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Diana Cristina Rangel / Blog

Writing... Recording...

I've been busy writing and preparing for a recording session-- Drive Me Crazy will have a new vocal done in the studio, some engineering magic done to it, and generally just be shored up into something more finished. I'm going to do a new version of another song, possibly two, if opportunity permits.

The wonderful producer/engineer Crawford Brown will be working the board, up at The Loft, in Bronxville, NY-- he's my go-to guy when I want to get a finished and polished song. I always have a good time-- the place is casual, comfortable, all the equipment first rate, and Crawford just a wonderful, friendly, easy going guy with a real touch with Pro Tools who's become a friend. The trip through NYC is always somewhat of a production number in itself-- two trains, the crosstown subway... a real trek, but I've gotten somewhat used to it by now.

I'll post the new songs as soon as I've got my hot little hands on the finished recordings. This time around, I'll be having the songs mixed and mastered. I'm very excited about that.

Hope you like the new stuff when I put it up on the player!

Much love,