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Jacqueline Lovely / Blog

Love and Potential

"No one can be fully aware of another human being, unless we love them. By that love, we see the potential in our Beloved. Through that love, we allow our Beloved to see their potential. Expressing that love, our Beloved's potential comes true." - Dr. Hannibal Lecter, Hannibal, Season 2 ep. 9 Wisdom is all around us. In the words of a fictional serial killer, and in GOD's grand design. What is potential but allowing yourself the freedom to be the all of who you are - and see that all reflected in the eyes of the one who says "I love you" not with his words - but with every heartbeat, every glance, every touch of his hand. So be fearless my friends - allow your potential to be realised by loving unconditionally...no matter how scary that prosepect may seem...even in the darkness of the unrequited, you will be better for it. - Jacqueline Lovely Perras

Jacqueline Lovely LIVE on the "Silk and Steel Power Hour" July 15th, 2014 at 9pm

JACQUELINE LOVELY, singer of REVELATION 17 - Tuesday, July 15th, 2014 on The SILK and STEEL Power Hour with Lance Hall. Jacqueline talks about REVELATION 17's upcoming show with CINDERELLA's, Tom Keifer (Official) and the bands new hard rock EP, "OPEN YOUR EYES". The show will include the World Premiere of the final pre-mastered draft for the EP songs, "Harlot of Babylon; That's How it goes" and "UNCHAINED". TUNE in for the LIVE madness and mayhem...we are here to entertain you! link to Silk and Steel - here - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Silk-And-Steel-Power-Hour-x3/487653701328847 Direct link to the show is - https://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.jsc.edu%2Fstudentlife%2Fwjscfm%2Fdefault.aspx&h=oAQG6gjoL

Serge and Jacqueline in OHJUSTEATIT....media article!

Our new duet, "Behind Closed Doors" is out to the world and Serge and I have our first official media recognition - wow, this has been an incredible week! Stay tuned exciting summer tour news coming soon! xo Check out the article here - http://ohjusteatit.ca/toronto-indie-talent-to-watch/

NOW available on iTUNES!

https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/behind-closed-doors-single/id889637130 The romantic Duet, "BEHIND CLOSED DOORS" is now available. Click the link above or copy and paste to go direct to the iTUNES store! We are also available on AMAZON, JANGO, XBOX, Spotify, Nokia and 21 other online music stores! Thanks to everyone who continues to support our music!

Jacqueline Lovely ROCKS it like the 80's - APRIL 4th, 2014 - THE ROCKPILE EAST!

Copy the link to get details on our WILD SPANDEX Party, featuring REVELATION 17, with guests BETTER OFF DEAD, REFRIED and MOTHER ROAD! We are going to rock it like the 80's! Join us! https://www.facebook.com/events/726245797419591/?ref_newsfeed_story_type=regular

NEW SHOW coming April 4th, 2013 - REVELATION 17 headlines at The ROCKPILE EAST!

Join us for an 80's inspired spandexx party as Revelation 17 headlines with four other incredible bands! We have chosen our openers for their performance flair....you want to hear great music AND see a kick ass show....this is your night! Tickets will be available soon....stay tuned!

REVELATION 17 welcomes Serge Wisotzky on Drums and Pete Dove on Bass.

This NEW YEARS EVE, the Revelation 17 line up will include: Jacqueline Lovely Perras on lead vocals, Eddie Savage on guitar, Pete Dove on Bass, Serge Wisotzky on drums, piano and keys - and will again feature 15 year old guitar player, singer/songwriter - Lyric Dubee. Lyric will perform 3 of his original songs as part of our FABULOUS New Years Eve set! Tickets are on sale NOW. JOIN US. We are thrilled to open for legendary Canadian Rock Icons, GODDO on the most prolific night of the year....get your party hat on....YOU WANT to ring in the year Rockin' LIKE the 80's with Revelation 17 and GODDO! Watch for some special fan surprizes and a NEW UTUBE video featuring a 15 minute interview with Jacqueline Lovely on MAX INK Radio! YOU are the reason we love to perform. ROCK on Kittens! xox ~ Jacqueline Lovely

JAcqueline Lovely OPENS for GODDO - NEW YEARS EVE

***NEW YEARS EVE 2013/14****

Jacqueline Lovely's REVELATION 17 to open for GODDO at the Rockpile East!

