola has once again opened my eyes to new things. that's all life is. I don't get much change in any thing else. the days here are sweet as cane. the nights are like the twilight zone. love it or live it ! MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM see u next yr !

Just days before Chrstmas 2013 and i ...

Its 10 pm do u know where your children are ? the stocking are hung by the chimney with care. It been a long strange year. so much to tell about. to much to really say. it all this and that I tell ya. I just wish everybody the best . I see where at 19 in the big ranks today. I woke up to my super baby. its gonna be a great week of music every you are. I love playing this time of year. 1 or 2 songs that brings it all together. its that time when a songs is all you have my sweet little friend. so go kick that can down the street ! ha haha... the music in the winter always is louder cause of all the deftness that the cold season brings I guess. I have been working a lot. more and more work is a good thing. working and jamming are 1 in the same my friend. I used to bring my guitar to school and play. nothing changed but the pay rate. some musicians are earning there keep. some are at the pawn shop size'n up the next big thing. what I like is the old stuff, see that old guitar with messed up strings warped necks missing nobs . the days of wanting everything new is way over. I don't even ant a new coffin when and if I ever die. the mayan things still gets me, you were so frighted " what if " ! hahaha so here I am still alive in 2013 working jamming living loving shes just a woman. I am thankful to be independent. I am thankful for my family and friends clothes on back, the lock on my front and back door, my pitbulls, my sharonna . It all good and and it all goodnite my friends. the streets of new Orleans have beaten up but i'm a tough little kid. I get mine one how or your mother . santa doesn't come to the hood - stil avail on iTunes and stuff. evil luvis - iTunes ya that it for this year. maybe next year will have over 300 songs on iTunes like I have on youtube/com/luvispro I been paying attention a little bit ya know ! I see whats up and I give hand. maybe even a bike. but it all for the music man. no harm no fouls. jus the music. right. I may have sung a song or 3 outa key with a banjo on my kneepad but i'm not out to hurt cha freboard or smear your lil drum snare while I play on stage with my good friend who needs some hip hop beats in th etime sig of 4/4 with 77 bpm. sssseeeh grooover wha the hell. anyho the point is simple , we only have a few day befor Christmas, so heres what I want this year 1 - my family 2 - my friends 3 - to party 4- twenty all day long 5- is what I plead ho ho hooooo XOXOXOXOXOXOXO

Dec something 2013 - LUVIS is SANTA-itunes-bikinis-memphis-tripping

LUVIS is SANTA again this yr. old luvis plays with life again with all my raindeers. How many holidaze have I spent with friends and families. from jersey to indy to memphis to nola I have a story for u about the magic of Christmas. now it was just a few yrs ago that I was millionare rich. snowboarding in the Mts , hot tubs bikinis beers and bongs followed by endless touring and studio demands, but than I torn up my contract with the law firm and the band, I smashed prized winning guitars and insulted many a poor folk with my charming taste for the illegal pleasures. It was dark time of power for young luvis fretwalker. I even blow up the IT department with my illegal software and multi linked wifi voip network designed and implemented under a rouse company know as MTV. The entire holiday season was a misphap back than. Now I say live and let die ! I have no worries under 2013 obamasantacare . my stockings are hung but the CVS RX with care. Santa is so real man. now the other day I wrote a new song called " I buy all my guns on the streets of NEW YORK CITY " , it will take a few times to get it passed thur SWAMPMUCK records but it will be released, just not for Christmas ! maybe i'll play it during the upcoming BOB SNARLY SNOTRAG SHOW in 2 weeks. maybe. I have so many to play ! its not hard fo old luvis to play non stop for hrs. Reminds me of CHRISTMAS 1986. it was a cold NJ morning when I decided to skip school and go jam with Pete and G-Town. with girlfriends in tow we all got baked and started jamming some crazy insane metal jams. drinking beers. strobe lights flashing. Pete was beating the hell outa those drums. G-Town was running solos like randy rhoads. I only wish I had that little jam on tape. I just seen a device on ebay that takes cassette tapes and plays them on your pc via usb. either or what a great holiday time. Christmas 1992 was pretty wild with palm trees and platinum blondes BBQ baked blues with a side of southern hospitality.trotting over to everybody condo in watergrove all the shadows moving all around me. the bar never closed back. I pulled a shotgun out on my musician friend and meet a friend who left me on the streets of new orleans . I999 Christmas wasn't to bad with all the Tiffany bullshit and manhatten bullcrap. Went to killington Vermont and did some amazing tricks on ski's wear I almost killed a some guy when we collided at 55 mph. ski patrol took me to the wrong side of the mt. nobody had cell phones back than. froze my ass off on that slope. wrote the song "Chasen the Dragon " avail on luvispro.tripod.com Christmas 2006 was awesome with my baby girls. C lo was still a happy pit able to kill at a moment notice. the family jam was recorded and put on the youtube shelf youtube.com/luvispro now this yr again in Nola with all the gang hanging with the family now on Skype and facetime. I feel better than 2001. I look better than 1997. I still need to make another million before 2014. but once a millionaire always a junky! so go record some music and get a moving cause my stomach hurts from all the fruit cake vodka i'm drinking this morning. get some !

