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JaiThaGreat / Blog

You Can Do Anything You Put Your Mind To!

JaiThaGreat wasn't always a solo artist. He actually started off in a group known as First Class Click or FCC, back in 2007. The group had built a name for themselves by doing shows, participating in community events and people around the city began to put a name with the faces of the three individuals in the group. In may of 2008 the group sat down and came up with 1 goal that they would reach within a year and that was to get to 106th & Park to perform on Wild Out Wednesday. The group began to work harder than ever before by adding more shows to the schedule to make sure they kept a name for themselves. Eventually they got the break they were looking for. They had received the opportunity to audition for the show in early 2009. The group piled up in a car and set their gps for New York City. They wowed the judges and was actually asked to come back for the actual show about a month later. The big picture to this story is that You Can Do Anything You Put Your Mind To. Performing on that show was the biggest stepping stone for the group at the time and it opened up doors for other opportunities for the group. They set their mind to do it and made it reality and although their not together anymore as a group, they accomplished a goal that many told them they would never accomplish. They are all still tuned into the music scene though and JaiThaGreat is right here at your fingertips to share his thoughts, music, stories and feelings to hopefully help you get through tough situations in life. So if you have a dream or a goal, never doubt yourself. Just work hard for it and the rest will take care of itself!