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new luvis drops to itunes dec 3 2013 and beyond

new Luvis drops to itunes dec 3 2013 and beyond with old santa doesnt cum to my hood. ya this christmas is filled with luvis. like a big paht luvis is your convertible mustang of slang. from the streets i came. off the mean streets of njhc. working hard for peanuts and given her all shes got capt i wont stop- fuck i dont ever stop - i had stick go thur my hand, i had lovely ladies with star tattos, i had gettho bangers and dirt filthy rotten cops trying to take me outa the game and STILL i'm alive and kicking while all of them are sucking cock in hell. you cant get this far in life being a pretty boy. the nazi have invaded the usa. the people in the usa are pissed off at this puppet president and his mafia organization , they are listening to every fucking word i say and trying ti use it against me and you. but i dont care - cause out there on this planet is other democrate and republicants who are waiting to do evil things. Us people want to just live our lives and raise our families. but the nazis party is still hell bent on killing any race or religion who opppose the nazis world order. I believe the nazis are back in black - they are the ones who are trying to take over the world again - al kieda and taliban who - theres' more mexican gangs than middle eastern radicals - hell our gov drop 100x bombs to kill these towel heads. the racist nazis are still around - we never really killed all the nazi's - the nazi party was and will alwas be the biggest abd baddest army to ever swarm the planet and we beat their ass's to the fucking ground - read about the nazi's -the nazis had sub,s planes, bombs, agents, doctors , the taliban/alkieda have roadside bombs, bombs in car/building ?? russian made guns and thats really it! how a bunch of towel head were able to enter this country and get on airplanes and fly them is just as wild as a 5 legged zebra stripped camel. I love music and music means freedom - the nazis stopped alot of great musicians from being anything. now the same thing is happening. Your not allowed is my song about how the nazis say they can but you and i who are free cant ! fucken politic suck but so does a starcaster guitar bought from sam ash - us musicans must stick togetehr and fight teh nazi world order with our song - way to much music out that wont say it for fear of not getting a record deal - loser - today luvis # 26 fuck yeah ! i'd rather be #26 than a # 1 nazis loving scumbag !

New Itunes & Tunecore submission - 11-14-2013

Old Luvis Productions just submitted to the Tunecore artist 2013 winter Compilation album and added the song Santa doesnt come to the hood to iTunes.com - it will be live in a couple of days. The holidaze are fast approaching just like the new world order . its been almost 3 yrs since we started do business with tunecore. its been a fantasy ride. Now that we are down in the big easy the music is easier to get out to the fans. I'm just happy to get my holiday song uploaded to itunes, spotify, and others. the entire process is always fun. now this song was written in 2006. so dont try to come at with me with all that bullshit. I recorded this song first. Now hey rebel lets stay out tonight you diamond dog. Like everything its a dog eat dog world. dont listen to bing for the 500th million time telling you how white christmas is. All this david bowie christmas stuff is why your face is a mess. As i look back on my christmas of old. I think the best christmas was back at 5341 carrollton with wendy lo and c lo and wendys parent old christmas tree that they bought in 1953 . I dont know there was that one yr when i was a kid in nj where we were able to see all the presents before christmas day ! awesome to ahve fooled old santa. or did i. so how does it feel like a complete unknown . I can tell you thatthe worst christmas was back in 1999 when i left mid town manhatten after working all day long and going to the train station and droping my entire paycheck on a bench ! what a christmas eve that was ! santa does come to my hood - i'm santa and i'm keeping all the presents this yr ! hahahahahaha

part2 ~ Santa doesnt come to my hood

Part 2 " Santa doesnt come to my hood " MusicMEANS FREEDOM ! so as you listen and disaprove of mY holiday song of santa not coming to the hood, to the towns to the villes to the citys to the country cause the governments say " YOUR NOT ALLOWED " - YA you can celebrate christmas at walmart and amazon - but that mom and pop business must fail in new world order fashion so that those china made products can go on the shelves for 90% markup for us U.S.A residents/consumers/citizens ! I know what christmas is. I believe in christmas. I love my life so that why i can make a song called " santa doesnt come to my hood ' . written back in 1980's while living in new jersey ad seeing all the slums day after day go bye bye all cause nobody cares to fix and clean these areas up for citizens so the drug dealers and gangs move in along with cia,fbi,dea,atf, and the like and nothing since than has changed ! still the same even with moe police and more camera's. I recorded it several time on the acoustic . Tried to record it in memphis but insted wrote " the Easter Bunny ". So with little more than a dollar bill for a beer and a used guitar pick i performed flawessly in that little homeplace indiana studio in the cold winter of 2006 santa doent come to my hood. now its 2013 I'm in new orlleans and whoa ! santa doesnt come to the hood. santa cant get to the hood cause the hood is now a battle zone of mixed ideas and concepts but down here everybody is down with the pow wow. nobody on these streets is gonna sell u the hugh bullshit that our government has sold us citizens. I am all for AMERICA I'm just not down with these fools who run it - thank god santa doesnt need an help from Obama ! Santa doent come to my hood avail on reverbnation for free today on m page - hear it, download, buy it, share it, cook your honey roasted holiday ham with it, smoke a phatty next to the warm fireplace to it, make love with whips and chains to it. All i knew is that christmas is about family ! your all y family so go get merry before merry has to go home !

