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what I saw and heard last night on the big stage

what I saw and heard last night on the big stage last nite was awesome. I was over at the BMC . It was the Smoky Greenwell blues jam. Now i usally dont get out on mondays nite. but i did and I am so glad i did. The band was fun and very tight. the amount of love for the blues was thur out the club. girls danced. feet where tapping. holla and shouting where at each songs end. The music scene in nola is so exciting . doesnt matter what time of day it is you'll catch a rising star or shooting star. Smoky used to play with the band WAR back in the 90's. They played 'Lowrider " with a classic blues feel that sounded great. the whole night had some great jam. A NYC singer came up and she blew Stormy Monday up. an excellent show all for FREE. Sure I put a little in the tips jar. I wish i could have bought a cd. Smoky is over at the Market daily. He's always there to talk to about music. I buy my guitar strings from him only. Its nice to talk to a musician who's been there, done that and this and who had a blues club on Frenchmen st until Katrina Hit. He lost it all. He took a lose. He's still jamming. He's a performer. He and the band where total pro's. I learned alot last night about playing. I sponge everything. Thats my job. So its tuesday and i'm heading out to see who else is gonna out on the mean street playing music. REMEMBER to SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC cause MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM ! check out smoky @ http://www.smokystore.com/1SmokyBio.htm capcha word of the day enjoyment thvidt

Luvis ~ music to make Luv with

Theres songs that out there that make you wanna get funky with the one you LUV. I dont think the dixie chicks are good to listen to while doing the wild thing. I sometimes hear jazz music with the saxaphone and it takes me to that special place. The rolling of a piano keys with soft brush's on the skins always works. The flute is a Luvly instrument as is the trombone when there hitting those high notes during the big grand finale. the metronome for LUV is right at 99 degree's it goes up as the song tops the chart. Its no fun trying to get your groove on with the one you Luv while listening to " Dead Hooker in Trunk " or " the Easter Bunny ". Now you might be able to score with some " every day i smoke the herb " or " hit the bong ". I just trying to save you some time and money. I'd like to thank DJ Molly for dropping the super dope tracks to me time and time again. The best song to make LUV to is easy. Go out to the country, find a little spot off the trail and turn your Luv light low. Capcha word of the day kluwer alwsle

How to make a small fortune playing Luvis!

2 Songs that might make you fame and fortune is available for all my fans and friends. I was talking to a great friend o'mine Phatboy Tony. His fingers where able to dial my cell unlike mine :-) sorry brah ! anyway old tony and i havent spoke in minutes. we quickly gave a run down of the music scene. whats that guy doing, where's dan, how's joe, how's eric, where's this one and that one. so he tell me about the band OBJECT 7. The great nj hardcore band that played during the early 2000. OBJECT 7 & Bill Nail and the Renagades are the 2 bands that had the courage to step outa the box and work hard to practice and learn some LUVIS. Yelp YOU HEARD RITE, AID! I let my songs out of copyright to be used by these great musicians. Now the money we made isnt worth this blog. We made millions o.k. But the idea of it is still a goldmine. as a songwriter whos been writing since i was in 6th grade with the hit " Rudolph the cocaine stiffer ". now Object 7 played " sweet sunshine " and the Renegades played " Its all in your Mind ". Cool thing is i have live performances of these shows as does the NSA. I made a fortune off many of these songs. So can you. When you use a LUVIS song remember to try and say something nice about me before you play it, something like " he's a great guy, or " he's so short but his music is so big "..... ahhhhh Talking to Tony was a great day, He wanted to tell everybody " HELLO". If you wanna make a fortune with music ask tony or myself and we'll help you out with a song or riff. who knows what might happen for ya. I know for a fact that well be friends and we'll drink and smoke while we divy up the loot from city to city ! MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM ! :-) Capcha Word of the day different atonyen update: we both laughed very hard at our new found fans in Iseral,Russia,Turkey & Greece who download our song " Natashia from Russia " on Jango ! Good times !

new songs for the summer - Hell Yeah !

