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The Vespers Nine / Blog

Hey friends !!!! It's April 9th and here's what's up !

Hello friends.

Hope you are well. It's time for some updates and boy are there a lot ! First, we just released our single for the summer, a song called "The Sun Shines For You". We've added the lead guitar tallents of Michael James Anderson to our roster and Just played a great show at Cafe 9. Our next gig will be May 3rd at The Connecticut Fauxchella Music and Arts Festival which takes place in The Outer Space , Space and Ball Room In Hamden CT. We'll be setting up one more gig around July or August some time but after that we'll be taking a break.The fall and winter will be dedicated to releasing 2 previously unreleased records that I've been working on for the past 2 years or so and then after that I'll be writting some fresh tunes for a fresh record. So that is pretty much whats up and what will be happening.

Thank you all so much. Have a great day and Tell a friend about Kyle Flynn and The Vespers Nine.


Hey friends!!! It's Jan. 29th 2014 and here's the scoop!!!

Hey Friends!!! How are you? We hope you're well. Here's the scoop with what's going on and what we have in store in the near future. We just had the blessing to perform on Stage 8 For WTNH's CT-Style program. It was fantastic fun!!! and we will never forget the time we had. Our segment is up now. Enjoy it and show your friends.. We are planning to release a new single, a song called "The Sun Shines For You" a long with a neat music video. Hopefully by July.. We are also putting together a huge and exciting Event for the summer that you will not want to miss... Find our current EP "Olde Souls" on Band Camp and watch our Music video "Simone" on You tube. Stay active friends in spreading the word about us. Word of mouth will help us greatly.. Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you out on that dance floor. Stay awesome guys...

It's October 25th. Here's What's Up!!!

Hey Friends!!!! Hope You're all well. Here's The Scoop on what's going on right now. We've been playing some killer shows all around CT and NYC. and we've been making new friends a great memories. We will be in Brooklyn On Nov. 20th and Boston Nov. 23rd. For more details on those dates and more just check out our page. We have a 3 song EP called, Olde Souls which will be released in Early Nov. We also just cut a single Called, La Di Da Maoliosa Which is actually the featured song on this page. Give it a listen, it's really good. Our single, "La Di Da Maoliosa" will be up online to buy within the next Couple Days. Oh, BTW - a Music video is in the works for La Di Da as well. Shortly after Nov. 4th We will officially release "Olde Souls" A Music video for one of the other tunes on it will follow in addition to the record. So Many great and beautiful things are coming together right now so please don't miss out.. Stay in the loop by following us here on ReverbNation or on Face Book. Thank you all for your support. We love you and we hope to see you all soon. Have a good one!


Kyle Flynn and The Vespers Nine

Hey Friends!!! It's September 17th 2013 and Here's Whats Up.

Hey friends!!! It's September 17th 2013 and Here's Whats Up! I hit a road block in Post Production of "Olde Souls" The new EP. I'm working hard to get it finished as soon as possible for you. You will be very impressed and happy with it. A Music Video is also in Post Production But like the Record, I've hit a snag. We have a few real big shows Coming up and we have a nice big box full of T-Shirts, Posters, Pens and Other Nick Nacks For You. Also, One of Our songs on The record Will also be Featured in a full feature Film that Film Maker John Denton Has written and is shooting next summer. These are only a few of the tons of great stuff going on. As always, Your support is What keeps me and my band going and for that Thank you! We love you all and we look forward to playing in your town and hanging out. Spread the word about Kyle Flynn and The Vespers Nine! Peace. -Kyle-

Hey Everybody!!!

Hey everybody!!!

It's May 12th 2013 and Here's whats up. My North West Open Mic Tour went very well. I met some great people and had a special time I will be back as soon as possible..See https://www.facebook.com/pages/KYLE-FLYNN/276813352423753 for live recordings of each night..June 10th I head back to the studio to record a 9 track record. Joining me will be some very talented Musicians and Let me tell you..This is going to be my biggest record yet!!! I hope you are all well. I have 2 more solo performances coming up and will be booking more soon. A full band tour will be under way after the release of my new record, so stay tuned on that..Thanks so much for all your support and i hope that you continue. Love you all,


It's April 19th!!! Here's What's Up!!!!

Hey Friends..I just got back from my open mic tour in Portland OR and Seattle WA. I met some real good people and had a great time. I will be back and we will all get together again. I will be putting together a disc of the live performances I did soon, so keep a look out for that. I will be hitting the studio right away now so more info on that will be out soon. I will be booking gigs now and will be heading to NYC as often as i can to try and spread the word. Keep up the support guys and keep spreading the word. Thank you. -Kyle-

It's April 5th and here's whats up!!!

Hey Friends!!! Kyle Flynn Here. Here's whats new. I changed the name of the band/project from Peripatetic to Kyle Flynn. It's simple and easy. And It feels better in a way. April 14 through the 17th I will be in Portland OR and Seattle WA. So if any one is out there, stay posted for the details on that. After I get back I will be working on another record. Not sure if it will be an EP or a Single yet. April 28th I will be in Hamden CT at The Outer Space. I go on at 10:30. Also, This time around I will be getting shirts made and stickers. As always, Thank you for your support. Please spread the word and continue Helping me on my way. PS: You can here songs off "It's Written In The Stars" on http://ultraradio.com/ and 89.5 fm WPKN. Thank you all!! -Kyle-

Here's What's Up! - Feb-17-2013

Hey Friends!!! How are You? It's Feb 17th 2013 and here's what's new. Peripatetic released a 11 track LP called "It's Written In The Stars" We've been playing shows and working hard at spreading the word about PERIPATETIC. Up to this point Peripatetic gigs consist of me playing solo acoustic sets. March will bring a few more gigs. Then April I will be heading out to the North West. 3 nites in Seattle then 3 nites in Portland OR. After that I will be putting together a full band and booking shows. The record is out on Band Camp and we are being played on Ultra Radio.Com and WPKN 89.5. I am working hard at finding a label but haven't had much luck.So that's what is goin on friends. I look forward to the days to come and I hope to see you all out and about. Spread the word!!! PERIPATETIC is the greatest!!!

Hey friends. Here's what's up!!!

‎Hey friends. Here's what's up!!! Our new Record "It's Written In The Stars" will be Released DEC 16TH!!! The record will be $5. The first 42 copies come with Our previously released 4 track EP. FREE OF CHARGE!!! Also, there is a sample disc that will Feature the two singles off the new record. This will be $2. The new record, The old record, and B-sides will be up for sale on band camp Some time after 12-16. We are booking shows and look forward to seeing you and making new friends and new memories. We hope that all is well with you guys and we are very excited to sharing our new music with you. Take care and we will see you soon. -Kyle-

It's August 21, 2012. Here's What's Up.

Hello Friends. I hope you're well. I've been kind of under ground Working and planing my next move. I've changed the band name to PERIPATETIC. A fresh EP is in the works and will be released in the near future. From there I'll play out and work towards finding a label to sign to. Next summer there will be a trip and I am presently working hard to ensure these plans. I am excited to move on with new tunes new vibes and new energy and I look forward to seeing you in this new chapter of my life. Until then Take care. Kyle from PERIPATETIC.