part 1~Santa Doesn't come to my Hood for Christmas 2013

Sanata doesnt come to my hood, nobody should, there fighting going on in all directions, security check points and inspections, junkies booting and looting while tootin thru a wintery wonderland. just some words to remember this holiday season wear millions lose again, millions of people lose there health care, millions more lost there jobs, millions of business will close yet millions of dollars will be made to prompt up another wanna be rock god. Only in my life could such wonderful tings happen. This season is gonna be even harder than last thanks to our new world order government puppets who think they can suck our banks and minds dry and leave us with a pile of shit. Santa doesnt come to YOUR hood in the getthos and slums of the big easy. santa is excempt from such laws, only santa has the power to break all laws ! I ask how does santa get thru the TSA. does the NSA already know what there getting for christmas ! this christmas is gonna be pretty bad for the millions of dots and cats who dont a chance to speak up. The christmas of 2006 was a special christmas cause we had our baby girl and c-lo. the whole 2006 yr wasn't a blur. it sucked to think how our admistartion was acting. if bush sucked than obama must be what - like the hwo said in with the same boss. santa doesnt give a rats ass about the war on drugs or terrorism. santa is a terrorsit now, santa and his elves are a bunch of waco compound Maldivian breathing loyalists to a capitalist pig in the wilderness of the north pole and needs to watch and listen'd . I have to imagine all nukes in the world are pointed at the north pole for this reason. all you kids who still believe in santa shouldnt be reading my blogs yet if "you are allowed" to do so - how does any of this nazi bs work now for your holiday season. this holiday season is filled with more drugs on the streets, more murders, more gang violence, more rapes, more flechng of our American constitution to a group known professionaly as the " new world order " - there catch phrase - not mine - my motto is MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM ! please read part 2 for more !

Blob Snarly #1 practice , #2 recordings, #3sound check etc etc etc

A Snarly practice , recording, sound check & etc etc etc down in the big easy today on this nov 6th 2013 . As the country is gearing up for uncertain conditions on all levels of human life , I bask in the glory of the sun and moon. It's been a while since that guitar and amp hung out. All is good when the circle is completed. the time is almost right for the next installment of a musical take over. As the days unfold in the next few short weeks a new system shall emerge. The past 3 yrs have been very cruel. saying goodbye to my best friend C lo and than fighting back the troubles of Indianaapolis who i still love but had to let her go. I am witha new girl now. An older lady of the night. the young ones just dont excite me, must be that unused clean feeling that makes me roll my eyes backward. the back drop of gulf makes for a perfect cup of coffee . The river runs deep thru this heart of mine. Its takes skills to be able to switch from mode to mood with only a flash. the new solos are almost dripping with slime . Its all part of the history that is taking place. the revolution came in 1984, than on 9-11. the sides have been drawn and we are all in the cross fire. Never have i seen so many muicans without. the musicians is the means to stop the new world order. " YOUR NOT ALLOWED " is just the beginning of the rants and ravings from old luvis ! as i write this a new chaptor in the LUVIS history is created. the more i talk the more i am recorded ! Who is the most recorded musician on reverbNSAtion ? Dont fool yourself ! your as guilty as hitler right now. nowhere is safe on planet earth. but there are some spots that are hallow grounds. area that the NWO cant remember. areas on this planet where music to your ears isnt stopped or ticketed. As is always the case as we've seen before history repeats it self. the old is the newborn. Plans are unfolding to gather up such people and places and destroy it. look at napster and now look at napster. the only thing that changed for me is that the control of music is back in the hands of digital corporate pirates . I'm not hear to start a fight. I simply must look back on my little life in new jersey and see how i was cock blocked for thinking and doing music. When i shared m music to the world wide web it was to get the music to others out side my area 51. I did just that. Germany, France, Africa, etc where listening to memphis metal thrash songs. Back than the music must live forever. Now i understand how some music was ment to never be heard. truths hurt and so i did it all for myself. sometime by myself which i now am more grateful than anything else. stubborn and persistant Luvis made no mistakes with the music. After breaking the NJ Curse and killing all relationship to find the answers I was left with cold chills and stomach pains . I smashed guitars and burned amps to kill my self. I traded the real for the make believe in a town where my family came to by ship because they wanted me to sing my songs of freedom. Nobody gets an easy life down here. its all hard hurt and suffering for the 16 measures of single note flury. Time signatures mean nothing to me just ask DJ Wendy as she hate how long i spend be fore a song begins. the grateful dead who i miss dearly during tough times told the story of a man who was busted on bourbon st and setup like a bowling pin . Now i suggest that you listen to the record of old. the music tells the story of getting thru the tough times in your UPComing future. You cant simply ignore these lyrics as fluff. when the war is at your door your going to scream for more now hold on to your weapon soldier and take my lead because in this game there are no follower only leaders. I lead you with this , when life looks like EASY STREET THERE IS DANGER AT YOUR DOOR ! Come hear Uncle Luvis band by the river side. we got some tings to talk about !

