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13 Things on the 13th: The Forgotten Edition

This is a list of 13 things I have forgotten about (or almost forgotten about) but that I now remember and intend to do something about. Actionable items will be noted and next steps listed. 


1 - Whistles to Portland. 

Fail. SO much fail. I haven't forgotten, and I WILL do this. 


2 - Portland post.

Life has been so much in my way it's ridiculous. Time permitting this weekend, I'll put together the Long Lost Portland Post. 


3 - Sunlight.

I'd forgotten what it felt ...

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The Quest for Celtronica: Ctrl-Alt-Delete

The Quest for Celtronica: Ctrl-Alt-Delete (Get it? Reboot? What?)
or “Britney says I should work.”

It’s another new year, and I’m surrounded by fresh energy, by people making plans and New Year’s resolutions, and by a lot of momentum. It’s invigorating and I’m enjoying adding my own energy to the surge I feel all around me.

As a side note, I will say that I’m looking forward to all those people at my gym with their shiny New Year’s resolutions g...

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13 Things on the... Erm... First

So, yeah. 

Life has totally and completely been in my way. Again. Still. It's all those mundane things like bills and work and feeding the cats so they don't nibble on me in my sleep. 

This is me catching up on some posty goodness. 

In this edition of 13 Things, I'm giving you my 13 favorite song lyrics along with their song names and artists so you can go get yourself a shiny new playlist. Because I'm cool like that. 


And so here they are, in no particular order...



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13 Things on the 13th - August

It's the 13th. And there are things that make me happy. These are them.


Meet Liza.


And Olive. No. I'm not crazy. Or a cat lady.


These are scones. That I made. And they are deeeelish.


This is Jason. He's the reason I can't drink Captain Morgan's. Ever.


And this is Kris. One of my most favoritest people in the whole world. He goes with Jason.


Some kind of moth.


My car is happy, thanks to a mysterious benefactor.


I less-than-three caffeine.


I ran a 5k. I...

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13 Things (on the 24th)

So, I'm a little late. I can explain! And I will. The next blog will be out this week with all kinds of exciting things. In the meantime, here are 13 Things that make me happy. Look out. There are rugby players, beverages, food, pets and pretty places from Baltimore and Annapolis.


Hot cupcake action.


Pretty prettyness.


A window to another world.


Sparkly buddhas.


It sings.


That's a nice IPA.


Goes with the IPA.


Got me a new hat.


Got me a Gotz.


All ...

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13 Things on the 13th

This is the newest of my themed, posty, bloggy type things. Today is just a photo blog of 13 images that made me happy today.











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The Quest for Celtronica: Falling Apart

Or “Burn it. Burn it all.”

So… I feel a little sheepish.

I promised everyone fresh, new music a long time ago. I promised it would be shined up and ready to introduce to your parents in March. And now it’s May. Well, practically June. That’s a lag, and a fairly significant one at that. I owe all of you an explanation, and I owe you all a huge thank you.

You guys, the fans, are the only reason I even need to be here baring my neurotic, weird soul. You buy stuff, you li...

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Everybody's Got Their Something

What do I have? What's my something?

Music. Making music. Telling my story, singing my soul, giving everything I have with music. That's my something.

Unfortunately, I also have a day job. I'm fortunate enough to enjoy what I do by day to support what I want to do by nights and weekends. It still hurts to work all day and come home dying to work on the thing I love most and just can't find the energy. Oh, and I have a life and friends and relationships that I want to devote some attention to...

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I was a featured writer for a glorious website this week. Go check it out!

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The Quest for Celtronica: Web Presence

or Trying Not to Let the Internet Eat My Brain

The internet is a big, scary place, and not just for online daters. 
Even when 13B was just a glimmer in my eye, an idea in the back of my mind, I knew having a strong web presence would be key. We would need to be posted, listed, played, streamed, pictured and referenced everywhere we possibly could. What I didn’t realize is the sheer enormity of the task. It’s overwhelming.



To say it’s overwhelming is like calling ...

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