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stereosleep / Blog

Rock N Roll Hotel

We are ready to rock Rock N Roll hotel. We haven't played there in ages so it will be a bit of a homecoming as it was the first place we ever played. Looking forward.

NYC Fever

As Hurricane Sandy creeps her dirty way up the East Coast, anticipation continues to build for the New York tour. We are so anxious to land in the big apple to spread our pretty noise. Come out and see what is sure to be an amazing.

DC9 to NYC

Last night's show at DC9 was A W E S O M E. We played with the Mariner Project and Money Paper Hearts, and they both killed. It was an interesting night because, although the crowed wasn't huge, the energy was insane. We could feel something change in the way we delivered the music, and the way it was received by the fans. Now its off to NYC, we hope to see you there.

Recording and Playing

Ah, a 3 hour Sunday practice getting our new song, "Reaction" ready to perform for the first time at Black Cat, and to record in the coming weeks. We're exciting because the bridge of the song was missing until last practice, when it organically developed out of the thin air.


Welcome to the world of stereosleep. Thank you for joining us on this journey.