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music messon # 4 - Dont Put up with anybody bullshit

hey Musicians, Today leson is about the who's who and the who's about to get punched in the face. We all have to deal with certain people from time to time who think that since They own the Company they have the RIGHT to say whatever when ever and how ever they want. there alot of truth to that BUT not when dealing with people on your rooster !. Now when you walked into the front door with your demo/resume and talked to A-N-R (ASSHOLES-REJECTS) have to make a deal- great - shake hands and walk out the door- fine, I play my songs- we perform and make money - the money get divided and we all get a pack of smokes. now when you'r the last of the mohegans and the everybody has been let go or quit for whatever reason now is not the time for attacking me. I will not let some fats talking giant walking asshole say anything to me without first letting them know 1 simple rule " I dont put up with anybodys bullshit " - I'm quick to write a song or slam your face on the pavement like my NEW SONG called - " DONT BE A KISS ASS " IT ABOUT ME TAKING A MY ALUMINUM BASSBALL BAT AND PLAYING A GAME I CALL " YOU BETTER FUKKING RUN " WHEN i have to listen to a bunch of shit that doesnt even have anything to do with me and i have to sort thur the bullshit just to pin down the problem. I love problems and i really love confrontations. I will burn the bridge as quick as i made the bridge. When the time is right i will take you down . Fuck with band or its band members and i'm gonna go off my rocker. Now I've been real cool with the out bursts and bullshit from the beginning. I have silently sat back like a deer hunter waiting hr after hr- watching 1-2-3 does walk by to stink up my area. I wait for the 6 pointer to walk by, i wait for the 8 pointer to run along - but when the 10 pointer steps in the field, My hearts beat 3x as fast. I move so slow you'd think i was on 3 bundles of heroin. I control my eye not to blink. Imove in the direction of the wind. I step on leaves as if i was crushing toilet paper. and when i'm about 10 seconds from action, I get that image. Its an image that only the great spirit brings. You have to experience it, its primal. Needless to say I'm not going deer hunting, nor am i'm loading rounds, what i'm saying is that I'M IN THE ZONE- I'M working towards the paths that lead me to that buck rub - and i'm so close you can bet your life that deer/person knows i'm out there. I'm lurking in the shadows like the ninja just waiting. 44 yrs I've played this game. I'm not gonna let some fun get through my hands. SO you fast talking - 300 pound - make a sista cry over some technical mumba #5 bullshit witha 1/2 crippled knee and a face fulled of missing teeth whos' now face with not 1 but about 25 mother fuckers who have lost alot more than i have and who really want pay back I Say " be careful bro " , cause I just dropped all protection from your servers, I just erased all passwords from your pc, I just jacked your phone wire. Its funny but When i'm onstage I always bring 1 extra guitar, not to play but just in case I have to smash some asshole over the head. THE SHIT ABOUT THE HIT THE FAN WHICH IS O.K. CAUSE I BOUGHT THE FAN, I FIX'D THE FAN AND NOW I'M ABOUT TO TAKE THE FAN AND BEAT YOUR WHOLE MOTHER FUCKING CREW WITH IT. WITH THAT I SAY - DONT PUT UP WITH ANYBODY BULLSHIT ! NOW YOU KNEW AND NOW THEY KNEW . Now i might play the game some more, i might keep letting them say stupid shit, act like a douche bag for a little longer, its funny to watch a asshole twich over ther dingleberrys. Ya , maybe i'll just do some more video taping, maybe get on tape your feelings, maybe I wont pull the bow back - maybe i'll just flush you out, i'll push you out into the field where other like minded individuals are posted waiting . It a fucked up world out there isnt it. " do you wanna play the game "~ Lemmy

1st time Ranked # 6 - Awesome

AHHHHHHhhhhhhh nothing like having a wake and bake session and than you find out your 1 away from the top 5. What else is there in life. we have the IRS hunting down groups of people, we have terrorists living inside our boarders , this administration is outa control. somebody gonna have to keep the music going when the shit hits the fan. As an American rocker I prepare for this war my whole life. I learned all themajor and minor chords. I study with the best. I lost to the best. I managed to be productive even with a monkey on my back. Music means freedom , and freedom is not having big bro and big sis along with the pharmaceutical companies spying into my life and My families life. THE MUSIC INDUSTY IS THE NWO. So many people have lost there life for this country and western nation. city slickers from washington trying to tell this cowboy hat wearing guitarist what to play and for how long. lifes to short ! long live LUVIS... REVERBNATION.COM/EVILLUVIS

