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NEW reverbation CD - Evil Luvis and the 420 Production R.I.P. 2004 - 2010

R.I.P. 2004 - 2010 Evil Luvis and the 420 Production - THANKS TO REVERBNATION For letting me create another American Made product. These song still mean a lot to me and those who fought so hard to keep the music alive. TO many people to thank. back in 2004 "Natashia from Russia" was record in NJ During a very difficult time in my life. THE "NEW JERSEY " SONG IS A CLASSIC. In 1999 It was recorded in Governor Morris Park in NJ and remixed in Homeplace Indiana in 2006. It was recorded on a hand help tape recorder with my friend Gus on guitar with Joy the dog wagging her tail next to me. Great Times to be young and fearless. The Evil Luvis band was a a band of friends. I recorded the other songs in Homeplace while raising a family and living the American dream running my own business. I have over 300 videos on youtube and now i'm trying the same for all my songs with all the bands i've play in. I have thousands of hours of songs and jam outs and its all over the internet, but now i'm getting older and I when i die I dont my hard work to disapear off the internet because of some government drone/spy bot program that forces all music to be made a certain way or recorded thur an FCC credited studio. Its already happening. THIS TECHNOLOGY DRIVEN WORLD WAS SUPPOSED TO HELP US MAKE MORE MONEY . So on with the show. Take your hard earned money and get the NEW REVERBNATION CD "RIP 2004 - 2010 " FROM EVIL LUVIS AND THE 420 PRODUCTION ! MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM :-)

ITS 10 AM do u know where your guitar is !

its 10 am and somewhere out there my guitar and amp. The cords lying next to the chimney with care. so much to say toda i dont know where to end. The real Band is hard at work for practice on Wednesday ! things are sounded better and better MON ! We be jamming ! I like the NEW CD " MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM " and need to make a few adjustment in production for next order. Talk to a few people and mostly everyone knows that this has pictures of the river and my guitar , so I have once again achieve success ! the formula for success is HARD WORK ! a yr and a half in the making thur hazards and mishaps, unfortunate situations an massive excitement for technologies that still work after 5 yrs of purchaser date . Swampmuck takes time. Like corn fields filled with soy beans we are entering the next season of the New World Order ! I keep playing this 6 string monster and it keep telling me which way to go. I really want to head up to LK George and see my family. I am always on the road in my head. Hunting season and football season makes me very happy. seeing no flurry's and ice storms - 2 thumbs up ! the music on my mind is restless. there's alot of uneasiness in the air at night oh lord ! I hear voices in my head that suggest EVIL LUVIS is back to his old ways. From far away i can hear those demons but I am distracted by pure innocence and love ! !!!!!! YES MON I am moving straight toward the sun ! I LOVE MY LITTLE LIFE HERE ON EARTH ! I LOVE MY GIRLS ! I LOVE MY PITBULLS ! MUSIC make me feel good and so i enjoy my self a lot more today than most. If you think it than you will live it ! I have to talk to the owner of the Louisiana Music Factory Today about selling my Music Means Freedom CD ! That will be fun. Love that store ! I also have to clean the studio up for the arrival of John and Marion - cant wait ! there nothing like parting in New Orleans , where gonna have big fun on the Bayou ! Its a lifestyle. It beats shoveling snow to get to the band room ! I floating to the river later but i really want to go up to the lake. I might start flipping old MYRAGE songs to discmakers - I need to call Tommy and the gang - still no word on Charlie ????? The day is so blue ! seagulls, skunk, Swedish shiatsu's , its just one of those days you better get it or your dealing witha fat lip ! A MON wheereee my gitarrrrrrrrRR !


Old big brown dropping the swamp muck today around 4:20, its gonna be the sweetest thing . Born and raised in the mean streets of New Orleans. This could have been my last album after last weeks shooting at the studio. I glad to be alive and I'm telling ya so, so dont believe everything ya here about me from outside sources.I Believe on this day in NYC I had some cd's pressed was in 1998. went to a studio in spanish harlem where dude's entire apartment was a studio. We dropped off about 6 cassette tapes I had collected and press kits and what not. he and his wife were cool. Starting working in minutes. Said comeback in 4 hrs its will be done. Gave him the deposit and we took off to 125 & adam clayton powell and meet up with some old friends and than went off to central park. Sat there waiting for the call. it was really professional. went to washington sq, walked over to West 4th Bleeker Bobs looked at the cool old albums. cruised down to Quite Unique's to play guitar and hang out with Chris. pit stops along the way back uptown to Mannys, sam ash and my favorite guitar shop " 48th street guitars " were they built my custom axe. WE get the call and off to the studio where the cd's where done. We listened and they sounded great. high fives and off I WENT TO PARTY ! Later that day I run into dude from the smashing punkins. I gave him a cd and he laughed. CD's went here and there. I dont have a copy ! where they went I will never know. I made a bunch and just passed them around. CD's of music is kinda a joke nowdays. Everythings a joke to somebody. I enjoy making these little round disks. Here in Nola I will be passing around these NEW CD's as well. No drama like in 1998 in NYC with all the shootings and murder . Yelp everything these days are just happy happy happy. OH YEA AS A WARNING this NEW CD has Explicit LYRICS AND CONTENT ! ITS how life is so now you know. Dont be mad be glad cause when you got so much to say its called gratitute ! at least I WARNED yOU ! NOW WAIT FOR IT ! WAIT ...... WAIT ...FOR ......