Luvis devils night with Miss Nola

Luvis devils night with Miss Nola with voodoo fest right around the corner. The day is filled with spooky winds and firey smiles its like finding keys in treme that must enter to the doors of the oldest family. the pictures from Blob Snarlys show on facebook that are now posted along with watching the originals with DJ Wendy & NeHi have made me want to drink another morning glory shot of fireball. But i have things to do on my day off from the record business. the studio is a mess. DJ Katrine comes to new orleans to spend her daze with DJ Wendy - this can lead to lots of trouble - its o.k. i'm used to be new to it ! shame on jigga who tries to shame on a gigga. Every flavor of the day here right now in the Luvis hells kitchen ! Last nite jam session was a success as we practice for our new album " Dont be a Slob ". Songs and tales about killer whales and snails unclip'd toenails . the city is singing with police sirens. Military personal are on HIGH alert. Homeland agents are working at every donut shop in town trying to stop the Evil. I will be at the river later with the little monsters in my life. I will try not to point the unsuspecting tourist in the wrong musical direction. iF I WAS YOU I would be offline and on the streets without that bullcrap . bring to the table your battle axe and play some music. I hope your building isnt being evicted today like the crow. there's a lot of terrorist looking people in the middle east who look like they want to kill but are just going to knock on a door and say trick or treat ! press record and see what happens. smile and laugh like your insane in the membrain. its coming from the west today. I rumble thur towns with names like bywater, uptown, mid city and Marilyn.... feels good to hear my guitar notes in the souls of my feet. Dont drink the water. Verte mart is calling my order. I fick my bic with passion and care with hope that pumpkin face soon will be there ! I never wrote a hollo'sween song - today ma be the day ( obamacare can fix that ) hahahahahahah i love making you laugh like giddy lee school grrrl hee jeeeee Luvis is the shit and your my little flies ! hahahaha ! now as u see me in the FQ dont hesitate to lite my cigarette or by me a drink as I will in turn playa song you like and than i will save your soul from the d evil luvis ala the 420 production allstarz via itunes and amazon where the " double duce of disaster" is now only 99cents ! hahahaha

So last night I'm hanging in the Quarter and heard Snot Rags coming...

So last night I'm hanging in the Quarter without my trusty axe but that was alright cause everybody knows who Luvis is and how I rock and roll , so nobody gives me any crap. I peddle my wares down the strip to find the bass play of blob snarly . I found out that the singer and guitar player for the Nola band SNOT RAG are coming to town . This is the best Halloween treat a old school fool like me can dig. now its a VOODOO weekend and there's a shit ton of bands coming to town, kid cock, nine inch snails, mackelmore and bla , the unCured, pearl necklace jam and dont forget the last minute 1 man guitar actor/privateer that you'll see as you enter the park Magnum Browneye ! yes its a funn weekend for all the kids in nola. music is everywhere. look over there - more music. this weekend even the oogees will sing and dance and nobody will care that they smell like 5 month old ass crack. As i place razor blades in the apples for this years halloween i cant wait to see Snot Rag. I want to have a little jam out with those cool cats. the whole weekend is gonna rock. the girls are excited. the lamborginni has been washed. the acoustics are all shiney with new strings - THERE'S LOTS OF MOney to made this weekend down here ! SHIT TONS OF DOLLARS will pour into me little blue collared hands as i whip out my tips cup for the next week - 2, 3 ,4g networks a night. shit please i didnt do all this this and get all that cause i was at the crossroads looking for a fight. It comes from having a good heart. Caring for other musicans. Looking out for the younger cats in the game trying to get in the back door. The crew at Swampmuck records dont give a fuck if you have mental issues ? just play that instrument and we'll record who dat bayou for u four twenty S - Ahhhh ! No reall great times for all you musicans out there - thanks for listening to my music ! support the locals - fight the new world order outsiders like myself and alex jones @ infowars.com. music means freedom so go play a little and if you need me call me 504-215-4463 " I Gotchr Back " Happy Halloween everybody ! THANKX

