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I cried myself to sleep last night cause of you

I cried myself to sleep last night cause of you and that song about the rain or is it just a ode to the one who sang it. Fear Not young hot damsel is distress. Today is not an ordinary day, its the day I first picked up the guitar. I shouldnt have but i did. I snuck into my parents closet and grab the case. I opened it and this warm easy feeling came over me. I felt my destiny in my hands. I saw things that about my life unfold. I couldnt help my self, I grabbed the amp and cord. WHEN I open the case, This smell of wood and paint came into my conscious and I coughed. I plugged the guitar in and turned on the amp. A soft blue lite appeared and the amp starting rumbling. I slung that guitar around my neck and stood there. The amp slowly started to feedback. I turned slowly as if a grizzly bear was behind me. The amp became quiet. I didnt know any notes yet. I did know the g cord and so I put my little fingers where i had seen my dad fingers. I took that triangle pick and held my hand above my head for a second or two and said " ROCK -N-ROLL " ......WRAAAARARAGGG went the entire house. The dog barked. The cat ran. I turned and looked in the mirror and saw this old man with white hair. Tattoo'd and toothless almost Phantom of the Opera Like. The amp continued to reverberate as I seen my future. Acting funny and I dont know why Cuse me While I flip off this guy. I put the guitar through alot over the years. Took it to L.A., Memphis, Indy and now Nola. Outa all the things I had my hands on , some things just seem to stay with me. Who knows these things is the real mystery in life. It gets so real sometimes. Today is a good day. much better than Monday. have a great day all you great musicians who found music instead of politics. we need more music not wars. I had FTW tattoo on my arm at 18 cause this world is about murder and death . The world i live in is filled with music art love poetry smiles laughter red eyes white crystals and blues sky's from the delta. I'm so glad I have you baby, without you I might be in a jail or coffin . All it takes is that look. That little smile. That wave in the grain. That body. Nothing will ever be the same once you've stood there looking and than had to realize your stare's but you dont care cause your gonna get u some. Wanna see this sweet guitar than go check out my pic's . If you want some check out you locally owned music shop and begin your career in the second oldest profession on earth :-) Music Means Freedom !!!!

From 1991 to 2013 , Luvis Music Means Freedom !

Thanks to Reverbanation, Luvis can be heard from as early as 1991 in a tiny little night club in New Jersey playing some Hendrix. From there we travel outa NJ to Memphis where I started writing originals fulltime. Its a road to Indianapolis where I'm making videos for songs like Hit The Bong. Todays music is even more amazing than before. currently on Vimeo.com/luvispro is a great little jam practice with the New Nola Band now it is what it is but that all it is. Music Means Freedom cause we all talk the same language. down here in Nola there a lot to deal with. So much music from so many different people in a cool state of mind . there's too much stuff going on these days to not be involved with music. Every yr I have found a way to keep playing. While wars and felonies where around me I keep on jam'n. I have listed my older songs here by a time frame I remember. Each song has a different message and as well a different sound. So many musicians that have been in the studios with me. 22 yrs of music represented here. It only a small amount. I have tons of tapes, records, cd's to flip and upload. I could be doing this for weeks. I wish I could . Lately I want it all available. where at the tipping point right now for music. I see New Orleans as amazing knowledgeable time and place in space and time. the fact that i'm here studying music from this battle ground is perfect. So many great battles fought here. Music is a battle. Life is a struggle. We act on beliefs that we determine though the actions that we been told about . I could have been a beggar or a thief. What service would i have left on the planet for all you humans to have for the rest of your lives if i had done so , hahahah. so to all you musicians i say have a great jam. To all you beggar thief's out there, if you see a pearl white Ovation guitar in the Newark NJ area pawn shops please let me know I give you a cash reward when I recover mine back !

