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Carl Beverly / Blog

Stong as the Rock Recording

Its been a long and satisfying trail, but we finally reached a milestone. Give a listen to Strong as the Rock. I love the way it came out. Without the help of my close friends this never would have come to fruition. First on my list is my baby, Carolyn, what a sweet voice, and so much more. Thanks to Steve Dionne for his fine guitar intrumentals and Sophia Eastly for pictures and her constant support and inspiration. Beth Eldidge, from the Bradford Bog People, on violin, really completed the sound I was looking for. Great job, and thanks for hanging in there. Greg Gage, on resonator guitar. That added a great low end. Lastly, I have to thank Steve Ullman, who believed in my music before I did. Miss ya man. Carl

Cathy Main
Cathy Main  (about 3 years ago)

Carl, What a beautiful blog of gratitude. You and Carolyn sound beautiful! You must me thrilled! Love the ending "You sound really good...I thought so" Glad you left that on! It was fun to hear you guys singing this at the Velvet Moose on Sunday--so glad we're part of the same community!

Hugs to you both, Cath