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KliNt / Blog

corruption but always light

we live in a day where no matter what we cannot keep up with this world. Technology is growing more and more, rebellion is getting thicker and evil is destructing and taking more lives every minute right?? No ones ever satisfied, everything is about get yours f*** everybody else. Which makes sense to why people turn to this, its easy and makes us feel good. Truth is our generation is wearing down every second, more people are dying young, technology is getting outrageous, our government actually does hate us and is trying to get rid of us and take all our money- why not?? they have all the power among the US and people be wicked matey. The bible talks about this real scriptures, they don't want us to ever promote god on television on radio or anything else that would get peoples attention to turn their spirit away from the world.I use to run this way with the world thank god he found me at my worst made me best me.People get the wrong idea about christians, they think were goodys little church people, who are stuck up and judge everyone else. Not true , were the light in this world ! God is the ultimate king to everything in your life, has a plan for every part of it, and loves every single last bone in your body.We claim we don't need him or believe in such cartoon like stuff, but have u ever tried to actually pray?? beg him for a sign more than just once lazily?? I'm no preacher but this s*** is getting crazy- finally decided to write bout it- the world is ran by satan himself - he acts like a friend gives u everything u want but leaves your soul empty, then drags u eternally to hell to torchure and ruin u forever and ever never stops think about that!! can u imagine ! no place for medicine- this generation lives off medicine we don't know real pain don't care what u say !- Dot waste your life- hate me all u want - but if theres any sign of "good in your life it comes from the very one you hate" life is short temporary, not forever on earth, your soul lives on i say this in my music listen to the song mercy it talks about how i was on the carpet drunk almost dead till god said u have to stop kiling yerself klint! i would never listen but then finally did best thing thats ever happened to me- i have a purpose for god, now he can use an artist like me to get the real out- real aint bout money, hustle, women, respect, evil, and so forth.. it looks real to some but lets be honest the people who got all that are always the most broken individuals. Even "hopsin" talks bout this stuff how he found the lord its insane never would have thought this stuff- our music industry is a bunch of puppets who have no life their brain is warped by the money hungry government - they sell their soul to satan and think its cool and rebel like- cmon are u an idiot u gave up the one thing god blessed you with a soul!! Im learning more and more about purpose, i aint in this for the money I'm in this for the journey for the ride with christ. He wants you ! what are you going to decide?? don't let me or anyone else make it just think about it behind all your masks you wear daily , just think you aint gotta wear them anymore- god brings confidence to his children in understanding who they are and separating them from the devil - choose god he brings u up ! not down and empty like the devil! times are changing and so are people everyday rite?! can't even keep up with the news don't ever watch it honestly - I'm the happiest I've ever been in life- at 26 this year I'm finally able to walks gods journey no more half n half type junk in the trunk-uhhhh - anwyays done blabbing but if you read this whole thing chances are i made u think twice. Turn to God its worth it you'll finally know who u are ! instead of some yuppy

updates on klint

oh where do i start making music is going quite swell. Im excited for my album this year to release, I've been on mix tapes , other peoples albums, and so forth. But never made a real album i can look back on and say I'm "yup i made that " So definitely ready for this year for a change in the spirit of my music. I plan t keep collaborating with more artists, do some shows this year whether it be from a church to a bar doesn't matter the message will always be the same , you digggity ?? so ready to see where god is taking my journey next!!