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The song shine

It's about one Saturday night in Ohio, we were all playing music and writing new material. Yes it does reference moonshine, but the one line where it says, "now throw me a line", is not a reference to cocaine. we would circle the room and when it came your turn, you had to come up with the next line in the song. we had a weird writing process. Anyway, I wrote this song about that night, literally the next night and in about 10 minutes. It has potential, but I haven't fooled with it in four years.

Grace Baptist Church

All went great tonight, there are some really talented musicians and singers there. A man named Earl Barnes also made a suprise visit. He has been playing Gospel music now for 75 years & blessed our church with his presence and musical talent. Thank you Lord for an excellent ending to a wonderful day.

My Video:)

That's too funny, in the still it looks like I'm bald on top...haha. I just buzzed it all off cause it was getting really scraggly and I was growing wings. Dang, I've got a high forehead....lmbo...anyway, just had to comment on that.

New Lyrics for Fallen

got the mp3 file uploaded. I have got to get some better equipment. Comments, please, let me know what you think.

Updated Content

These are all the updated videos of 3 of my original songs. Their a little rusty, but I'm getting back to it.