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MOE GRN / Blog

Amazing Artist

I go by the name of Moe "Young Green" GRN. I have a strong Passion for music. Every since I was a kid it's been my escape. I record my own music from mixing to mastering. I also write Pop and R&B. I'm currently working on my first Demo/Album. The music I create is very Inspiring and Direct. I'm proud to say its going to be a great project. In this day in age 2014 Music is changing. There's not that many Artist such as myself determined enough to keep pushing forward on becoming a successful Rap Artist. So stay tuned for all the amazing things to come. Contact Info: officialmoegrn@gmail.com

My Interest

Making History is my #1 Interest. I'm also writing my 1st album. I can honestly say this project will be my best work thus far, also 1 of the best albums in America. You can quote me on that. I just need someone true in my corner, and someone that believes in me as much as I do. Looking for engineering help & promotion. The album is Real Creative & Honest. I haven't been this Happy in years!! Artist development can be an option. Writing movie scripts another interest of mine. I love being creative with my imagination and let it run wild.

Opportunity Import

I've found this to be true. The more you research you will figure out the meaning of opportunity. Now we have creators, and we have listeners. The creator seems to be more focused on opportunity. Listeners tend to be quiet. Sitting still for a long period of time until something comes up. Half the time listeners don't walk into much opportunities. Some people take whatever may come their way. You must create in order to discover many opportunities, and the meaning of good decision making. All of a sudden 1 day you will walk into that Dreamed opportunity. MOE GRN Make sure you click on my website for more Blogs, Music, News Updates & More Twitter @MOEGRN Please Feel Free to Comments!!

On the Jouney of Making History

Word on the street is Moe Grn is an Amazing New Artist who is willing to take it to the next level. Passion & Drive are the most important tools to make it in this Industry. History is almost made of becoming the first openly gay Rap Artist. A new Age of music is upon us. Only I can pull this off. Support the Moe Grn movement everywhere via. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and also Sound cloud. https://www.Reverbnation.com/MoeGrn Twitter: @MoeGrn Facebook: @MoeGrn YouTube.com/Moegrnchannel Soundcloud @MoeGrn

MOE GRN (Unsigned Artist Contest) By Sony

I'm currently in a contest sponsored by Sony that could jump start my Music Career. All I need is your Vote & your Support. Click the link to Vote Now!! HTTPS://t.co/Ti3yVna6MB

Hery Ace
Hery Ace  (15 days ago)

Going to show the love!!!! Just don't forget me when you make it, PEACE.