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Nasambu / Blog

BBC Africa Exclusive on Nasambu

BBC Africa Exclusive!

DJ Nnamdi of Radio Afrodicia got the chance to sit down and chat with Kenyan/American singer/songwriter Nasambu Barasa. The interview aired February 27 2014 on BBC Focus on Africa. Take a listen before it's gone!



Africa on the Blog Feature Article

Greetings, Friends

We are pleased to share a great interview that we had with Minda Em, writer for Africa on the Blog! Check it out and let us know what you think!



Hero or Anti-Hero?

Two Choices: Hero or Anti-Hero

My little cousin got this new video game that he was so excited about. Its called the InFamous. I don't play video games or even watch TV, but as i looked at the cover, it captured my interest. I asked him what the game was about, and he said - you have two choices: you can be a hero or an anti-hero. "It's easy to be an anti-hero, he said. You blow things up, violate people, and you kill people."

"But what does it take to be a hero", I asked?

He paused... "You have to save people's lives."

The first life you have to save is your own. Discover who you are, your gifts and talents, and nurture them, regardless of your age or any other stereotype, and unleash your creative potential to save lives. That is what the world needs right now. Will you be the hero of your own life story? #whattheworldneedsnow

Sitakuacha scored us a Featured Artist Slot!

Our song, Sitakuacha, got a stellar Crowd Review that earned us a spot on Reverbnation's Home Page as a Featured Artist! Look out for us the week of January 14, 2014 (1/14/2014).

Thanks to Reverbnation and all our Fans for supporting independent music. One Love