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Checking In

Yes. I'm still alive and kicking. It may appear that I've been in a dormant state but I have been dealing with personal health and affairs. Those of you that are new to me and have been listening to my music lately. I'm grateful and thankful. Some of you have purchased some of my releases and I'm grateful for that as well. I still have more to record and correct as you all should know that all of the music that has been listed on reverbnation is at a demo level. In such a sense they are more like guidetracks or unfinished coloring books. :) Need to get more crayons. To those that have watched and/or support me with the help of Fundrazor to make my music video. I am honored. So, lots to be happening soon as I get my butt back into the recording studio. I have some plans to do things at Silver Street Studios again and thus will take advantage of that time to finish the 4 songs I promised to lay down. This will finish the long awaited album I wanted to achieve. Makes me have 2nd thought of trying to land a record deal. heh. That's all for now. I'll chat again soon. ~Shok


MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. All is left to do is trying to find a manufacturer and distributor that's not going to rip me off. There will be limited special editions that will be physically made for the ones that contributed the most to this music video. My special thanks to them for their investment in my career and along with the accredation of what they helped me make. The rest will most likely go to mass media and a company that can both spin audio and video at the same time. I'm feel like red riding hood going into the woods with an M416.


I figured I owed a blog since I haven't put one on in a while. In the course of events, I am juggling my time with rehearsing my songs, keeping up with my health, staying on the scene with Heavy Metal in my area and in the midst of all that I'm in the middle of getting a music video cut. My journey is almost complete on that project. It's now down to cut and editing. Then post production on the single. (So what happened between October thru February on the Music Video?) There were several factors that pushed us back from getting the music video done. The most prominent issue was I lost my lead actress for the role in the music video. Due to her education and acting commitments, Hollywood needed her more than I did. The other reasons were simple. It was getting too close to the holidays and nobody was going to be able to make any scheduled commitments. The director of the music video and I agreed that it was better to postpone the date and get another actress instead of trying to rush the date late last year. I guess I was having a George Miller moment. So, I been a bit busy and had to hold back on my never ending saga of trying to get my album done. I'll be back in the studio soon. I have to collect some money or go back to work or get a gig or something before I can step back into the studio. Tic tock tick tock, Money, money money, money. Hopefully I'll be in better spirits once things get finished. Maybe take a breather.


Welp. It's official. I have Laryngitis. I apologize for any upcoming activities that I planned on participating. If you were expecting to see me perform at The Walkabout, The Royal Albion or even The Global Cafe. I won't be able to make them dates due to my illness. I apologize for this. So, in the meantime. While I stock up on Chicken Soup, Orange Juice and Drugs. Feel free to spin my tracks. Sorry, Umair. I know we were suppose to record. I'll keep you posted on my health. ~Shok



Buying My Music

A BIG THANK YOU!!! To those that have bought my music through ReverbNation. It's an odd way to do it, I agree but you are getting the demo's and (some) masters right before they go to distribution i.e. post production (cover art and credits) and then finally album release or I find a record deal to take me on. I almost got suckered into SongCast. Musicians, be careful out there and read the fine print. In the words of Mr. T. "There are parasites and leeches out there that can actually hurt you." I'm finding out the hard way. ReverbNation here will treat you right. Also, I'm making some progress with the Bless of an Angel Music Fund Project. Donations are coming in and it seems we got enough to get the ball rolling so to speak. The goal is to get to 10,000. As I say again, proudly, the proceeds that generate from this video, that YOU helped make, will go to the Love, Hope & Strength Foundation. Check them out, their legit. They actually use the funds for the causes that need the support. Stem cell research, bone marrow transplant and certain needs to help cancer fighters live. Contrary to the other charity organizations that say one thing and do another. If I knew the project would lead to that, then many of you know I wouldn't be doing this. Everyone that knows me, knows that I'm doing this for someone else.

Bless of an Angel video

I'm on a mission now to get this video going. I need to get funding to start this project and I'm going to need a little help. Some have said to use Kickstarter, others have said to do it independently via PayPal, sort of like the way Sungbong Choi did his. I'm no expert at this and I need all the help I can get. I believe that this project isn't just about me and that is the only reason why I'm talking to you all about this. Help me make this video. Your support will make an impact and a difference in other peoples lives. Thanks for listening. ~Shok

Elli Shikana McKernan
Elli Shikana McKernan  (over 1 year ago)

Let me talk to someone on YouNow who uses Paypal. He takes donations from listeners to keep his server running for his radio station so I dont think it would hurt ask him how it works. Would that help? .. E. PS.. Plug for your page too?

Different Path

It may seem strange that a musician like me hasn't jumped through the same hoops as all the rest and has his dues paid for on the road. Fair enough. But to what end? I'm sure many of us have been in the same situation before in countless bands trying to hold on to a commitment with no money coming in and trying to keep a common interest. Very hard to do. I've been here so many times before and it just doesn't work for me. So, I thought I take a different path. I started going back to my songwriting roots and sure enough, I have enough material to at least entertain a crowd for about an hour. Theres more to it than just that. I needed to have some creative control and a good sense of direction on where I wanted to go with my music. When forming a band, just to even get to this level, sometimes takes years. Even with the right people. Because there has to be a degree of compromise. Fuck that. To me, thats one more roadblock I have to get around. So, going the solo artist route seems the only feasible solution and so far it's looking good. I know all the songs I need to record that I want to put on my debut album. Now it's just trying to find the right people to work with as far as a tour band is concerned. Only 4 more songs to record and I should be ready soon. That's all for now. ~Shok

Thank You everyone!

My 'rank' lately has been a rollercoaster ride and I'm grateful once again for all those that chimed in and started to listen to my tunes. Thank you. Also thanks to those that became fans. It's appreciated very much. I have to stop the download for free thing because I want to generate money for the charities that I want to sponsor as well. So, if you want to do something real cool, buy one of my tracks and 50% of the proceeds will go to a non profit organization that helps struggling musicians all over the world, that can't help themselves due to national disasters, crisis or tragedy.

Music Video Talks

I've been talking to Daniel Brant, lately on some concepts about a few music video's that I would like to produce with him. We've talked about Dangerous having a vampirish nightlife theme and most recently, Bless of an Angel. First impression are important and it hasn't been decided yet but I hope I can afford to do either project. A music video goes along way and can open doors to a lot of things if done right. So, I went to seek expert advice. I have a meeting this Saturday and were both gonna find out what we can do. Daniel so far has shown me a good visualization of my songs and I think we see eye to eye about what I'm trying to achieve. This is so weird for me. I have no idea what I'm doing other than my imagination in my head. So, I hope some good comes of this.