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'Beyond The Unknown' Album Fans, Collectible Item Photos and Support

BEYOND THE UNKNOWN: 25 YEARS ANNIVERSARY 1990 - 2015. 'BEYOND THE UNKNOWN' ALBUM FANS, COLLECTIBLE ITEMS PHOTOS AND SUPPORT: To commemorate the 25 years anniversary of our second album 'Beyond The Unknown', we will be posting fan photos of all things "Beyond The Unknown' sent by the fans, so if you want to show your 'B.T.U' fan collectible, albums, CD's, shirts, etc., just send them over and we will be posting them on our Facebook. If you send any pics please make sure to add the name of your city and country with your message. Attn: Please send them via 'Inbox Message' to our Facebook, thanks. P.S.: You can post your pics by yourself, but if you want the band to comment on your stuff, then please send them to our Facebook via 'Inbox Message'. Thanks again! Our Facebook page link: https://www.facebook.com/opprobriumofficial

Opprobrium - 'Beyond The Unknown' Woven Patch (NEW! RARE!)

OPPROBRIUM - 'BEYOND THE UNKNOWN': 25 YEARS ANNIVERSARY EDITION WOVEN PATCH 1990 - 2015 (Limited Edition / New! / Official! / Rare!). In celebration of Opprobrium/Incubus mega hit blockbuster album 'Beyond The Unknown', here's the brand new official Opprobrium 'Beyond The Unknown' woven patch. Perfect for sewing onto bags, jeans and jackets, or in fact, wherever you like! Patch measures 4" x 4" Limited edition woven patch!!! Super rare !!! THIS WOVEN PATCH FEATURE THE COVER OF OPPROBRIUM - 'BEYOND THE UNKNOWN' ALBUM. BRAND NEW, OFFICIAL AND IMPORT !!! PRICE: $7.15 - FREE SHIPPING (UNITED STATES / WORLDWIDE). TO ORDER PLEASE CLICK ON THE 'OFFICIAL MERCH STORE' TAB.

Beyond The Unknown Album: 25 Years Anniversary 1990 - 2015

The second devastating studio album by Opprobrium (originally released under old moniker Incubus). Released by Nuclear Blast Records. Photo shows the reissue cover with the new band name logo 'Opprobrium'. Production Executive Producer: Markus Staiger Produced By Incubus (Opprobrium) and Tom Morris Recorded and Mixed at Morrisound Studio Tampa, Florida (June 1990) Francis M. Howard - Vocals, Guitars Moyses M. Howard - Drums Mark Lavenia - Bass All bass on this album by Francis M. Howard Release Date: September 1, 1990 (*) Reissued by Metal Mind Productions in 2009 (remastered) with the new band logo 'Opprobrium'. Certain Accuracy • The Deceived Ones • Curse Of The Damned Cities • Beyond The Unknown • Freezing Torment • Massacre Of The Unborn • On The Burial Ground • Mortify

Francis and Moyses Howard - Signed Color 8x10 photo - New!

Available now! Francis and Moyses Howard - Signed Color 8x10 photo - New! @ Our eBay store https://www.facebook.com/opprobriumofficial?v=app_149115948441659

Opprobrium - Autographed Bundle @ Opprobrium official eBay Store - NEW!!!

A fantastic Opprobrium autographed band merch/memorabilia now available only at the official Opprobrium eBay store. Exclusive and ultra rare Opprobrium merch that you won't find anywhere! Check it out! To order go to Opprobrium eBay store tab above or just click on the link below: http://www.ebay.com/itm/view/221503199285?afsrc=1

Opprobrium on Sanctus Gladius Radio

Here's another station that an Opprobrium fan told us about that also plays Opprobrium music! Thank you Sanctus Gladius Radio for your support, we really appreciate it!

Here's the link to their website, check it out!: http://sanctusgladius.com/?page_id=265

Opprobrium on Dead To Self Radio

We've been recently contacted by Dead To Self Radio and we've found out that Opprobrium is one of the most requested bands on their station! Their support for Opprobrium has been great and we would really like to thank them for it! You too can go to their website and request your favorite Opprobrium songs!

Here's the link to the website: http://www.deadtoselfradio.com/band.php?artist=Opprobrium

Massacre Of The Unborn (new version year 2000) Uploaded

After many requests from fans worldwide, we finally decided to add the song Massacre Of The Unborn (new version year 2000) by popular demand in our music player, this track is off the compilation series by Nuclear Blast: Various artists - Death...is Just The beginning Vol.6 (2001), now you can enjoy it in your smartphone or by visiting our Facebook or ReverNation Opprobrium sites. And while you're here, don't forget to download the free Opprobrium mobile app for your mobile device! 'Til next time guys!

Free Opprobrium Mobile App

Check out the Mobile App by OPPROBRIUM (Official). This free Mobile App lets you listen to music, check out photos and videos, read blog posts and get exclusive push notifications straight to your mobile device. The free OPPROBRIUM Mobile App is now available for free download on the Android app store worldwide! Music, videos, photos, tweets, and much more as you get the latest OPPROBRIUM sent directly to your mobile device.

Opprobrium Interview

Opprobrium interview. Interview with Moyses M. Howard - drummer for Opprobrium Robex Lundgren Musik blogg - Sweden (January 2014)

Interview @ this link: http://ghgumman.blogg.se/2014/january/interview-with-opprobrium.html#comment