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Dreams Made Real / Blog

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DMR Documentary Details!

     Dreams Made Real Inc. presents:Get Featured in Our Upcoming Documentary! [...]

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About DMR! by: G.L. Giddings

About Dreams Made Realby: G.L Giddings [...]

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Protection for Your Business or Career! 

Dreams Made Real Inc. presents: Protection for Artists, Musicians, and More! [...]

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DMR's Uplifting Music Videos and More!

Dreams Made Real presents: The World's #1 Source of "Videos With A Message!"  Our videos are all designed to uplift the audience while motivating them to lead more productive lives.  We believe that music and entertainment can and should be used to teach the world!  [...]

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Let's Talk Kingdom with Catrina Reese

Let's Talk Kingdom with Catrina Reese (Radio Talk Show!) [...]

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Dr. Maya Angelou by: Kim Simpson

From Marguerite Johnson to Dr. Maya Angelou!by: Kim Simpson [...]

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Fan of The Month Contest!

Dreams Made Real'sFan of The Month! [...]

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"Top 10" Song Competition Winners!!!

Dreams Made Real'sSong Competition Winners!!! [...]

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Content Submission Guidelines!

We Accept Songs, Music Videos, Speeches, Commercials, Skits, Home Videos, Blogs, Etc.! [...]

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Vote Your Favorite Song Onto Our Compilation!


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