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The Djed / Blog

The Djed Origin story pt. 1

Although The Djed have been regaling galactic dignitaries in Agharta, Inner Earth since forming nearly four lifetimes ago they have only recently journeyed to the surface world. Originally spurred on by a passion for Mesoamerican architecture and a strong desire to live in a ziggurat The Djed found themselves staring at our yellow sun for the first time just outside "Il grotto di Sybylla", a well-known I.E. entrance in southern Italy. Undaunted, although slightly off course, these "sweethearts of metal" as Angelo Rosetti (of Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome fame) recently dubbed them, made their way north to France in your surface year of 1918. Just west of Paris and south of the Somme The Djed met up with Allied Commander-in-Chief Sir Douglas Haig. After a top secret meeting with high brass, it was decided that The Djed, in exchange for providing advanced military technology to the Allies, would be given safe passage to South America where the British Government, after being given coordinates by The Djed, had purchased 300 square miles of, seemingly remote land in Southeastern Mexico just north of the Guatemalan border. Unbeknownst to Her Majesty's government The Djed had just been given land which housed the undiscovered Mayan city of Calakmul. The Djed had finally gotten their ziggurat! The Djed wasted no time moving in and turning the pyramids into a place they would call home for the next thirteen years. Rarely seeing other humans during this time and only occasionally trading with the local natives who called these stange visitors "caquitzi teteoh" meaning "they sound like the gods" obviously due to their continual band practice, The Djed lived in harmony with nature until 1931 when Calakmul was "discovered" by archaeologists. Keenly aware that the world of music would not be ready for their signature sound for several decades The Djed moved north into America and settled in the cliff dwellings of Mesa Verde, CO. The Djed were comfortable here for over 60 years honing the sound that would make them so loved by millions of adoring fans around the surface world. In the late 1990's they purchased an abandoned Titan missile silo near Salina, KS. using money from the sale of their Mexican property. Finally, The Djed had a practice space as big as their sound! Some 12 years later The Djed were ready to unleash themselves on the Earth. Where better to do that than Tulsa, OK. Get Ready. Prepare yourselves. Stockpile food and ammo because The Djed are about to break the 7th seal and loose the horsemen. All Hail!!