I love playing guitar naked while drinking some coffee and smoking a cig. It reminds me of being a kid in jersey waiting for something cool to happen. the idea of going to krazurs and waiting for that ride to the city so we could drink some beers in washington sq and than walk down to st marks to fall out in tomkins sq. summer time songs have a better feel to them. you can be anywhere and that moment hits you you grab that guitar and start jamming. There's always musicians around the big easy to jam with. Last nite i jam'd with my good buddy jack who play harmonica on the riverwalk daily. This dude can wail ! we did a couple of blues standards and drank some abitas. I told him the harmonica playing on the riverwalk was good for the soul of the city. To hear that sounds for miles down the river is priceless . Ya never know who listening to what your playing. My neighbor listens to everything I play and when I'm done she's posts her feeling on the front door ?????? I dont read them, i dont want to be held responsibale . With all the recent drama I have several new songs to play. I also have a shit ton of songs that i need to write down before i forget them and on top of that I have some songs from the past that i want to record down here in the Vu Car. Summer is when you do nothing but that the best time to get playing and recording. I just talk to a friend of mine and we used to jam alot. now there over there i'm over here and we are gonna have to come up witha way to get together and jam ! Do ya think were gonna write some killer songs that we both have been working on since we last jam'd in 1999 - HELL YEAH ! word of day BSITSOS PRESS

Black Bird Beatles tribute video posted by Luvispro

so EVERYBODY knows Black Bird by the Beatles. the soft guitar playing. paul voices in angelic. I'm always amazed how george harrison played the guitar. so many different styles. a poieener in guitar playing. probadly the most amazing guitar player the world has ever heard. the whole concept can make me go on and on. So I'm at the City Park with the dog when i decide to do a little ode. Lately i've been having flashbacks of Living in California and going to Music School. I had a great teacher there who taught fingersstyle techniques. when it came to learning Black Bird I felt as if i didnt need to know anymore. I mean its just a simple guitar part with vocals. But this teacher jammed it for us.He started out playing it note for note, sang it as well. Than as if he was possessed or something he went off in left field, He took off into solos that where jaw dropping. The entire class was silent. On Ibanez hollowbody eletric dude whip every note on the fretboard I swear to you. I dont think I've ever seen anybody ever do that. he ended it and the whole class was still silent. He smiled and said That what I want from you guys by fridays performance. Learn it ! So I left for those hollywood hills and played the hell outa Black Bird. On Friday i go to class to play it. but I didnt get picked some other guy played it. It sounded awesome, He diffinity nailed it and later I heard he nail the girl from San Francisco with a flower in her hair. I was a little sad i didnt get to play it. Oh well I moved along the lessons. The last week of class's where great all the teachers from school got together to jam out. Jamie ask us if anybody wanted to jam on stage with him. Now I was never a shy boy with the ladies but at 19 in front of my role models and classmates i was a LOT nervous. But I had played the heck outa this guitar and you only get one shot. So I stood up and said " lets play Black Bird Jamie ". He smiled and cleared of the chair for me to seat along side and jam. " You want to sing it mark " " No jamie I like your vocals alot better " and a1 and a 2 and a 1,2,3,4........ Needless to say we rocked that motha out. As we played it a bunch of the other teachers sat round . plugged into the amps and put there 2 cents into it. If i could have recorded that 1 session outa the million of jams that happen ! who would have ever funked it! I became the Black Bird with the snow white BC Rich Bitch guitar that day. I even taught a few people how to pick those notes. Goodtimes. SO some 20 some odd yrs later I sit in a lonely park in the heart of the swamp muck to remember all that. I keep having these little flashback of past summers where jamming and free love wasn't being watched by Governments who believe in the NEW WORLD ORDER ! SO as the birds were chirping and singing I guess it tringered something. Summer jams are alway the best. Like summer love. I play Black Bird now and all it does is remind me of Musicians Institute 1988 a 19 yr old punk kid from new jersey who wanted to learn about music theory and find a guitar solo that would define my own style. Black Bird is the song I can always go to and it never go's cold. It can be raining cats and dogs out but not on this old Black Bird. I play this song for all those great musicians who where there than and now. I play this song without any picks on a guitar that I smashed on the Vollrath stage after being told " no covers allowed " hahahah This guitar has telephone cables for strings and has a 2inch gap between strings and fretboard but I love her and she never lets me down. The best $100 I ever spent. check out the video and go learn some Beatles music. www.youtube.com/luvispro

National "go outside and play" day !