Music Lesson # 78 - Blinded By the Light

Music Lesson # 78 - Blinded By the Light is what happens to alot of us from time to time. stage lighting is dangerous. they slam lights in your face while your performing to see that expression on your face. I am blinded by the light so that i have to close my eyes sometimes while singing. I close my eyes and i see these colors - red, green , blues, yellow, pink and when the song is over it all goes black. Sometime I close my eyes and just bend a note and hold it......... I'll even hold my breath to........ I sometimes hold my breath so long that i lose feeling in my legs and i fall. I will lay on the floor still holding my weapon. I dont stop I keep it going. its good to play without seeing the notes on the neck - thats why on my guitars I have scalop the back neck of the guitar at the 3-5-7-9 -12 frets . Sometimes the stage is so damn dark you cant see anything any way. so to be able to know where your hands are while your behind the wheel is what cops want to see, but for us musicans its just not so. I used to feel bad playing those off notes , now I love those off notes during a song. Lifes a little off. If you wont perfection go listen to Mozart. I'm Luvis playing with a perfect balance of good and bad in all major and minor tones like a yin and yang . so grab your axe. close your eyes. play yyz or eruption or crossroads or puff the magic dragon and Just FEEL the song. I recorded the song ST ANN STREET BLUES while my eye where closed. I even uploaded the songs with eyes wide shut. I just type this whole blog blind folded. "MSUIC MRSNS FREWDPM" SUPPLET LOCAK MIUSC

Music Lesson # 9 - Never Give Up On Yourself

Today lesson is very difficult.How many times have you had someone tell you " You Suck ". You play a guitar riff and your told " That Sucked ". I never forget meeting a 1 guy who asked to play my guitar, played it than said " this guitar is a Cort ? who plays a Cort " ???. in this world of being condemned for being strong minded and strong will'd YOU MUST BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. You have to see the truth in the game. some get it some never do. Today this may 17th 2013 I bacame # 9 on REVERBNATION.COM AGAIN I have busted the top ten. Some people think this is something I bought. some think dont think much about it for me. Most act as if what i say and do on the guitar is childish. Most dont want me to sing and play songs of sex drugs and rock and roll. But I never tried to play music to be famous. I figure I'm just 1 of the lucky ones. Never give up on Yourself even when everybody is saying you cant. This is why we are all in the game together. some play some talk, some jam some scam, some make money and some make phoney. Thanks to everybody who helped us get to the top ten on REVERBNATION.COM/LUVIS MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC

Music Lesson # 10 - Pissed off band members

todays lesson is simple - band members who bring a bad attitude to the jam. I cant stand musicians who want to bring down a situation just so THEY can bring it back up THERE way. the ones who cry that they " dont understand what your doing during that 1 part " " why cant we play that first and than i'll do this " " can you start this way so i can play that way " I'm just gonna play this cause nobody can hear me " - WEAK LAME LOSERS NEED NOT APPLY ! As soon as hear this kinda stuff i open the door and kick the complainers outa it. the whole idea with music is to stop the complaints - to stop the stress - to get away from your whiny wife or back stabbing girlfriend. The idea of having a bandmember who wants to always interfer or better doesnt want to play a part in a cover tune cause the amp or pick there using doesnt sound like the one ON THE STUDIO MIX THAT WAS RECORDED 15 YRS AGO ON ANALOG. so the simple rule is kick to the street those musicians who complain. Get your music out there as fast as you can. get your feet on the ground and promote everywhere. get your music to the people who need it. with that I say thanks for making me # 10 on reverbnation and take a listen to the NEW SONG " ST ANN STREET BLUES " .....

Ear Training Exerise for bass # 72

Everytime I drop the bass I think of the biggest baddest motha jammer on the 4 string. Old be bop deluxe himself , kings of the fat, master of the richard simmons the one and only Tony B. Every morning we would drive to cybermax listening some intense BECK Beastie Boys, MMW, James Brown, Sublime, Chilli's,. We would drive that car in and out traffic like death race 3000. when you play the bass you have to think that way. like a race car driver pushing the wind 225+ . the indy 500 is coming up . master of speed thats how i drop the bass. like in my NEW SONG " ST ANN STREET BLUES, I dont drop any bass- zero, no catchy chemical brothers intro outro uttro. maybe i will today when i'm back in the studio. I sure do miss jamming with old tony. it been like 15 - 16- 13 yrs since we've jammed. I wonder if he still jamms. I bet he's been eating alot of jersey pizza and rutts hutt hot dawgs. If you see Tony on facebook , tell him I said hello. now drop that shiz!

