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Edward Williams / Blog

Tremont Music Hall Battle of the Bands

There is nothing I like better than seeing live music and talking shop with drummers.. I was in drummer heaven at Tremont Music Hall! I normally LOATH 'music competitions' but when the crowd gets to judge, it doesn't get anymore fair.. This leg of the competition was to see how bands can promote AND perform. The bands that sold the most tickets (obviously) have a better chance of winning with more people screaming for them. THIS competition was like no other. At the end of the night it was narrowed down to three bands, all three of the 'finalists' pitted crowd against crowd, jerry's bones peeps yelling against Resist peeps and BTB peeps. I was standing in the crowd when the first band was called, (smattering of applause), then the second, third, fourth and by the time the 5th band heard their applause, I was as nervous as I have ever been.. I was blown away by a couple bands that night and although I knew we did an OK job, I was in NO WAY prepared for what happened when they called out "JERRY'S BONES"! Folks, it was as if the roof came off of the place! SERIOUSLY, The Boneheads were screaming so loud the 'host' had to calm them down so the next band could get their 'votes'. From that point on if you didn't have earplugs in, you were hurting... Finally it came down to the fans from 3 bands and a decibel meter.. ONE DECIBEL point separated one from the other two, so they did it again, and again, finally, The Boneheads were not giving up, nor were the fans of the other bands!- It was a moment that NONE of us will ever forget! Besides perform as best we could, there was nothing else we could do to win, this night belonged to our Fans! Those who were there screaming and clapping got us to the finals and for that we are thankful and blown away! I looked around at one point as all the Boneheads were screaming and I thought a few of their heads were gonna explode! AMAZING night! And one that I will never forget.. Thanks so much to the Jerry's Bones peeps that bought a ticket, showed up and screamed their guts out! When we go to the finals later this summer- it is because of all of you! Thanks again - E.

My Music- Auditions

If you want to check me out playing (and singing) some covers scroll through my videos! Thanks and Enjoy!