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tiny Blake / Blog

Ever thought of a rap for children?

Can I blog a frog? I'd have to lock the frog into the blog... it would be a locked blogfrog in a frogblog. But if you'd block all this nonsense, it gets a locked blogfrog in a blocked frogblog... ...and I remember even Bob Dylan once found "frogs inside his socks"!

...to dance is to BREATHE....
...to dance is to BREATHE....  (over 3 years ago)

quick question. Was that frog tangled up in blue, like a rolling stone and blowing in the wind? He aint going nowhere? But hey. The times, they are a changing. This is the best blogfrog I ever read cos my mum loved that man.You os made me laugh xx

Tropical heat in Vienna

Impossible to play guitar above 30°C and 70% humidity...

Just lyrics?

"Woke up this morning, late at night That damn cup of coffee was way out of sight..."


Worked in the studio till 22:00 and got caught in the net... couldn't escape before 07:15. Besides, does anybody know why musicians tend to die relatively young?