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Sadistic Mind: The Road To Completion / Blog

Black Ink Project Official Tracklist

Black Ink Project - Part 1 Mainstream: 1. Backstreet Freestyle Remix (freestyle) 2. Problems Remix 3. Crook Remix Part 2 Underground: 1. Unhuman Mind 2. Black Ink Cypher 3. Cobra Bite 4. Leave Me Alone Freestyle 5. Bragging Rights Feat Slighttone Part 3 Back On Track: 1.Real Deep 2. Welcome To Black Ink 3. Drowning Out 4. Halo Horns And The Usual

Ready to Win?

Its simple. the key to winning new basketball hoops I pad sleeves metalic waterbottles clothes sweaters hoodies etc. is to do these three things.

1. Go to your facebook and share our music player on your Home Wall

2. Introduce someone to our music and when they add us and tell us you sent them you automatically win a free Black Ink PacMan Key Chain

3. Join the Mailing list and add us on twitter.

We will go through and whoever makes the biggest impression as well as a lucky drawn winner will win the grandprize. BUT you must have completed these three steps