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Breakage Rising LIVE April 10th

There comes a time in every person’s life when he has to rise up and say, “Now! Now is the time for me to set aside boyish things and become a man”. For most people this occurs after the first time they engage in sexual intercourse, but for many others this momentous transformation comes to be center stage at Breakage Rising shows. For me that time was seventeen years ago at the tender age of fifteen. Sadly, at that time Breakage Rising was not yet the powerhouse of metal and sweat you see before you standing tall before the masses. For you it will be April 10th, 2014, henceforth to forever be known as your, “Rebirth-Day”. Congratulations are most definitely in order because unlike your previous disappointing “birthdays,” your “Rebirth-Day,” doesn’t come just once a year, oh no. You can bet your soft pink ass it doesn’t. Breakage Rising rocks the tri-state area with a regularity even your prune eating grandmother could appreciate.

Oh, I see… you have the gall to doubt the heart of Breakage Rising? You scoff at the fans? You think the venue might be too loud for your dainty ears? Are you scared that you might accidentally take a boot to the face when you’re thrown from the pit during “Stripped”? Let me tell you something, what you should be scared of is knowledge that while you’re at home turning up your pinky sipping a warm cup of chai the rest of the men are out there at the Mercury Lounge getting drunk, hitting on intimidating tattooed women with huge tits and listening the single greatest force in the metal community since Testament!

I’ll leave you with these parting words. Kerry King once told me that Breakage Rising was the greatest band he’d ever heard. I’m not saying it was the same Kerry King as the one in Slayer, but I’m also not saying it wasn’t.


-Mike Posillico (biz)

BREAKAGE RISING supporting Charetta / Oxzana and Bodyface!

Thursday April 10th 2014

Mercury Lounge


Phoenix Ashes CD Release Party

Saturday May 21st 9PM

Dark Horse Tavern

12 South Park Ave Rockville Center NY

Phoenix Ashes CD Release Party

Saturday May 21st 9PM Dark Horse Tavern 12 South Park Ave, Rockville Center NY

Free CD's to the first 100.