Cory Harlin / Blog

July 18 2013

Well today was pretty unproductive as it has been for the past couple of weeks unfortunately. Doesn't mean I'm not heading in the right direction, sometimes you just get stuck where you are for a bit. I've been working with a new project in Anniston Alabama called Nova 9 though which is turning out to be pretty good. As of right now it's just a cover band but I will say that I've never seen a band that could sound like the radio until I played with them. We are doing 80's rock all the way to some modern alternative rock and harder rock like Godsmack. My dad is playing the drums in it and I am playing the bass. We all contribute to it with backup vocals. Pretty fun. Hopefully we'll get that rolling real fast and also I hope to start getting some of my own new songs on here asap. Anyways peace out for now.