nosey neighbor - song and video tribute

nosey neighbor - song and video tribute now available for all to hear. I used to think that my nosey neighbor was a russian spy. Now i know it was the NSA who were listening to me in the shower. the nosey neighbor that always come to mind was Christina. I couldnt light a fire in m backyard with her peeking around the corner to watch. her neighbor tara used to snoop around my shed at night. chester the molester next to her was a skinny little prick who walked thur people yards looking, later found out he was going into the house he rented out. pervert. there one in every town. they like to talk behind your back about your sack. The newest nosey neighbor is nancy. she like to scream at walls and slam doors when ever were home or she thinks she's alone. while dudes were on motorccles doing wheelie down the street she pops her out at me and says " I dont like what your wife tells these kids about me " than slams the door in my face. Christina after years of playing drums with us, eating dinners, going out to the bars to party, hanging out every other nite - she got upset when i smashed my fire pit with a baseball bat - she wrote wendy a letter that spelled out how i was going to hurt wendy and that christina tried to help us out but she's better than us and didnt want to be friends anymore. she even befriended us using facebook and youtube....boo hoo hoo ! what a dumb blonde. my other nosey neighbor was a old man who would try to stop us kids from riding motorcycles into the woods next to his house ! he call ed the cops. he thur tree limbs and leaves and whatever he could to get us to leave that wooded area in NJ where kids had fun. After i had the cops take me and my friends dirt bikes away on night I smashed all the windows on the front of his house. spray painted " fuck u " and poured gas over his grass that said " eat me ". I was about 12, i didnt always do the right thing, I was living in NJ I thought everybody was in the mafia. the nosey neighbor is the person who cant catch a hint that they shouldnt be there. like my old neighbor josh who walked up thur my back yard while m dog was dieing. as i was placen the American flag over old c-lo here comes josh all happy pants and sandals asking me " what ya doing " I pointed to c-lo, wendy held back her tears, i told josh " c-lo just died, i think u should go " i had to tell him again except with different words. he listen and left and i never saw him again. sad day that may 13 2010. NJ still has the nosiest neighbors. people in nj love to talk about cha and the love to find out someting on ya so they can throw it in your face ? leave me the fuck alone ! the nosey neighbor video is a real hoot. it was done like all videos - fake - no live performance, just fake imagines and music and more fake scene and walla u have a mtv video ! it all about watching your neighbors now thanks to the NSA and homeland security. I terrorists all the time but nobody doing shit about it. check out "Nosey neighbor " at www.youtube.com/luvispro or of course right here on the reverbation page. I would have made a million dollars with my music if it weren't for those meddling kids - scooooby doooobie doooooooooooooooooo!

New World War 3 , same old MYRAGE and not enough songs!

