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Dreams Made Real / Blog

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DMRpresents: Global Voices

DMRpresents: "Global Voices" Vol. 1(Compilation Album) [...]

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DMR's Poetry Contest!

DMRpresents... "Uplifting Life Through Poetry!" {Contest} [...]

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Dr. Sley Bio.

DMRpresents: Dr. Sley "The Messenger!" [...]

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Catrina Reese Bio.

DMRpresents: Catrina "Gospeljazztress" Reese [...]

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Kirii'ah Mekongo Bio.

DMRpresents: Kirii'ah Mekongo [...]

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G.L. Giddings Bio.

DMRpresents: G.L. Giddings [...]

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Kim Simpson Bio.

DMRpresents: Kim Simpson [...]

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Sharon DuBois Bio.

DMRpresents: Sharon DuBois [...]

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DMR's Board of Directors?

Dreams Made Real Inc.'sBoard of Directors [...]

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DMRpresents: DangerMan

Dreams Made Real presents: DangerMan "The Real Life Urban Superhero" [...]

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