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Kissing Statues

THE DAY IS HERE!!! This is the "Official Video" for 'Kissing Statues.' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBmuiMmYLYE

A second video version will be released in the very near future featuring "Primitive Streak," so be looking for that as well...SPECIAL THANKS TO "LA MAX" for all of his help as well on the video! It takes a village people! The song is available on i-Tunes and was put out on the label S4 Music/Core Productions.

To me, this song is a GREAT cross generational tune that relates to everyone of us at one time or another. I'm honored to be a part of Primitive Streak and look forward to putting out more tunes with the gig!

As always...STICK AROUND!

Cook ;-)

Update: 1/27/2014

Hello Everyone! Well, 2014 is coming in like a proverbial lion! There will be a video coming out soon with the band "Primitive Streak" that I will be in/on some bass guitar, so be looking for that. The song is called "Kissing Statues" with the vocals/song writing of Adrian Grimes. WAIT UNTIL YOU HEAR THIS GUY'S VOICE!! I'm REALLY excited to be a part of this one so check back or like the page on facebook for updates. https://www.facebook.com/PrimativeStreak In addition to that, I've been at work with a new line up of old friends working on all original tunes! The current band is called "Stratton Road" and we've got about four in the hopper. Right now we're still working on the material and hopefully will get some recording done in the near future, possibly Spring.


Update: 9/11/2013

I didn't realize it was one month to the day since my last post! Well, the interview content isn't really panning out too well as most can stop by and tell, but we'll keep working on it!

As 2013 begins to wind down, We're gearing up to make 2014 a much better year. The veteran's charity that I was bouncing back and forth on for the past year and half is starting to take shape and gain a little steam. The name of it is called "Operation: Tone 11." We hope to have this up and running in 2014. It's starting out small, but I hope it has a major impact.

I'll have the blog up and running this weekend and eventually get geared up for a web site. So check it out when I post.

Musically, there hasn't been too much going lately. I'm back with some members of my old band and we're taking a stab at some originals. This is pretty new territory for the four of us and I'm back on bass. I actually didn't realize how much I missed that Fender Jazz Bass! That thing THUMPS!!

So stick around and I'll continue to post my updates on the appropriate sights.

Cook ;-)


I'm re-leasing this tune after some additional work to it. An original bass track I did was found prior to the arm injury. I re-mixed it, left out the fluff, and keeping it R-A-W!...Cook

Kevin "KK" Kyle

Back in April I had the fortunate opportunity to interview the band "Guy Franklin" with lead guitar player Kevin Kyle. Shortly after, Kevin and I did a one on one interview. To say he has good stories is an UNDERSTATEMENT. One of the most unique aspects of Kevin is that was one of the last people to have a one on one with Randy Rhoads before the crash. So tune in tonight at 9:00pm EST USA for the debut of his one on one here at Cook via Reverb Nation....with a Randy Rhoads Tribute at the very end.... ;-)

Notes for Notes: N4N

Just wanted to say thanks for those that purchased 'Drive The Snake." I'm making a pledge of my own, if the unit sales make it to 1,000, I'll donate the entire amount to www.notesfornotes.org for Christmas!! It's an excellent charity that benefits youth that want to learn about music in a SAFE environment and they are growing rapidly.

Next, over the coming weeks I'll be looking to add more interviews to the sight with a focus on Reverb Nation artists, instrumentalists, and bring them onto my page. So stop back often for content updates.

Lastly, I'll be doing a charity guitar for a chapter of 'The Ronald McDonald House' for their upcoming auction. I'll have updates on that one as well in the coming weeks.

So thanks again for all the support and well wishes!

Cook ;-)


2013 is going to be different. Personal thanks to everyone that's been fanning the last couple of weeks! One thing I want to do this year is continue to bring artists into view. I'm considering a website dedicated to that, so any input is VERY WELCOME!

Later on! Cook...