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Flatulent Flailers / Blog

New fans..

We love that you love.. !


new jam, new photos, new songs coming soon!!!!!


Yes You... What a great time we have.. We get to make each other laugh.. Sometimes ' til we cry.. I have had the pleasure of free-jamming with two of the coolest, fun dudes... The energy is electric, sometimes you can feel it in the air. To feed... Eat up.. I'm hungry.. Peace...... Jimmy D.

new fans

It's so great getting to check out all new fans stuff.. I like stuff. Peace... Jimmy D..

new fans

New Fans RULE..!! We love you all.. Sounds a little Ozzy-ish.. That might be more like, onvlaoiutrhcnvu4hzclewiucyfhx5yeauocutybvrdvaucty5geikl4okmfp,p[lw'xf..and take that you duuurty whore..Lol Peace..Jimmy D..


Yes..!! Flatulent Flailers do it again ! Brilliant ! A Masterpiece..! Tune in.. Turn on.. Tune out .. Peace.. Jimmy D..

New Flails

Here our some new tunes

Thanks to You

Hope you all enjoy our madness.. Bob is busy mixing, and soon... More madness. Peace all.. Jimmy D.


On facebok.. An instant classic.. Barney does Dino..!


Long awaited...Flatulent Flailers... Totally live, unrehearsed, flails. That is what happened, and what we felt. You either get it, or not. It's cool.

Flatulent Flailers
Flatulent Flailers  (almost 3 years ago)

It may sound nonsensical...Because IT IS ! Music for FUN..Laugh....We did..And still do !

Flatulent Flailers
Flatulent Flailers  (over 2 years ago)

More coming...Beware...You could get hooked..We are like heroin..The good kind..

Flatulent Flailers
Flatulent Flailers  (over 2 years ago)

What..? No sense of adventure.?? We can take you all away from here... Come give us a listen or 10..!!

Ray Connor   a.k.a.  Salazar
Ray Connor a.k.a. Salazar  (about 2 years ago)

I now want to feel up a tree....ty