Tickets will be available starting this Saturday, Nov. 30th, from the band - IF you have your R17 Summer Tour Pass - we have special insentives and discounts for you! RING in the NEW YEAR with us! ROCK on Kittens! 3 ~ Jacqueline Lovely

"KRAKEN guitarist, Carmen Chiarelli" Adds magic to UNCHAINED.

LAST NIGHT Hanging at The Bunker swapping 80's ANVIL stories was one of the hightlights of this year! "Carmen Chiarelli" OF "KRAKEN" swung by for my first ever "Bowling Night" and laid some smokin' guitar tracks we are going to add to UNCHAINED. Unchained will see a 7 Day preview release, beginning October 22nd, in celebration of my new CD, "EVERMORE" due out spring 2014!

***......the 80's was a wild time, so I know you will understand when I say, I was very touched by the sincere compassion of Carmen Chiarelli; it's been more than 25 years since Carmen and I saw each other through a haze of Anvil/Kraken 80's wildness....and yet he looked at me with geunine gratitude and said, "I'm so glad to see that you aren't dead.".....***

I love my life and sharing it with you....so I say in remeberence today, to all of you who were out there in the 80's consuming and living and rockin' hard - "Here's to all the rockers who didn't make it ~ A toast to you in the LIGHT of Rock and Roll Heaven ~ And to my friends, collegues, and all the Rock and Roll Kittens still out here - I'm glad we are here NOW....Let's Love and Rock together."

Collaboration is LOVE. Love, is what we do everyday. We are Stronger Together"

~ Jacqueline Lovely Perras Nov. 16th, 2013


I love musicians....and...that said, it's really nice to wake up on the musician side of the bed.... *wink! The last summer has proved to me that YOU are out there and the music is reaching you. To my fans, friends and family, I say BRAVO! I sing for you....you are the reason I love to entertain. To my....collegues... out there....yes even you 80's rockers, and I'm speaking to those I know in the breathing face to face world now....even tho our styles may be diffferent - I am in awe of the MUSIC that is being created....in my world I hear everything as a guitar song....I love the sweet siren of the guitar...it is enchanting to me....I can get lost in the sweet madness of it's harmonious story telling, but with the new Re-MIX of UNCHAINED - adding violins brought the song to the next level.........make no mistake I am a rocker girl....and you won't hear an orchestra on every new song..... I feel a BUZZ...like something is about to happen. *** DO YOU? *** Music is for me...just like my eyes, hands...I sing because I must....but music, for me, is more than interesting melodies and sexy lyrics...I stand behind a greater cause to eliminate violence in the lives of all people. I am so proud of the new project. Freddy Duvall, who is well-known for his work with Canadain Rockers, "Killer Dwarfs" has come on as the engineer for the new CD. Finally an engineer who gets my quirky eccentric ways, plays drums and guitar knows just how to give direction without bruising my ARIES ego. We now have a handful of soon-to-be released never studio-recorded songs just waiting to love you. so.....If you are following me, you will already know that diction and literal word usage is KEY to my style - and if you know me you also know that this is becasue I want my words to mean something....I have a message...and I bring it to you in song..... Thanks to Anders LA Ronnblom, of "Killer Bee" who took time away from his new CD promotion for "Evolutionary Children" to comment on the working draft of my upcoming single, "Unchained". Thanks babe! We are stronger together. There is enough for EVERYONE. Lets elevate each other with our support! ~ Jacqueline Lovely - Nov. 5th, 2013 (THB)