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400th Performance

Today, October 21st, I celebrate my 400th (and 399th) performance as a solo musician at my old hometown coffee shop, Dunn Bros. of Farmington. I'm not expecting balloons or cake, but it will certainly be a thrill just in knowing how far I have come as a musician.

New Album 'Corner Coffee' Recorded!

I've recorded a new album called 'Corner Coffee' available at all upcoming performances by Ben Aaron.

Live at the Ugly Mug

New songs from The Ugly Mug recordings from Farmington. "Talkin' Ponzi Scheme Blues" original song and video uploaded!

A Lot of New Stuff

-October 6th, 2008. I completed a new instrumental using electric guitar tracks entitled "eLECTRIC". Haven't played that guitar in a while.

Meanwhile I revised an old song "Waiting for Her" and took out the vocals. It is also an instrumental until I can run into someone who can help sing. That was about waiting for someone special to call me back. Took them 6 hours to call back, but I made a damn good chord progression out of the process.

Put a few new pictures up from when I was recording the songs.