I think we musicians should ahve our own NATIONAL GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY DAY ! the whole day. just take your gitars, cardboard box's, harmonics and just go outside and play " go outside and play " 4 words my mom and dad said to me everyday for 16 yrs. JUST GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY - just gotta pick the day ! so many great day outa the 365. I'll post it here. maybe it should be a all weekend thing - If every musician or aspiring musician went outside to jam whata great sound would be filtering in the the sky. the entire world is filled with more instruments than guns. my guitar shoots pure love into the face of who ever see's it. a national " go outside and play day would be positive, with kids and bbq's dogs and cats people dancing crawfish boils and smiles. so many pretty smiles. pretty flowers pretty pitbulls. go outside and play day can be great cause we will out number all the haters, gangsters, and new world order scumbags . National go outside and play day would be free and all the music stores and record shops would be open for business waving at the parade floats and airforce jets that fly over head in a red white and blue formation under blues clear skys were fireworks are seen for miles and miles. I'm going outside and playing on my front porch right now ! this notes for you Neil ............ Capcha word of the day Madapro justice

Luvis and the 419 production ?

It anotha Magical Monday hare at SwampMuck Records and Tapes. The sky is blue and filled with luv songs and little diddy's . Magic i tell ya's is all around me Reflections moving backwards. Ltly I been thinnking of old luvis song that were recorded but lost . I woke up this morning with a huge heart on for this special one i used to play. It was 5 song demo i did at the control room in memphis. I was living in missisippi . The myrage band was in another transition. I was writing songs on the acoustic a lot. Different people would show up and so a different set of songs came to being. play this song play that song kind thing. I had just came back from san diego. the southern cal lifestyle is sweet. the whole beach living for the few days i was there made me reliaxe i was a gonna wind up someday with long white hair painting nudes on the beach waiting for the sunset with my 69 volkswagon honeybug. so go into the studio to play these songs. the sessions produced the songs " I'm a believer, names in a heart, she was a woman, tattoo on her hand "..... I think there another 1 ...oh ya " Clarance please give me the clearance " hahaha so i wake up this this whole session in my dream. Maybe this was the week i recorded it. I been having alot of that lately. I record so many time the yrs are over lapping in my little mind. The magic of New Orleans is remembering these little gems again. I keep hearing drum beats and guitar parts with that great piano playing from jimmy enwright. theres a song out there called "What the Hell ". It was on rock.com but thats been all taken down. I need to create another reverb site for old myrage and young luvis. Young Luvis was a fire eating dragon on the axe. I played so much back than or did I ? It doesnt matter. I can still keep up with the best of them and I am surrounded by the best musicians and have always been. I keep myself in shape with plenty of E-A-D & C-G-D-A-E . a good old C-F-G works wonders. So maybe i'll record some old studio jams. cant hurt. the time is 11:00am and WWOZ is pouring thur the rooms. I miss these mornings and thats why i do them every monday. its time to take the pitbull girl to the bayou and watch her chase baby alligators . whoaaaaaaa now say it with me " who wants to go To MIL-WALKIE for a DRINKY " HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Oh yea capcha word of the day Famoday And

