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Gunter Cheatham / Blog

What We Believe!!!!!!

New song, What We Believe, I just cut in the studio. Check it out!!!!!!!


"Summertime sweet summertime!" (Kenny Chesney)


Booking shows for the spring and summer, Bring it on!!!

Hittin the Studio!!!

It's a bit warm around these parts. Think I'm gonna sit inside and write some songs. Time to hit the studio!!!

Oklahoma Tornado

How crazy can this weather be? Oklahoma got hit by a huuuuuuge tornado. What's even crazier is the guy that was chasin it on the weather channel. My thoughts and prayers go out to those in Oklahoma City tonight.


I just linked Myspace with my Reverb account then started watching TV and realizing nothing on is worth watching. I think I'm gonna write a song, that should be more entertaining.