SWAMPMUCK PARTY CD RELEASE PARTY JAM SAT JULY 17TH 2013 NEW ORLEANS USA 4:20 PM . In th e meanwhile the NEW CD'S on on that magic ups brown truck. handmade music made right in the usa. gotta love that these days. so man business have failed thanks to unfair programs and greedy stock holders and the like, fuck that noise. In Memphis My Rage did the same thing and if we wanted to recreate that cd its just a phone call away. all american made products are in BIG DEMAND . The small indy labels like myself are everywhere these days thank god. I swear man Sing it pla it record it release it. if you dont the gov seems to be doing so ! MORE IN A MINUTE.......


2 days til thrills and chills of the NEW LUVIS CD. Music Means Freedom . Old swamp muck records is still floating down the river gaining speed. This time around I'm working from the mecca of the bayou. The entire production is nothing short of amazing. The mixture of 4 tracks or less with little effects should be something to remember. Keep it simple, short and sweet, no frills. Tis a amazing how slow the river flows. The mositoes love my blood. I pour my blood sweat and tears onto this CD. When it plays the entire eardrum will ring with a natural tone that will make your mind automatically smile. Its the ingredients that I DIDNT PUT IN THAT MAKES THIS DISH COUNT ! Swampmuck 2013 in the big sleezy eating all this jazz and blues , playing the reggae, living round gangstas and poets, absorbing the Fireball and PBR's, Pitbulls on the loose..... St Ann Street Blues is how i'm feeling, I cant wait to get this damn CD ! Nobodys gonna know how this game is played. the double duce of disaster is when you live in Indiana. Your not Allowed is when ur walking thur New Orleans . Every Single Day That Mississippi river and I Smoke the Herb bahahaha aha haha. Hit the bong with Jack and Jill its not that Detroit swag in a bag. big SWAMPMUCK RECORDS PARTY JAM THIS SAT JULY 16TH ! FUCK YA - STARTS AT 4:20 . bring ur money and ur wife. we be throwing down. bbq, music, water, sunlight, alcohol, LUVIS, cold drinks hahahah. You can even meet my nosy ass neighbor ( which is not available on this CD as of yet ) .WTF or FTW I'M gonna be playing with the BAND ( dave & lucky ) and than we'll do it again and agaian and agaianananananansnsnsds ahahaha ahahsushjnxoiuxkjxwuix xowdox eowcowwoejhncj bciux wi weiu x iux MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM ! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA SWAMPMUCK HAHAHAHAHAHA NEW ORLEANS HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA CAPCHA WORD OF THE day gstypane sector

New un named Band coming to together real nice -

The New un named Band is coming to together real nice. Playing dub reggae is the shiz. It nice to play witha mood, to play with an attitude. The jams have been fun and the music is great - The Clash " white man of hammersmith palis, guns of brixton" , - The Scientist " teeth in your neck " " - Sublime " Pawn Shop, April 22 1992, thats all we have right now. But it only been a few weeks. we are working out some of the kinks. When the time is right we might be adding keyboards and a sax player. This isnt no SNOOP LION ! THIS IS SOME REAL REGGAE STYLEDROOTS HORROR TRASH IN THE LAWEZZISIANA . NOW I'M POSTING THIS ON THE OLD luvis page but what the fuck else am i suppose dto do make another reverbnation page and add music and video ! hahahahaha its alreay in the works ! hahahahaha we own all the water ! We will practice agin on Sat. We will kick some serius jams out. I cant wait to get on the stage with these guys ! til than I'll keep u posted so keep the love and fight the NWO and dont let them fascists bastards keep the jamms down - we've got to Stir It Up CAPCHA WORD OF DAY mrkseent was

I'm going to the river to say Thanks !