........my RAGE ......MY RAGE.......MeRizE....I'M NO GOD !!.....Hahahhaa good class. New Luvis Music for World War 3 2013 . hello mom and dad if your reading this today :-) .......NEW MUSIC FOR THE COMING WORLD WAR 3 is really the same old MYRAGE. As I remember in my little head, it twas a cool NJ nite . All the guitars were lined up. Amps always on sucking up that free daisy tek electricity. The wall of sound was the Marshall amp and those peavey that tommy used. MYRAGE IN THE HOUSE ! new jersey 1990 in a small warehouse unknown to the outside world. a small computer company wholesaler of selling parts. iT Employees where some of the area finest musician in essence . we were the A Team of musicians who played music with a zest for dolce vita . MYRAGE IN THE HOUSE should up the night of said " world war 3 " when we irqaq invaded Kuwait, as the bombs blow up Saddam army, tom and i wearing jamming out to some " I'm no God " while watching for any attacks to hit in NYC. WE jam MYRAGE Songs all night watching from the loading dock of daisy tek to see " what if " ! !!!!! As i think of the impeding doom over seas again except this time in Syria I wonder how odd it is to be jamming tonight under the same issue's some 20 years later. so many wars and not enough songs. so many dead soldiers and not enough songs. I wish we all could hav played justa little bit longer and not enough songs ageeean and again. For the past 20 yrs i've been soldior of fortune with da guitar. she has taught me incredible things and not tings. I will play today as it it where me last. no more during the war will i GIVE UP MY WEAPON. I SHALL DEFEND MY COUNTRY WITH GUN IN HAND AND GUITAR . THE MUSIC MUST BE SAVED. THE MUSIC MUST GO ON TO TELL THE STORIES OF HOW ITS DONE. "All along the watch tower the princess kept her view" Love that line, so it twas a nj memory. The time MYRAGE jam'd as if it was our last ! ya never know what number your gonna get. we might all be drafted tomorrow to figh the coming drone war between all countries. Everybody fighting and oil prices are going up and not enough songs? people are dieing on mother earth and the banks own EVERYTHING and not enough songs. MAKE SOME MUSIC AND START A RECORD COMPANY CUZ THER'S not enough songs ! SING AND PRANCE AND DO THE SAFTY DANCE CUZ THER'Z (CHORUS) not enough songs. and not enough songs and not enough songs and not enough songs and not enough songs MYRAGE IN MUTHAFUKKING HIZZZZOUSSSSSS ! CUZ IT ALL ABOUT THE LUVIS GUITARZZZZ AND THE STRIP BARZZ SMOKEN OLD CARZZZ BANG'N PORN STARZZ I'M IN MAGIZINEZZZZZ MOVIE SCREENZZZZZ I MAKE YOU SCREAMZ YOUR LIFES MY DREAMZZZ WE ROLLING 420 DEEP UR KNOW WAKING FROM DEAD SLEEP ! HIT IT and not enough songs and not enough songsand not enough songsand not enough songsand not enough songs and not enough songs and not enough songs and not enough songs ! CHECK OUT " I'M NO GOD" the video www.youtube.com/watch?v=oggOTY5djpw

DOUBLE DUCE OF DISASTER- Luvis Tunecore site info 2013

http://www.tunecore.com/music/evilluvis thats where you can get THE DOUBLE DUCE OF DISASTER. A love song about the girl that got away. or is it really a song about getting high and losing control. Is it a rock song or a reggae rock song. What the hell is the double duce ? a pistol ? 2 kegs side b side? miley or lady gag gag ? wha thy hell is tunecore.com ? today i explain nothing. It is watt it is. for the past few yrs i've posted the double duce song to be part of this giant global corporate system - this NWO of the music business. I dont know why i did it but i did. I'm against the stem, but i work in the system. i am the system that doesnt work as well. no free check over here as of yet. Tunecore and Luvis have been together for almost 5 yrs. I choose the double duce for my 1 and only song because of knew that outa all the songs I had this song would last the longest and is the only song i ever wrote with a reggae mindset. the song doesnt sound reggae at all. but when i break the song down to just 2 tracks u can hear this Kingstown style. Living in INDIANA was at times quiet ! YOU HAVE TO REALLY SHAKE THINGS UP IF YOU WANNA BE HEARD. I so want to address that because this internet thingy was and is a portal to other places and faces. The last time we played the double duce was at Norms House and it was thrashing and insane. Nothing i ever do is exactly like it was before. I experiment with so many styles and web sites there to many to list. The song was written while my kid was about to be born. I was looking for another sound. Now its funn how things work out. Now i'm jam'n in Nola and playing with some friends to " The Clash, Scientist, Sublime and of course our crazy originals that where still trying to figure out, as well as the P.A. and equipment, who's who and whats what ! Some of the click dont like this reggae idea I think. I like it a lot. I get to play a style of music thats Deep. This ant no SNOOP LION ! We will put together a bunch of songs that will be flat out fucking awesome. Will we play the double duce ? we could , its only 2 chords, yet maybe not ! I think " everyday i smoke the herb " might be there, mayybe not ! its all been a few minute here and a few beers there. things are not that serious. but when it does get serious LOOK OUT cause this New Band that plays on wed & sat's for fun might just be the band that smash's all others to the side while attracting those dollar bills and tours. Nola's a good place to start from with this music. its almost 11:00 am I have to Do Someting great before the days is 1/2 over. I will cruz to da bayou with th dog NEHI and we will laugh and play and Stir It Up ! maybe the double duce of disaster is a song about living in Indiana playing some reggae but not jamm'n some reggae until i move to Louisiana . Could be .... mahahahahaha what next for LUVIS....STAY INTUNED ! MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM DOUBLE DUCE STILL ONLY 99 CENTS ON ITUNES,AMAZON,TUNECORE


