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BC ( Born Crazy ) / Blog

BC ( Born Crazy ) - Butterflies Owls & Eyes Is OUT!!!

BOOM!! It is on Like Donkey Kong! BC ( Born Crazy ) - Butterflies Owls & Eyes Is OUT!!! Visit this site buy but if you choose to buy the digital copy. The first 20 buyers will receive an email from me. I will need your address so be prepared for that because I am sending you all a hard copy signed by ME! BC!! https://bcborncrazy.bandcamp.com/album/butterflies-owls-eyes You just might get a little extra with it... hint hint If you choose to just stream, please go to my reverb instead because it benefits me more. Please do that for me. Link is here - http://www.reverbnation.com/bcborncrazy/songs The album Butterflies Owls & Eyes focuses on the beast and how it controls and forms the people into the shape it wants us to be. BC is here to tell you that you can fight the beast. Slash the beast until it dies or it will just come back again. Butterflies Owls & Eyes - Tracklisting 1. Butterflies Owls & Eyes Intro 2. Mind Control Feat. Demzwon Produced By MG 3. Battle The Darkess Intro 4. Battle The Darkness Prod. By Rheezo 5. Third Eye Prod. By Dave Fooley 6. Internet Tough Guy Skit 7. E - Thuggin Feat. Goldie Lokk & Demzwon Prod. By Goldie Lokk 8. Calling Me Feat. Primespot Prod. By Johnny Beats 9. Stranger Feat. Wolf Prod. By Everything And Nothing 10. Wandering Mind Feat. Toke & Primespot Prod. By BrenLavBeats 11. Show Up Feat. Toke Prod. By Billion Coast 12. BC ( Born Crazy ) Part 2 Prod. Ekidis3 13. Run For The Hills Prod. By Lee on the Beats 14. Shark Attack Prod. By LeuNatic 15. Its Hell Hot It Burns Feat. Demzwon Prod. By Pussy Track 16. Life Is Like War Feat. Midnight Grahmmer & Robbie Zeecs Prod. By NEL TM 17. Dumb On The Drum Prod. By Pussy Track 18. Pass It Around Feat. Dirty But So Clean & Germoney Prod. By Grizzly Squad Productions 19. Face Of Hell Prod. By The Kidz 20. Future is Reality Feat. TOKE & Primespot 21. I Forgive Intro 22. I Forgive Feat. Know Justice Prod. By MickeyMontz 23. No Hard Feelings Featuring Primespot - Produced By RubenS 24. Pangea Music Feat. Goldie Lokk & Toke Prod. By Kid Nano This is sponsored so only a few freebies can get put out. I need your full support on this one. I am expecting this LP to be a BIG Breakthrough. Much Love & God to you all! Stay positive and BE FREE! BC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BC ( Born Crazy ) - Butterflies Owls & Eyes Coming Soon!!

Here are the leaks of the people who will be featured on the new LP Butterflies Owls & Eyes Leak ALERT! Primespot Goldie Lokk Know Justice Demzwon Midnight Grahmmer Robbie Zeecs MisterWeazle Majick Toke Germoney Wolf

BC ( Born Crazy ) - Sheeple LP Free Download

Link below http://rg.to/file/0176ecb2e7c5dad7eb9ca545eaafc7b3/BC_-_Sheeple.rar.html

BC ( Born Crazy ) From Darkness To Light LP - Free Download

Download link below http://rg.to/file/12bcf6c1d1e7146021e6a2334d412ea8/BC_-_From_Darkness_To_Light.rar.html

BC ( Born Crazy ) Old School LP - Free Download!!


New!! Goldie Lokk Album Released!

Its Goldie!!!!! Heard the new Goldie LoKk mix tape, 808s and Earthquakes?! Well here it is for free download!! Pangea Music's very own Goldie LoKk busts out of California with this monster project featuring BC, TOKE and Germoney also from Pangea Music. Enjoy!! https://soundcloud.com/goldie-lokk/sets/808s-and-earthquakes Download the album for free here if you want on our main webpage. http://www.pangea-music.com/goldie-lokk

New BANGER! Germoney x Know Justice x BC x TOKE - U Got The Game Fucked Up


Germoney x Know Justice x BC x TOKE - U Got The Game Fucked Up [Takeover Thursday Vol.2]

New Song! Germoney x BC x Primespot - We Put In Work

New Song Uploaded!!


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Pangea Launched A New Web Page!!!!

Pangea Launched a new webpage!

Here are the features

1.Free downloads from every artist. 2. Every artist of every album/mixtape 3. Youtube Videos 4. Pangea Store 5. More Information 6. Show list Check it out and sign up http://www.pangea-music.com/

New SONG!! BC!!

TOKE x ScotFree x BC - Life's The Same (prod. by Goldie Lokk)

This will be on Toke's New Mixtape