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Junior Rhobot / Blog


It's just the thing i was looking for. Auria is absolutely great. I can run 16 tracks in my ipad with decent pluggins. Time strech is beautifull, sound routing nice, the app is stable and easy to manage. Loads of resources in it that make me think it is better than several computer based Daws i have managed. It doesn't have midi, however working so cool with audiobus, i'm not even worried. I can manage that. The point is, what it proposes to do, that is recording and editing exclusively Audio, it does wonderfully. Turned my pad into a Pro 16 tracks piece of cake recorder, to put down my ideas. A absolutely portable gear, together my apogee jam. The bad thing is that i'm mad bout Steinberg. I have always been Cubase fan and user. It is very shamefull Steinberg launched Cubasis with so weak Audio tools. Pluggins in Cubasis, they are a joke. Files managing is bad as well and the App is unstable. The nice part is Midi. But at least for me Audio is more desirable than Midi. I wish Steinberg do something about that... I'll start doing my things again... I have to! If i stay in this sadness i'll loose my reason. I feel like i was torned apart with this separation. The end of my marriage was like so many relationship ending i have already had. But see my little princess been taken away it feels like a sword crossing my heart. It feels like the airs is unbreathable... Gotta make my sounds to heal my soul... Learn to be alone again... Keep in the Lord's path and move on...

Way down in my heart

My babe's gonne. I wish i never was, ever breath, ever be. Tears fall on me my babe, my piece of heaven, my brilliant light. Your dad ever gonna, wish you were here right in my arms.

Finaly Auria!

Oh yeah, finaly i've put my hands on Auria. I'll try my first rec sessions tomorrow. I have take a look and it seems quite a lot better than Cubasis. With serious pluggins in it, Auria seems to be able to go further than Steinberg Cubasis. Don't get me wrong i'm a Cubase adicted. I use it since version 1.6. All these songs i have here were recorded in cubase 5.01 wired in a line 6 ux8. It's my main desktop daw, however it takes so much time to do all the process of recording, editing, mixing and mastering that at the end of the day i was more concerned of working behind the computer rather then playing my sweet guitar. The reason i decided recording in iPad is that it's easier to work in it due to the complexity and for the portability as well. Got to spent more time with my guitar. Let's see what happens.

iPad Recordings

My last 3 recordings in soundcloud are yet far the sound i wish they had. Recordng in iPad is really fun, but i'm still discovering how to do that properly. I'm using cubasis, audiobus and jamup. But i can't get no satisfaction yet. Gonna give my last shots trying to use auria.