void-cancelled- denied-block- your not allowed !

void-cancelled- denied-block- your not allowed ! I love mondays like this, so quiet. you can hear drum roll 3 blocks away.do you think that the gov is affraid of your music? i do ! there lstening to your music - you just dont see it on your hits counter. A good friend of mine were talking and we both seem to think that special interest groups and corporation are seeking to make your life a living hell by setting you up for failure in order to make more money and make you more dependent. like cars that are made but arnet made to last - and if they do last some lawyer is creating a new bill to oppose it from continueing on. How in the word is it that both our gov and giant corporations are sleeping together and we the people are not getting fukked over - how is it that nobod has answer to get outa this fucked up situation of econmic despair yet these same people know its ONLY RIGHT to destroy another nation and its people for the good of what ??? I didnt get a good nite sleep AGAIN - DOGS BARKING ALL NITE and the crazy neighbor crack whore slamming doors talking like drunk satan - its all about keeping me from completeing anything of VALUE. I seem to spend more time on meanless thing and meaningless issues for other people. I played amillion places wrote a million fukking songs and I still shaking my head. I get a minute and second there and that it OFF I GO to fix this and that. computers issues, printings issue, legal issues, substance abuse,family strife, memory loss, chem trails, big brother its all a damn fukking distarctions anymore ! nothing getting done but what i do and nothing else ! this whole internet isnt making me a million dollars so fuck it ! the whole mess in new jersey was a BIG FUCK IT. living next door to a 2 face scum bag his bitch made me say FUCK YOU AND FUCK IT ! I'M OUTA HERE !. I'M packing up all my shit and were living this place soon. i'm moving into another place and i'll do the same thing - look for a place to jam and make some more music ! i'll sell and give it awa and the NSA will block it and denied - As i listen to twisted sisters " were not gonna take it" I think its all a setup ! drum roll please ! the whole time I've been led down the wrong path by a system that doesnt want me to succeed ! importunity I am still jam'm you lame ass mother fuckers. I KNOW THE SYSTEM IS RIGGED THAT WHY I FLIP OFF THE MAN AND KEEP PLAYING. I dont practice shit anymore ! ita a full on attack. It like entering the octagon ! Its not pretty but it works ! my life story! hahahahaha I win YOU LOSE ! READING MY THOUGHTS HAS TAUGHT YOU NOTHING ! BLOGGING IS A LIE ! THIS WHOLE THING IS A LIE ! I'M A GIANT LIAR HAHAHAHAHA ! TEAM LUVIS WINS EVERY FUKKING TIME ! YEAH BIG BROTHER AND SISTER MOLESTERS ! GO RAPE YOURSELF ! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Yeah another great day in music history , another studio, another song, more crashing dish's, another song. war breaks out , another song, mark we need food and water- another song is written. I love mondays with the swampsitoes suking my blood and the welfare fuks begging me for a smoke or 50 cents. Mark are you able to work for free today cause if not pedro down street will ? oh all my shit was stolen , well mark was here maybe i'll ask him cause i dont spek spangleah? I AM IRON MAN AND NOTHING IS GONNA CHANGE TAKE ! I just write it down and save it for laters song of the day. I heard some keys behind me . who the fuks nose whats gonna happen know. i have to have eyes behind my back and be prepare for anything ! oh well we all are living this Vietnam nightmare everyday here in the jungles of America ! Mondays are so much fun I just want to go fly a kite ! FUCK YOU MONDAY MORNING YOU BLOODY CUNT OF DELIGHT FOR ME AND MY FAMILY ! FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK U ! Now have a nice day ! oh yea - Your Not Allowed , my life's theme song , created in the wonderful town of Bargersville Indiana ! thanks for the memories ! f u !

