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Boonie "J" / Blog


One of my friends visited my gig @ Pappas recently along with his 6 year old daughter. After she had listened for awhile she said, "you know Daddy, this is happy music." If you want to get happy, join Boonie "j" most any Sat. night @ Pappas.

New Album - "MIND YOUR STEP"

Contemporary jazz played in a bluesy style with romantic infusions featuring Boonie "J" on sax & vocals. Buy now at www.cdbaby.com/cd/booniej


New album is hear at last - named after the title song "Mind Your Step" (written by Michael J Thomas). Think you're gonna like it - includes more vocals than my first album. ENJOY!!

New CD

My one and only CD, "Smooth Sax Sounds", was produced a few years ago and has been well received. I am in the process of putting my music selection together for a new CD which is long overdue - will soon be ready for the recording studio. You're gonna like it -I promise!!

Age Doesn't Matter!!

Since I began the infusion of R&B into contemporary jazz, my music has inspired both the very young and the very old to get on the dance floor. Last Sat. @ Pappadeaux, my youngest dancer was 21/2 and my oldest was 74 (with a walking cane). Makes this 73 year old man proud!!

Why Am I So Excited?

My gig @ Pappadeaux has exceeded my expectations & I'm building up quite a following. It's been a good ride so far and I never thought my sax playing would rise to this level. I am humbled, blessed & know who is in control. On top of all this, I'm beginning a new career with one of the top wealth management firms in Atlanta --too much good news for a 72 year old man to digest!

"That Sound"

The compliment I hear most often from my fans is "you have that sound that I just love in a sax". Now I'm not really sure what "that sound" is, but as long as my fans at Pappadeaux like it, I ain't changing, Latest CD captures "that sound."

Standing Room Only!

Last Sat. was the largest crowd I've ever seen @ Pappadeaux since I began performing there 2 years ago. It was standing room only plus a holding tent in the parking lot was full. We had Mama's, prom kids, music lovers, seafood lovers - you name it - they were all there. Had lots of great comments on my music. Having fun in my old age!!!

"You did em proud tonight, man"

You never know when to take comments on your music serious or not. A distinguished looking gentleman (who had been listening to my performance for quite a while last Sat.) came up to me at break and said, "Gerry Mulligan & Paul Desmond would have been proud of your performance tonight." Now I am under no illusion that my playing can come even remotely close to these jazz greats, but it was nice of him to think so.

Perform @ Your Best!!

If you perform at your best, they will come. Word must have got out because Pappadeaux has been filled to capacity for the past 8 weeks. Seafood has always been the best in Atlanta so, just maybe, my music has a little something to do with the fun loving, enthusiastic crowds we have been experiencing. During my intermissions, I sometimes ask patrons if they have any special request. The usual response is, "keep on playing what you been playing cause we love that smooth jazz style of music." Guess I'll keep on keeping on.