New Clothes from the mind of LUVIS avail for the holidaze 2013

New Clothes from the mind of LUVIS avail for the holidaze this happy jolly nwo 2013. www.68097.spreadshirt.com is where I spent thousands maybe millions to get this shirts printed up for all us musicians who have so much to say about what right and wrong with the world. I think this black Friday is gonna be the best black frieday ever. maybe its gona be a green day . i'm glad all over like sgt peppers lonely hearts band. this holiday season us pro's are making as much as we can before the new world order tells our president to have us americans stop making things or working at all for anything. I am blessed to have some great friends who have helped with getting the music out there to the ears who care. a lot of times in the past we would make this music and it would sit in sealed room temp vaults for cloudy days. now that we have our hands all over the internet and the hundreds of stores that care to carry our fine brand of clothes. we added a few good shirts with the current message . I only wish our president asked every person to create a reverbnation page and upload a song . I'm amazed that the president isn't rappen like dre or spinning the mixing board or playing a sax like his friend bill Clinton. I'm just saying he might be the first president who doesn't play a real instrument - I could teach him to play guitar if he wanted lessons. santa doesn't come to the hood is out there on iTunes.com and reverbnation. its also on a few other sites with myspace and hello Indianapolis / hello metro ? its on jango radio and radio airplay ! its for the kids who don't believe in Christmas ad all its magical power that santa gives for free just cause he loves all of us kids. he even loves the kids who are raised by terrorist parents in the middle east or middle west. santa is going to dis you unless you want him to. this Christmas I want 2.5 millions downloads along with 150,000 t shirt sales, along with 50,000 bit coins dollars for our charities ! it a small goal. the nwo goal is to kill all of us so they can issue in a 1 world government and enslave humans with robots and drones. I think I can achive my goal with hard work and practice with blob snarly while posting stuff on facebook and twitter. its been done before. I will get what I want cause I was a good boy this yr and stayed away from new jersey ! hahahaha music means freedom ! lord have mercy on boy from down in the boondocks !

Luvis + itunes = Santa doesnt come to the hood -

Luvis + iTunes = santa doesn't come to the hood https://itunes.apple.com/album/santa-doesnt-come-to-my-hood/id749444260#.UouObcdkysU.facebook now put some of that dirty nasty stuff deep down your babies stocking this holidaze season - if your a lucky girl i'll give you a nice special luvis treat if you leave us a comment. now swampmuck records is pushing this stuff and so old evil luvis double duce of disaster and now luvis SDCTTH. We are pushing out some blob snarly soon and theres a couple of other songs that are going live in 2013. the record/mp3 business is alive and kicking down here in new Orleans were all us independent musicians push and pulls there music daily. get some luvis and support some local music this holiday season we love ya ! have a great day !

new luvis drops to itunes dec 3 2013 and beyond

new Luvis drops to itunes dec 3 2013 and beyond with old santa doesnt cum to my hood. ya this christmas is filled with luvis. like a big paht luvis is your convertible mustang of slang. from the streets i came. off the mean streets of njhc. working hard for peanuts and given her all shes got capt i wont stop- fuck i dont ever stop - i had stick go thur my hand, i had lovely ladies with star tattos, i had gettho bangers and dirt filthy rotten cops trying to take me outa the game and STILL i'm alive and kicking while all of them are sucking cock in hell. you cant get this far in life being a pretty boy. the nazi have invaded the usa. the people in the usa are pissed off at this puppet president and his mafia organization , they are listening to every fucking word i say and trying ti use it against me and you. but i dont care - cause out there on this planet is other democrate and republicants who are waiting to do evil things. Us people want to just live our lives and raise our families. but the nazis party is still hell bent on killing any race or religion who opppose the nazis world order. I believe the nazis are back in black - they are the ones who are trying to take over the world again - al kieda and taliban who - theres' more mexican gangs than middle eastern radicals - hell our gov drop 100x bombs to kill these towel heads. the racist nazis are still around - we never really killed all the nazi's - the nazi party was and will alwas be the biggest abd baddest army to ever swarm the planet and we beat their ass's to the fucking ground - read about the nazi's -the nazis had sub,s planes, bombs, agents, doctors , the taliban/alkieda have roadside bombs, bombs in car/building ?? russian made guns and thats really it! how a bunch of towel head were able to enter this country and get on airplanes and fly them is just as wild as a 5 legged zebra stripped camel. I love music and music means freedom - the nazis stopped alot of great musicians from being anything. now the same thing is happening. Your not allowed is my song about how the nazis say they can but you and i who are free cant ! fucken politic suck but so does a starcaster guitar bought from sam ash - us musicans must stick togetehr and fight teh nazi world order with our song - way to much music out that wont say it for fear of not getting a record deal - loser - today luvis # 26 fuck yeah ! i'd rather be #26 than a # 1 nazis loving scumbag !