New LUVIS store open for business - now hiring

The LUVIS store is open for business. Its taken some time to here but where else but in New Orleans should I start expanding my collection for those about to rock. As a collector of fine and antiquities I see this store as a place to feel safe. I have been recording and releasing music for yrs and must get it all on 1 page. Reverbnation is that site ! I am trusting this site with the hopes of getting as many songs as i have videos ( well over 300, closer to 500). so many songs from the past will be available now ! years of NJ torment will be added to the mix. strange sounds and recordings are in the mix. To think that jams i had from high school will be added is amazing. I pressed record 25 yrs ago and now you can hear it. Amazing ! I am just a straight white guy from new jersey who learned how to play guitar and now i'm living the dream. some folk walk around all day long witha bottle in there hands talking shit ! I may not have a lot of materialistic things, I might be really stupid at times, even hard headed but at the very least I love my girls and i love my life and the love you give is equal to the love you make. I love this new store idea. I love the old songs we used to play. I love being able to pass the time doing music and not doing time for a crime. I love being able to sell and to freely get the music from m head , to CD and into your ears. I love the smell of comerse in the morning and I love to smoke the herb every single day type songs. I really love working hard cause i play even harder. The store is gonna have a new song / album every week til i cant add any more ! I want to have the most songs on reverbantion than anyone else. When the time come to hit the road maybe i'll be able to buy a cheeseburger from Verde Mart with my loot. today I will be adding some old gems from my New Jersey days. I mess with jersey all the time. I Love NJ but sometimes you must let her go ! NJ and I jammed all the time, she was a great lover at times and a complete bitch on the other hand. If it wasnt for NJ being this way I might still be there, lost in a space !!!!! Thur the maddness i record some of it and today i'll put it on the front counter! Now times are really tough and so I dont expect a lot to happen here at the store, but its better than slinging dope talking shit fully loaded eying the horizon for the bronze . Music means freedom ! support local music ! fuk the new world order ! stop by at http://www.reverbnation.com/store/view_item_album/artist_147990?item_id=1843290

capcha word of day typedhe and

NEW reverbation CD - Evil Luvis and the 420 Production R.I.P. 2004 - 2010

R.I.P. 2004 - 2010 Evil Luvis and the 420 Production - THANKS TO REVERBNATION For letting me create another American Made product. These song still mean a lot to me and those who fought so hard to keep the music alive. TO many people to thank. back in 2004 "Natashia from Russia" was record in NJ During a very difficult time in my life. THE "NEW JERSEY " SONG IS A CLASSIC. In 1999 It was recorded in Governor Morris Park in NJ and remixed in Homeplace Indiana in 2006. It was recorded on a hand help tape recorder with my friend Gus on guitar with Joy the dog wagging her tail next to me. Great Times to be young and fearless. The Evil Luvis band was a a band of friends. I recorded the other songs in Homeplace while raising a family and living the American dream running my own business. I have over 300 videos on youtube and now i'm trying the same for all my songs with all the bands i've play in. I have thousands of hours of songs and jam outs and its all over the internet, but now i'm getting older and I when i die I dont my hard work to disapear off the internet because of some government drone/spy bot program that forces all music to be made a certain way or recorded thur an FCC credited studio. Its already happening. THIS TECHNOLOGY DRIVEN WORLD WAS SUPPOSED TO HELP US MAKE MORE MONEY . So on with the show. Take your hard earned money and get the NEW REVERBNATION CD "RIP 2004 - 2010 " FROM EVIL LUVIS AND THE 420 PRODUCTION ! MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM :-)

ITS 10 AM do u know where your guitar is !

