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Los Angeles (The love/hate relationship continues)

Many years ago I tried moving out here to Los Angeles and have had considerations many times after I left. Last night I played to an intimate crowd of friends here and LA and remembered all the reasons I love this place. What incredible talent and passion for art, music, and film out here. It is so inspiring and keeps me on my toes constantly reminding me to practice in order to better myself daily at my craft. As the years have gone on and I have truly settled in VT I realize that LA will alway...

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NJ Bound

Hello Everyone,

I hope today is treating you well! Here in VT it was like a tropical rainforest outside and in the studio was like the inside of a volcano...


We have so much great news and will be sending out the monthly email/webvideo very soon. I will be traveling to NJ and NYC this weekend until the 19th doing all kinds of fun stuff. For all my friends in NJ/NYC; I will be at Little Shanty, Warren, NJ 7/13/13 this Saturday and at Northern Soul, Hoboken, NJ 7/18/13 next Thursday.



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Hello Lovely Peoples,

I'll be heading back to Vermont and a much needed family get away to coastal Maine for the last week. For those who don't know we did not reach our goal of $10,000 but we did a flexible funding campaign so after a little taxing we will get to keep the remainder of the $5,317 raised (not bad!!!). I will be posting details within the next week letting you know how you can still pledge if you missed the deadline. We are going to extend the contribution period until...

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The Ever Changing TIde

June 28th 2013

 Check out this video:


The Ever Changing Tides

These waves crash upon me daily

Each one with a signature sound, size, and force

I take them as I they come.

Floating in the vast ocean I remain close to the shore

Attached to the ever changing tides that never cease to come.

I begin to listen as my head remains under the oceans surface.

As the sound of these waves beat their drum

I become entranced by their rhythm and begin to dance.

Drifting on the surface, I start to focus inward a...

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The Musician

June 27th 2013

 Chowing the last bit of food in my makeshift cupboard. 2 days from now I'll be singing my heart out to y'all, I am so excited!!!

The Musician

Not a choice in this life, I begin to compose.

It wakes me from my sleep,

Jolts me from my peace,

Calls me at the worst times,

And keeps me from my love.

I must go when it calls,

As it beckons me to fulfill my duty.

I have no choice in the matter, when the song comes I must sing, I must write, I must create.

Homeless on the street, it calls.


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Know Your Self

June 26, 2013

Know Your Self

Deep inside your heart, know your Self

In you bones, know your Self

In your blood, know your Self

In your hair, know your Self

In your limbs, know your Self


In your smell, know your Self

In your taste, know your Self

In your sight, know your Self

In your touch, know your Self

In what you hear, know your Self


In the bird, know your Self

In the ant, know your Self

In the spider, know your Self

In the mouse, know your Self


In the flower, know your Self

In the weed, kno...

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The Tree Of Life

June 25,2013

Check out this moth that landed here last night! Thankfully he was still hanging on so I could snap these pics this morning and share!!!

The Tree Of Life

Here in the center of this flower, I gaze at the world around me.

I develop with the opening of the flower into the beginning of my potential.

A bird comes and picks me off my creator and life begins.

Landing somewhere in a field I feel my chances are good.

With my hard shell I begin by soaking in all the beautiful moisture from the rain ...

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The Nature Of Friends

June 24, 2013

The Nature of Friends

The sunlight brings you clarity in vision, freshness, and life. It provides energy, warmth, and nurtures all that provide for you. It is the source of all things that exist on earth and gave us our elements of love and the ability to sense them.

The sky gives you space. It is unobtrusive yet allows all to come and go as they please. It gives you perspective letting things exists within it. It reflects all colors bringing beauty to your life. It remains unchanged ...

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The Little Self

June 23, 2013

The Little Self

Constantly at my door, like a salesmen he rings.

Waiting there through all weather, always ready to hand me something.

Convinced he is my best friend telling me how great I am.

Turning me against others in order to lift me up he cries his plea to let him in.

You cannot hide from this salesman as he knows you're always home.

Even in sleep he sends me brochures of my potential.

He has tactics to keep me in his grips and never let me leave.

Stuck in this house trapped by his ov...

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It All Starts Here

June 22, 2013

It All Starts Here

Follow me into the forest of the mind.

Watch as I show you the caves and waterfalls.

Trail after trail this acreage is infinite.

All the seasons, all types of landscape in this one place.

Follow me further into your past.

The things you thought you lost.

The times you wished you had.

Through the halls of grammar school into your teens.

A college in the city, this is where we put together the dreams.

So follow me now, even deeper still. 

Into your future, the one we made...

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