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Dirty South Productionz / Blog

3rd Coast Souldjaz Re-Unite


2012 North & South Productionz

Much Love 2 all the local artists tryin to "Erase the Hate".... I feel yall on that there but now lets see who sticks with it....

#1 in all GENRE thanks 2 YOU!!!!!

Thanks to all our fans support, we are number one in our local area in all genre. Much love to all of our street team members for all the hard work they put in promoting our music and our site. Without all of you this would have not been possible. I used to do music for me but now i do it for all of you. With the love and support we get it inspires me to keep pushing everyday. I represent all of DSP when i say much love and respect to you all. Much love, B from the DSP Family

In The Begining

We are still here,we aint going nowhere.......Big Beau is coming back to escanaba,michigan to re join DSP and hold it down for Texas n Michigan!!!!!