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I finally have my own website. Please check it out :)


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Hey everyone

I am working on a project with a friend of mine and putting on a gig within the next few months. I will keep everyone updated and post the gig information when that happens. We are still in the early stages but have a pretty strong set list going. Watch out for a new video of me singing one of the songs acapella :)

I love my fans

457 fans and ranked #33 out of 73 in Oceanside!


Hey peeps! I'm a college graduate with a B.A. in Criminology and Justice Studies and a B.A. in Sociology!

The Voice

Well I unfortunatley didn't get picked for the voice. It was an experience and I am very upset but what can you do. I will most likely try again next year. I plan to get some music making programs and begin writing more of my own music. I am going to try and do some local gigs to gain more fans :)


Please help promote my page and music. Get your friends to like my page :)

With me luck on my audition Thursday for Graduation and Sunday for The Voice.

page update

#33 out of #70 in my area and 445 fans :)


New video Posted (Me singing Roy Orbison - Crying (acapella)

The Voice

Just 3 more weeks until my audition for The Voice. I am doing Sugarland's Stay and Roy Orbison's Crying for the acapella audition.

The Voice

I just submitted my audition application for the voice. I am officially registered to audition. 1st is the open audition, then the call backs and then the show :) Please pray for me. I will keep everyone updated.