its 10 am and somewhere out there my guitar and amp. The cords lying next to the chimney with care. so much to say toda i dont know where to end. The real Band is hard at work for practice on Wednesday ! things are sounded better and better MON ! We be jamming ! I like the NEW CD " MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM " and need to make a few adjustment in production for next order. Talk to a few people and mostly everyone knows that this has pictures of the river and my guitar , so I have once again achieve success ! the formula for success is HARD WORK ! a yr and a half in the making thur hazards and mishaps, unfortunate situations an massive excitement for technologies that still work after 5 yrs of purchaser date . Swampmuck takes time. Like corn fields filled with soy beans we are entering the next season of the New World Order ! I keep playing this 6 string monster and it keep telling me which way to go. I really want to head up to LK George and see my family. I am always on the road in my head. Hunting season and football season makes me very happy. seeing no flurry's and ice storms - 2 thumbs up ! the music on my mind is restless. there's alot of uneasiness in the air at night oh lord ! I hear voices in my head that suggest EVIL LUVIS is back to his old ways. From far away i can hear those demons but I am distracted by pure innocence and love ! !!!!!! YES MON I am moving straight toward the sun ! I LOVE MY LITTLE LIFE HERE ON EARTH ! I LOVE MY GIRLS ! I LOVE MY PITBULLS ! MUSIC make me feel good and so i enjoy my self a lot more today than most. If you think it than you will live it ! I have to talk to the owner of the Louisiana Music Factory Today about selling my Music Means Freedom CD ! That will be fun. Love that store ! I also have to clean the studio up for the arrival of John and Marion - cant wait ! there nothing like parting in New Orleans , where gonna have big fun on the Bayou ! Its a lifestyle. It beats shoveling snow to get to the band room ! I floating to the river later but i really want to go up to the lake. I might start flipping old MYRAGE songs to discmakers - I need to call Tommy and the gang - still no word on Charlie ????? The day is so blue ! seagulls, skunk, Swedish shiatsu's , its just one of those days you better get it or your dealing witha fat lip ! A MON wheereee my gitarrrrrrrrRR !


Old big brown dropping the swamp muck today around 4:20, its gonna be the sweetest thing . Born and raised in the mean streets of New Orleans. This could have been my last album after last weeks shooting at the studio. I glad to be alive and I'm telling ya so, so dont believe everything ya here about me from outside sources.I Believe on this day in NYC I had some cd's pressed was in 1998. went to a studio in spanish harlem where dude's entire apartment was a studio. We dropped off about 6 cassette tapes I had collected and press kits and what not. he and his wife were cool. Starting working in minutes. Said comeback in 4 hrs its will be done. Gave him the deposit and we took off to 125 & adam clayton powell and meet up with some old friends and than went off to central park. Sat there waiting for the call. it was really professional. went to washington sq, walked over to West 4th Bleeker Bobs looked at the cool old albums. cruised down to Quite Unique's to play guitar and hang out with Chris. pit stops along the way back uptown to Mannys, sam ash and my favorite guitar shop " 48th street guitars " were they built my custom axe. WE get the call and off to the studio where the cd's where done. We listened and they sounded great. high fives and off I WENT TO PARTY ! Later that day I run into dude from the smashing punkins. I gave him a cd and he laughed. CD's went here and there. I dont have a copy ! where they went I will never know. I made a bunch and just passed them around. CD's of music is kinda a joke nowdays. Everythings a joke to somebody. I enjoy making these little round disks. Here in Nola I will be passing around these NEW CD's as well. No drama like in 1998 in NYC with all the shootings and murder . Yelp everything these days are just happy happy happy. OH YEA AS A WARNING this NEW CD has Explicit LYRICS AND CONTENT ! ITS how life is so now you know. Dont be mad be glad cause when you got so much to say its called gratitute ! at least I WARNED yOU ! NOW WAIT FOR IT ! WAIT ...... WAIT ...FOR ......