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Attila the Stockbroker / Blog

Seven Songs for Seven Wars - how the West created Islamic State

I wrote them one by one, at different times, and without doing so consciously have ended up with 7 songs for 7 wars: the chronological story of how the West created Islamic State. Here they are. 1: 'Mohammed The Kabul Red' - the US arming of fundamentalist lunatics to fight progressive Afghans, 1979. 'Brave freedom fighters' according to Sandy Gall on the BBC. 'The moral equivalent of America's founding fathers' according to Reagan. The birth of the terrorist groups which would end as ISIS. 2: 'Libyan Students From Hell" the US bombing of Libya, 1986. 3: 'Blood For Oil' - the first illegal invasion of Iraq, 1991. 4: 'Guy Fawkes' Table' - the second invasion of Iraq, 2003. 5: 'Baghdad Ska' - the aftermath of that invasion. 6: 'Mission Creep' - the devastation of Libya, 2011. 7: 'New World Order Rap' - a summary. If you arm lunatics and help them topple secular dictators, you reap the whirlwind.

Stuff now available for download purchase - with donations to Oxfam

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New album 'Bankers & Looters' available now...

This new album, plus 'The Long Goodbye' the poem for my Mum I wrote during her long battle with Alzheimer's, and loads of other stuff - all now available from http://www.attilathestockbroker.com/merch.html

New album 'Bankers and Looters' finished and available here now.....

Just finished my new mini album with my band Barnstormer, 'Bankers and Looters' and the tracks are up here and available to buy from the Reverb store if you like 'em!

OZ/NZ: cheers to everyone who came! Now more gigs, Glastonwick, Glastonbury

Very enjoyable time in Australia and New Zealand. Thanks to Keeno, Tim, Di and everyone who helped set it up: I'll definitely be back, especially for a full North/South Island NZ tour. Highlights were Auckland, Apollo Bay Music Fest, Punkfest in Brisbane - and overall it was a lot of fun. Now busy sorting out Glastonwick 2011 (Saturday tickets already sold out) getting ready for Glastonbury and all the other summer stuff - 2 summers in one year for me, that's great :) And the mighty Seagulls are champions with 4 games to go....

Another successful battle with technology! :):)

Welcome to this new page, set up unaided by a 53 year old unreconstructedly Luddite punk rock poet! :) Hopefully it will help more people to hear my stuff and find out where I'm playing (which is what it's for!) Better upload a few more songs now...