Fate Prevailed / Blog

Looking up

It's been awhile since I posted a blog to update you on what we have been up to. We now have a full line-up again and we are merging into one amazing music machine. We have a photo shoot this weekend so we can have some better quality and more recent pictures for our fans and for our portfolio. We are working on new songs that are coming along very nicely, and we are starting to record our e.p. So, over the next few months we have lots to look forward to, plus we'll be playing some shows. Keep posted for more new info.

Show time!

So it has been over a year since our last show and we are finally ready to get back in to the music scene. Since it's taking forever to find a new female singer we are going to do the songs with all male vocals. We play our first show Sat july 7th at Topshelf in Ajax. If your not doing anything that night I recommend you come check it out. There will be some sweet bands playing and you can finally hear the new line-up of Fate Prevailed and some new songs. Stay tuned for more show info!

time for change

So both of our guitar players have left the band to start a new band. these things happen when members have different musical taste and want to take things in different directions. So now here we are once again looking for some new musicians to complete the band. Its always hard to let go of something when you have worked hard together, but its exciting to see where this will take us. We are starting to do auditions and hopefully things will be up and running very soon so we can start to play more shows and write new songs. keep posted to find out who will be our new guitarists.

New Recording

So we have been working on our new recording for some time now, but since we can't get together to record as often as we like and since our songs are quite long it takes a long time to complete. Our new recording of "Merciless" which will be up soon is almost done. We finally finished all the instrumental, but are still having some troubles getting the bass to sound right. Vocals will be started very soon and then you guys will be able to hear this amazing song.