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Robert Laurie / Blog

Free Downloads!

I've just made all of my material available for free download. Please share your favorites with your friends and family, perhaps make a cd for the car. Hope you enjoy them. Robert

For our troops......

I recently watched an interview with Trace Adkins and was very surprised how much of a history buff he was. His stories were very moving as well as his songs about our troops in U.S.A and Canada. It helped me to put my so called, "bad days" into perspective. I'm happy to share, "Another Soul Home".

City Lights - Re-mix with 3 part harmony!

Just finished production on additional harmonies on "City Lights". Big change, great summer time song! Give 'er a listen.:)

Cover Tunes Online

Hey there, just a quick post about my cover tunes. Since I keep Reverb Nation reserved for songs that I've written, I've posted my cover tunes on my personal web site. Here's the link so you can check them out......enjoy.

http://www.roblaurie.com/cover_recordings/cover_recordings.html Till later, keep making music, it's what makes the world go round!

Exciting News - Let's Thank Mama gets more recognition!

Exciting news! I have been chosen to have my song, "Let's Thank Mama" on a Limited Edition Album. It is called "Catch A Rising Star". It is a compilation of the very best demos that Paramount Song has recorded for their writers this year! This CD will be made available to publishers, producers, and recording artists throughout the music industry, AND to selected radio stations. A copy will be sent to KX 94.7 in Hamilton. Let's hope it gets some radio play!

Exploring My Jazzy Side - New Song

Hi friends and fans, here's a song that's been in the making for some time now. I ironed out the arrangement and solo work this week and am happy to share it with all of you! "Treat Me The Best That You Can"

New Content at Rob Laurie.com - songs and lyrics added

You will be seeing some new items on RobLaurie.com next time you log on. I have added some of my favorite cover songs as well as a page dedicated to the lyrics of all of my original songs. Come and check out the changes at: www.roblaurie.com Till later......

July Summer Sun - promotion

Hi friends and fans! I like to share the songs that mean the most to me from time to time. Please take a few minutes and have a listen to "July Summer Sun". It supports the fight against domestic violence. The story I'm sure many can relate to. Thanks for your support. :)

"Let's Thank Mama" Published by B.M.I.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered! After a review from lawyer, I've sent out a song publishing contract presented to me from B.M.I. Music. (www.bmi.com). They will place "Let's Thank Mama" in their catalog for perspective artists to record for the next two years. If any royalties are generated within that period it will permanently remain in their catalog! I am hopeful that someone will find this song, take it to heart, and want to put it on their album. Again, as I've said before, so happy that things are moving forward for me at this time! Till Later......

Paramount Song Recording Has Arrived

"Let's Thank Mama" has finished production and has just arrived! It's available to hear on my R.N. profile. I'm extremely pleased with the results and am happy to share it with you.