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Bill Hudson / Blog

New York- Putnam 4-H Festival

My thanks to the folks of this festival in asking me back year after year (I think its been about 8 years). I keep thinking they would grow tired of hearing me and then they call me up and ask me again. So my thanks to Nan and Pat in asking again this year. It might of started with a rain down pour but it ended in sunshine. Life cannot get any better. So I guess I will keep writing more songs and doing what I do, bring some sunshine to folks life.

Last recording-What Would Jesus Drive?

This coming Tues. we will be laying the tracks for my last song of this project. It has been years in the making and now is coming to a close. We will have 21 tracks for enough for two CDs. Our first one, On The Road (Surviving) we will be mastering in Aug.

Next week- more studio work!

I go back in the studio to record my song, Wounded Knee which appeared first in Broadside Magazine in the 1970's. And it looks like we will be recording, What Would Jesus Drive? on the 21st. We then go to mastering both CD's.

Don't Blame me When its Gone

Here is the real guy that I wrote this song about, Frank was a real trip. http://wlrn.org/post/key-wests-banana-bread-man-made-mans-bread-popular#.U7sfoSjMGZk.facebook

New- Song-What Would Jesus Drive?

We are in pre-productions for our next song, and its funny when you work with other musicians, things come out. This song is gonna have a Louisianan shuffle, barrel- house blues feel to it. Hopefully we get this one in the can this month.

Back in the studio-part 265

We go back today to work on, Train Town with female vocals. Plus other tracks to work on. It looks like we might be able to release in the fall our next CD, On The Road (surviving). Hope everyone out there is having a safe summer. Still Pickin' Bill Hudson

More studio work and then hitting the road

This week Kat Mills will be doing some background vocals and then we have more production work to do. Then its on to The Clearwater Festival this weekend. I will be by the Hudson Stage all weekend, so if your there, come by to say howdy.

Floyd,Va. gig

My thanks to all the folks at The Floyd County Store in having me. I played along with Kat Mill. Check out Kat Mills a very cool songwriter with a beautiful voice! She will be doing some vocals for me on my next CD.

Back in the studio- Part 2

We now have some final mix-downs on some songs and then add some female vocals and then its on to the last song, What Would Jesus Drive? Bit by bit, we're getting there folks!

New CD getting close

We now according to the engineer are 90% there for the CD project to get to mastering. All told we have about 23-24 songs that will be in the can. So we have to decide, do we put out a double CD or put out 2 different CD’s. I am more prone to put out one at a time because of cost and PR. So we are getting there and I look forward to having this one of the streets.