So I'm walking down Esplande to Frenchmen

So I'm walking down Esplanade to Frenchmen st. I love that 1 house on the corner , its so 1800's. I keep walking and head back to decauter st. I walk past the tiki's the abbey and off to Jackson SQ to St Ann Street. I smile at the fortune tellers who want to tell things I already know about my self. I smile and wave at all the spirirts in and around the church. Off royal st I hear a jazz trio playing st james infirmary.I watch the vamps sucking on new blood along bourbon st, I get to burgundy and i look on the ground and there i see some rock and roll memorabilia. old school rock buttons of the who, zep, and my new favorite , Frank Zappa , that reads " shut up play yer guitar " That i rushed home to put on my guitar strap for the frieday night gig with blob snarly at kyles party. I find stuff all the time. I found a gibsen guita in a dumpster in morristown nj - which is still in the hands of my good friend and fellow musician big Dan. I think of how old this equipment is and how i find it and put it to good use. ahhhhhh the french quarter is so special i might just go back there with a case of beer and some black velvet and new amsterdam bottles and drink at the river with the band and all my friends who perform there ! In the meanwhile listen to some Blob Snarly live from Kyles birthday party playing some Agent Orange ripoff ! hahaha ! love it ! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10202152957736107

ps - looking forward to the upcoming gig SNOT RAG with BLOB SNARLY !!!! more to be announced ! MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM !

so its look like We playing this Friday 10-25-2013

so it looks like were playing this Friday night down here in nola off in a spooky place called the bywater to some but to other we call it the edge to the end of the world - off st claude before you jump off into the lower ninth bridge , a make a right on to poland and turn left at the burned down building a you'll see my friend kentucy ave - park where you dont want to have your shit broken into. dont come without plenty of pbr's beer and fireball whiskey, a pack of red apples with some purple haze cause the blob snarly crew are about to unleash some new and old school jams for kyle party - do u know kyle - if you dont you will cause the brothers gonna sing and shout with his band as well ! shit is gonna be so loud you'll hear us over in the 420th ward, even spoon man gonna be there and save me with your plan cause all my friends are brown and red. Old luvis might even bring out the real battle axe for sucha monumental show - who knows maybe we'll do " I was Abducted by Alienz " ! I havent seen lucky the drummer since our last show ,so its just like when we did that one tour back in 77. the Blob Snarly gang have our shit together for this types of exorcisms. When in doubt i will just pick up the bass and pound through a million more songs that will make those booties shake and those tities quake and you'll be saying " there goes my hero - he's ordinary " m phone is still dead so dont call my # 504-215-4463 - call my on facebook.com/luvispro cause all i can say is that my life is pretty plain i like watching the puddles in the rain !

Son of a Gun we having fun off the Bayou

Son of a Gun we having fun off the Bayou were the catfish are jumping and that steam roller is packing up with the finest of pleasure this side of the planet. Now I ant no kid at the game. each yr this time since my people were on the land 2 things happen - Deer Season and Harvest season. its a tradition to go out and harvest back from the land the food your family needs. from these hunts comes the songs of old that will help you see the great white buffalo. Many a hunt have taught me that i hold my gun the same way i hold my guitar - huh. I enjoy the noise the forest floor plays each hour - DJ poison Ivory and sumac are running amuck while the sweet rock and roll of the high grass tells me which way to walk to find that 12 pointer. As i think about that jet black Marshall amp in Indyanna I am taking back, a flash bomb in my minds eye to the daze of Memphis where i traveled to the white river in Arkansas to hunt trap and fish all weekend long . Hunting isnt about a lot of things. like music its the oldest profession that cant be taken from your chemical makeup. As the wars on terror takes another life How much great music isn't being performed or played. How man great soldiers are with there guitars or drums to record these little jams. I know for a fact A LOT . A lot of American military are musicians who fight daily. I know for a fact the terrorist all SUCK at playing music. I haven't been told of any great Islamic terrorist music ! why knot ! cause music is freedom and that all it is ! Us Americans create music daily. we are the inventors of musical instruments. We are the ones to keep and preserve the music, honer it and are define by it. Only in the USA does this happen anymore. As the time get tough American musicians are inventing new way to get the music out to the fans and future listeners . Independent musicians are the first line of defense against the NEW WORLD ORDER. As you harvest your crops and hunt your creeks this week take a look around, stop and smile, this is IT. I have some new riffs to explore with the blob snarly crew this week. we are moving into the next level of writing new music now that all the other songs have been mastered and our fans love us. I have a lot of photo's and film from last Friday nights show. work work work for this monday morning ! ya'll be kool and remember to press record cause music means freedom ! capcha/lottery numbers are 220 54988959