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Peter N. Veillon / Blog


Born Nov 8, 1979. Started teaching myself guitar at age 4. My dad influenced me in many ways. The band Steppen Wolf used one of the songs he had written when he was 18. The Aria acoustic guitar he used to write that song is the same one I practiced everyday until I got my first Fender Strat at age 15. I like to experiment with new sounds and new approaches to song writing. My music tastes vary from classical to blues to folk to classic rock to metal and all sub genres in between. Some of my fav artists are Slough Feg,Hammers of Misfortune,TYR,The Sword,Soundgarden, Alice in Chains,Stone Temple Pilots, PinkFloyd, Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, The Mars Volta, and handful of 70's metal sounding bands. I've been in a few different bands through out the years. Although I record mostly instrumental songs I do write a lot of lyrics and sing once in a while. I have a degree in the Graphic Arts and I love designing album covers. I'm married with three children. I lived most of my life in San Diego County and now I reside in Denair which is near Modesto. I'm hoping to break out into doing soundtracks and session work. I play an Ibanez acoustic/electric, Frender Strat, Schecter Black Diamond Series, digitech pedals, Zoom 8 track digital recording console, Ampeg and Peavey amps, D' Addario strings, Star picks, and soon I'll be adding the Zoom g9.2tt along with Cubebase recording software to my arsenal