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2011, BLOGS and what not, who does this?! I guess we do! ACDGANG in the buildin, SKITZO, The Apostle AKA D.A.Baracus, and ya boy, HENDO the OPULENT....Things are making a turn for the better no doubt! City Lights Entertainment, thats the label, ACIDGANG is the group, SKITZO is the main artist, KOZMONOTS are our production team, Just stick around, we about to make some noize! Im seein other groups out there, do your things for sure, VEGA$ stand up, we support, we know that the time is coming! Tryna secure our new website, ACIDGANGMUZIK.COM....stay tuned folks, Im tryin to keep yall posted! As far as songs go, we have some on deck for the masses, we just tryin to do whats right for the homies in the group! We started with SPIT PUDDLE. Featuring SKITZO, the track is undeniably hot. Showcasing a verbal bonanza, youd be silly to miss the punchlines oozing from this soon-to-be CLASSIC. Welcome2Vega$ is sure to have your head noddin, and singin the hook all day long. We some Vega$ cats, we tryna hit this city off big, its just an ode to our city, and how some people try to visit here and ruin our ville. Straight MADNESS! FOR MY MOMMA shows a side of SKITZO that the world better be ready for. Hits a spot that even the most thugged out would show some love to the ladys that paved the way. MEDICINE is just some dark, syrupy, lyrical, psycho, flashy, I just dont have the words to describe, just LISTEN to it! BTW, this aint school, so fuck the grammar and spelling.....LOVE YOU guys, hit us up.....HENDO