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Bill Hudson / Blog

Two more songs down next week

Next week I go back to the studio to lay down some bass to two tracks and then its on to, What Would Jesus Drive? tune. Hope everyone is enjoying the warm weather. Still Pickin' Bill Hudson

Geting close to finishing up this summer.

Ok, so far we now have 17 different tracks down in the can. This summer we will record one more tune, What Would Jesus Drive. Then it on to mix-downs and mastering. Here is hoping everyone out there has a safe spring and summer. Still Pickin' Bill Hudson

Back in the studio

Now its back to work and trying to finish some tracks: Hope in the Heart What would Jesus Drive? Train Town Then its on to mastering..... Here is hoping everyone out there is having a warm spring, its been a long winter. Still Pickin' Bill Hudson

This Saturday's gig

Looking forward to this night of Pete Seeger's music. I will be doing two tunes that night: Stagolee- a traditional blues tune that came from St. Louis and a true story. Pete was always showing me folks tunes that sounded somehow fresh, not old. Sailing Down my Golden River- This song that Pete wrote sounds like almost a pray in a way. Back in the 70's Pete had this boat built around Woodstock, he called the boat, Woody Guthrie. It was built right next to the wood shop. I use to have some photos of it back then. Pete use to love to sail that boat down the river bare feet and all and that big grin on his face. Happy as as pig in mud. I like to think he wrote while siting in that boat surrounded by the sounds of water.

News story on my gig

Here is a story on our gig this weekend. We look forward to be doing this one. http://www.newstimes.com/news/article/Hudson-carries-on-Pete-Seeger-s-mission-5390800.php

This coming week

Next week I will preforming at Vista On The Hill Concert Series! in Brewster,New York along with Al Coffey. To all my friends in The New York area feel free to stop by and say hello.

New York-April

I will be in the New York area and as many of you know I am always looking for instruments for kids. We call it, The Feel Good Tour, http://feelgoodtour.ning.com/ We collect instruments for kids and hand them out for free. Still Pickin' Bill Hudson

Pete Seeger

How am I going to say something about Pete? Many others have said it a lot better then maybe I could. We had known each other since I was about 20 years old. I was very young and had no idea how the Clearwater was working but soon you were grabbing a tool and joining in. I think it was around 1972 and folks were having a lot of fun and working at the same time. You could not help but join in. I met Pete through Victor Hedges who was working with Don McLean. Victor asks me if I wanted to meet Pete and I said why not. At the time the Beacon Sloop Club was on Main Street and not in the best part of town. He was sweeping up the place and I introduced myself. Victor and I helped him cleaning up the place. It just kind of went from there. I remember this one time he came up to me and said, “Bill, Con Edison gave us a 60 foot tulip tree and we can make a canoe out of it” I looked at him like he was nuts. And he was just grinning ear to ear already calculating how many tons of chips we would have. I keep looking at him still like, are you crazy? But he kept going on about how is the best way to dig out a canoe. Well as it turns out, the only thing we did wrong was take off the bark way too early. We chipped away at the log for a long time and bit by bit it took shape. Pete used to have this old blue pickup that was 4 wheel drive. I remember it being very cold and he asked me if I wanted go play on a picket line. There was a place that used to make concert pipes in Beacon. And the workers wanted higher wages and they were on strike. He just put his banjo in the back and off we went. If you went with Pete for a ride you got good history sometimes. And he would ask if I knew about The Hay Market Strike and so on, so I’d get a good lesson in labor history. I remember it being very cold and playing outside gets to your fingers. But that never seemed to bother Pete. I miss my friend and miss calling him to ask a question or tell him what was going on with our Feel Good Tour. Sometimes he would call and we would throw around ideas as to what might work with the human race. Always the optimist with his head up high, energy throwing sparks and getting folks to sing, to see it happen would put the hair on the back of your neck go up. I don’t how many times I drove Pete to a gig. And to see him work an audience was watching a master at his craft. He freely shared that with so many of us. I will miss Pete & Toshi so much. Let’s keep singing and keep our hands on the tiller

Tracks linning up

Ok so far we have 16 tracks in the can, below are the songs: Cookin’ in the Kitchen Crossing That River On the Road Jesse’s Lament Don’t Blame Me Mean Women Blues Train Town Sherry’s Song I’m Alive Little Piece of Heaven Get Down and Dirty The Patriot Song (Battle of Cowpens) Turn the Key Wounded Knee Lilith’s Utopia Hope in the Heart

Next Recording

Well the ducks are coming together for the song, What Would Jesus Drive? Its gonna be a piano banging rocker. Looks like sometime this month we should get this one down.