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Sneaky-Peek: Alex J & FaceBoy – Start It Again Kid

January 12, 2013 Music, Sneaky-Peek No Comments

One of the perks of what I do, is getting sneaky-peeks of artists who want to share their latest single or music video with me. Usually I’m not allowed to talk about it, other than I just heard or saw the sneaky-peek. But this time, it’s a little different…

UK producers Alex J and FaceBoy teamed up, to produce a dance track for charity, as they want to create more awareness for Multiple Sclerosis (MS). A full blast media campaign will start next March, with ‘Start It Again Kid‘ available on iTunes and Beatport and the release of their music video, which I will post right here as soon as it drops.

Till then, I’ll leave you with this exclusive sneaky-peek of Alex J & FaceBoy and their charity single ‘Start It Again Kid‘!

Check in with Alex J and FaceBoy on: Twitter (Alex J): @AlexJ1Artist Twitter (FaceBoy): @WeareFaceBoy Website: faceboy.me.uk

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