The Georgetown Loop on Vimeo.com/luvispro

o.k. over a 100 yrs ago in a land far away, there was a mad cap film maker and a vision to record the lonesome sounds of the Georgetown Loop. A loop in a continous motion. I go in a sontinous motion sometimes and than i flip it over sideways. So the georgetown loop or the TGL as we at the swampmuck maintenance dept. the idea of hanging on the back of a train and rip thur the colorado mt still seems like fun today. I wish i could go back to colorado and see my friends Jack and Jill. I cant stop watching this movie and how its over 100 yrs old. this guy never thought his movie was gonna go this far. the video is at www.vimeo.com/luvispro the georgetown loop was the shiznit of today. Virgin is sending people to the moon and i'm posting a video from the start of the 1900's . how i do these things is in the water. i drink the water and so i become the earth and therefore i am the able to see into both world of than and now. the band on te train was jamming so loud to the drinking passengers. the banjo player got him some sweet colorado sunshine while the upright bass player got his wallet stolen. the Woman who came on board for this shot where probadly not cast actore, this was a 1 time filming - no redubs, no retakes, no calkwalk protools to help. his was pure in your face camera work. he was filming and singing " the star spangled banner ". i like how you see another train zips above the gerorgetown train before heading into that amazing bridge over the rivers gorge. Unbelievable really. 100 yrs still in a vault in somebodys basement. Image what else is still out there. I was gonna write a soundtrack for this but think its better without ! Long live the georgetown loop capcha word of the day elehowe these

My little FireBall - try some for free now !

What do you say about a blue sky day in New Orleans. The ripples on the bayou while under the white fluffy clouds. BBQ in the background. live music in the font grounds. crazy motha's all round - yea that my fireball. I have this big old bottle of the red devil. shes alabamaways on my mind. relentless she is about me at times. I am so careful not to play to rough with her - my little fireball. she's like the green eye'd lady lovely lady passion lady.I call her phone and wait for her to pick up - what should i say ! what will i do - she's my FireBall. yea shes got a way about her, I dont know what it is but i think shes hard of hearing, ya hearing me my little fireball ! once hada sweet thing baby, she was a black magic marker kinda gal. Troubles I have a few but not my little FIREBALL ! DO U WANT TO GO DOWNTOWN ! WE can fool around and cook the pitbull ! my little fireball !

please check out the new song by LUVIS - now on Itunes myspace youtube twitter facebook mog soundcloud bandcamp tripod www.mylittlefireball.com :-) capcha word of the day words eassreq

by Swampmuck Records and Tapes New Orleans L.A. 70119

June-1983-87 The Violent Rogars Band.

When June come along. I have to always think about the summers of the 80's. really a nice time to live in the U.S.A the summer was full of jamming. jam'd a lot in washington sq park. pack up the acoustic and it was 20-40- city ! walk down st marks to tomkins sq park. hang out with the homeless junkies and drink beers. testing all that the city had. like a mile davis moment the summers of june where always the best. still are the best time to play music. the month of June was when the Violent Rogars band came to be. With very little to work with we played some metallica, slayer. We would take trips and play the doors and hendrix. the Band was a gang. we play a bunch of house parties. the fun was always there. We couldnt get into most clubs in NYC. ya live how ya get it. June always a party to play in June. June is also the time to start a new love. the music of the summer is always there. so many new songs to pick for the soundtrack of june. How many weeks of practice does a band need for a gig ! never enough time for playing in june. the money is always a little lighter in june. I dont mind splurge'n a little ore during the summer. How many nights spent hanging out at Cone Cottage. Waiting for that car load of hotties from the otherside of town with the hopes of a phone number or address. June is full of pranks. the Violent Rogars had big ideas. to bad life got in the way. I cant believe i live thur it all. June can make ya laugh and cry. 2 yrs ago ( 2011) We were loading up for the big easy haul. packing and passing our stuff so to speak. so many friends and family left behind. old june was the month i look out into the eyes of the canyons of the Arch's in Utah. Wild june had me living the fast LA life on hollywood and wilshire. June and I still talk about those old days when were at the river front. the river is a mecca of past junes. june in memphis ment hanging at the swimming pools practice'n guitar parts for the studio. June always means chess games til nite falls. June means Kickball and wiffle ball games. June means crusien the lake shore looking for that 1 pretty blonde who's rides her bike about this time everynight - there she's - gotta go ! catpha word of the day - niesigni vandalia