Music Lesson # 369 - guitar/amp setups

It takes a lot to make that big twangy in yer face sound. I used to use a rat distortion box into a crate amp. umm spicy. I used a 1970 hollow body stewart witha 2010 fender amp for the song " Your Not Allowed " which is a love song for those who want to flip the bird at the establishment who make laws that they themselves are exempt from - bastards !. a real bastard setup is my custom luvis acoustic , that sum of a bitch took a hell of a beating during the 2011 Vollrath show ( which is no longer there- when EVIL LUVIS play your club, the club either failed (vollrath/locals only,mug shots- or go's on to greatness like the Melody Inn.) I dont like talking about the EVIL LUVIS band any more now. yelp ! a guitar and amp setup like a gibson into a mesa boogie - good combo. but that starcaster with a boombox not so good- but it did make a lot of money for Big Audio Dynamite. the ultimate setup is to have jimi hendrix flying V and Randy Rhoads marshall stack using eddie van halens FX board . ummmmm creamy ! as you walk thur the guitar store remember my motto " try to play on at least $5000.00 worth of equipment before purchasing anything. I have played $1500 taylor acoustics that didnt sound all that great. It something great to play all these great piece of wood. you might as well play as mant guitars/bass's as you can now before you cant get it up anymore. after 30 yrs of playing its hard to flip people off. plus being a martial artist i have to keep my hand in tip top shape. now the shape of a guitar is important. you dont want a guitar/bass that doesnt fit well. like in 7th grade I try to date a girl who was 2 feet taller than me. I thought it would work ( and it would have ) but it didnt work for her - haha radar love ! so on this mother day go buy your mom a new guitar and amp combo - not from target thats only going to get you back out the door playing the same old song and dance ! Music Means Freedom

bad press + no gigs + pissed off band members = # 16 on reverbnation

#3- today lesson is how to take a minor scale and a make it a major scale. thers a few notes that have to be changed - for example the 1-5 note. the 4-6 note sometimes gets flat and 2-7 notes gets sharp. this is directly in relationship with the modes in any keys. 8 notes + 8 notes= 16 the number i'm ranked at on reverbnation. now take the minor 7th flat 5 chord in the key of C. if we take the 4-7 notes and flatten them we get the luvisidian mode. if you take a c maj 7 sus 9 chord and remove the 2-5 notes we get the luvmixolidan. You can better understand this with place'n the guitar in your hand. tune it to E flat. now plug your canle in to the amp and turn it on. now reach over to your computer and play the song - Rainee Frieday on reverbnation/evilluvis listen to the d string and the 12 notes that the d string stand for. you will hear that there isnt one. thats because the guitar has only 5 strings on it when it was recorded. #6- this concludes my lesson on how to make a minor scale into a major scale. for more info please repeat steps 3-6 music means freedom - L.U.V.I.S.

Rainee Friedays - New Song , same old price !

Today lesson is how to always PROtect your musical equipment. Make sure you Pro tect the amps and cords, strings, guitars, drums, computers, camera/video and stuff like that. It seems to work alot better when you can maintain this type of control of YOUR MUSIC. When you equipment doesn't work after a while it needs to be cleaned. You should always clean you guitar after playing it or when you carry it around from bar to bar. when ever i am on the road with my guitar/strap/cords/pickups/camera/video etc etc i ALWAYS keep a look out for unsafe isues. I HAVE TO BECAUSE I'M THE ONLY ONE HERE TO PROTECT ME FROM ALL THE WILD GROUPIES. How many times have i lost a guitar and skateboard to a groupie who followed me home after the show. When i'm home alone i like to think of all the good stuff that i have that just doesnt ever get seen in the clubs. I always think about teh Creamy white limited edition ovation guitar that i played. took it from Stars Music in NJ . Now still Missing is action last seen in Newark NJ. ......So always keep you quiptment safe and clean. try to use you stuff as much as you can cause if you dont you might lose it. with that please check out our new song " Rainee Frieday " . Music Video T.B.A.

Luvis Guitar lesson # 422 - Muting !!!

todays lesson is about Muting the strings. You take your right hand and lightly lay you hand on the bridge of the guitar strings its so easy. You can also do this technique with playing guitar in general. I mute my music all day long. I sometimes mute my vocals as well. I sometimes think in a muted way. I like to attend places and just setup the gear, lay out the amps and cords. setup all the guitars and than just look at them. dont play. just look and think of the pastabilities. Next time your on stage and your about to play that solo - turn and mute your body so that only you can hear what your playing. muting works wonders in our government system as well. there are real muted to listening to the american people. I believe muting was invented for promotional and marketing ideas. I just muted my keyboard while typing - did you hear the difference. I once dated a girl who was mute, but than she left me and join the grateful dead on tour ( summer 89 ). remember to mute while you toot . and never toot you own horn. well its time to the studio to record my next song called " Muted Love " Music Means Freedom