I'm Going to the river to say Thanks Old Buddy ! I use the river daily as a means of meditationa and relaxation like a club med vacation. On this day in Luvis history SwampMuck Records and Tapes has release the New CD. It will have some flaws and pk ripper cracks but not as bad as past yrs. I came to new orleans back in the early 90's with some MYRAGE tapes in my hand. The Memphis music I brought to river was awesome. the music was given to friends and family. I push all I could to make the music heard. I moved to New Jersey in the late 90's and recorded hundreds of songs. I release them on cd, tapes, floppy disks. Now I went to Indianapolis and started flipping the old onto the web, adding video's to some, and pouring everything on the internet as fast as i could . The entire history of my little musical life is soon to become the reality I always was shooting for. The circle of life is music. it tells a story. some happy and fun and other times of morbid stupidity . With this new technology in music we can do unbelievable things . We are all now able to make music free and to make money without the middle man. The New CD and soon DVD will become a massive catalog of Music. Its free all over the internet. But this new CD has something you cant get , its a work of art. Art designed by visual interpretations of the past musical endeavors seen only in a mili second of time. The Cover shot alone is priceless. Everyday I sit and star gaze into the future and see pretty clouds and guitar chords. I've touched the swampmuck and its effects on my recordings is amazing. Get a copy of the Luvis " Music Means Freedom "CD today by place'n your order in advance @ luvis420@rock.com music means freedom support local music ! catcha word of day befirce sparkling

great bio's from the heart !

I wrote this and now i'm laughing at myself cause i'm a funny son of a bitch hahahhah - !!!!!!!!!! Alternative Blues Rock Reggae Roots Rock Acoustic Classical Stoner Description: I play music that is fast and funky and in yer face, sorta like minor threat meets the voilent femmes. I also have a large gut from drinking lots of beer. google Luvis for more Bio: you could be the next band member if you contact me at luvis420@rock.com, i jam with so many musicians i might have an std - go check out my songs and videos at www.youtube.com/luvispro stay in school kids cause drugs are for losers! capcha word of the day pendley slack

New Luvis CD has some interestin things boutit !

the new Luvis cd has some interestin tings boutit. The songs were all recorded here in new orleans. there were times during recording that i used several guitars with different mic positions. The entire recording was digital using a win xp calkwalk 5 . the 1 of a kind acoutic was used and abused on several tracks. the kimberly electric was used on "MY LITTLE FIREBALL ". the stewert electric was used on " NOBODYS GONNA KNOW". there were times i strapped a tamborine to my foot witha shaker in my pocket for " NOSEY NEIGHBOR ". nothing fancy over here in realsville. The Fender G-Dec 15 was used thur out the jams. the last few months in the studio have been magical. With massive jim morrison , jimi hendrix & phanton of the opera posters on the walls made me sing and play with pure inspiration. the new orleans street St Ann is fave o'mine hence the " ST ANNS BLUES JAM ". I sometimes cant believe what is going on in this studio. The studio is haunted. I hear screams and yelling from the ghosts of christmas past all the time. sometimes the spirit world just needs to shut the fuck up you as well as " Your Not Allowed " back in my house. I wanted to record with under 4 tracks just like back in the old days. so there's not much to the frills end of this CD. I can say that with all the new stuff out there this is gonna be a left field CD. Proofs have been sent off to Discmakers.com . this will be my 2 time using there services which are great. gotta keep the new jersey thing alive and represent. If every picture tells a story than you will love the CD Cover. All 1 of kind photo's that You cant duplicate but would love to if you could. It's nice to run a small record business down in the big easy.swamp muck record and tapes, located daily at the corner of reverbnation.com/evilluvis and facebook.com/luvispro we'll leave the light on for ya ! capcha word of day special tiedthis

mastering New Luvis CD for release Asap

Its that time for Swampmuck Records and Tapes to release its new CD. the title as of right now is called " Going to the River " . Most songs were recorded in New Orleans. Some in Indy, NJ & Memphis. I always throw back some past tracks. Its beena yr down in the swamps. Alot of great music to create is still on the way. I have songs from friends that need to be hammer'd out. the whole process is ez when your name is Luvispro. We will of course use all the modern internet bullooney to push our record sales, but the scope of this project is to overthrow the local scene AGAIN and make our push toward billboards charts. I was grateful enough to remember how much fun it was back in Memphis. New Orleans is now the place to record and release music. Come here and see why so many musicians are crusing the clubs, working the beat. With tracks in line and pics being looked at, the cd's should look hot and sound lo fi with digital and analog tracks. "Music Means Freedom " SWAMPMUCK RECORDS AND TAPES NEW ORLEANS L.A.