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Will Vetter Goodin / Blog

"How many beats do you have??"

I was recently asked how many "beats" I have, and how often I put out work. I put out a new cd every 2 weeks, and have "produced the alphabet"( that is a cd for every letter of the alphabet) Plus more than a decades worth of work before that. I don't know anymore... I lost count.

More free downloads

I am currently working on a free downloadable cd with about 10 or so tracks. I'll prolly be done in about a week or so. Get ready to get your mix-Tape on!


REALLY? Ill I see now days is people not being themselves, taking pictures with cars they don't own (and have not even sat in, in real life) big stack of money out they moms purse ( it's all 1 dollar bills any way) hand signs, guns? People trying to out-do others in any way possible, oh, your name is "lil-hun thousan" well my name is "lil-million" WE KILLIN OURSELVES WITH ALL THE FAKE SHIT. JUST BE YOUR SELVES.

New Tracks

Just finished the "Y" cd yesterday. SATURN 2 IS COMING!


NO LEASING. You buy it, you own it. No Leasing, No renting, No lay away. Once you buy the Track(s) YOU OWN IT! After you buy it/them, no one else will be able to buy the same track(s). No returns, all sales are FINAL. No CHECKS and i'm sorry, buy I do not accept food stamps or watches as collateral. Thanks any way.


I don't do "facebook" or "twitter" shits stupid

FREE Downloads

"Lease" as defined by Websters Dictionary is- A contract by which an owner (that is me) lets land, property ect to another person for a specified period. To grant by or to hold under lease.

"Free" as defined by Websters Dictionary is - With NO cost or charge; exempt from taxes, duties ect.

My FREE Downloads are FREE, no leasing, no renting... FREE

More Free Downloads

1.) Everything 2.) Everlasting 3.) Hard In The Hallway 4.) I Own This City 5.) Katrina

Free Downloads

1.) Almost Did 2.) Ashes To Ashes 3.) Black Frost 4.) Chamber

Downloads coming soon

Be on the lookout for 10 FREE downloads coming SOON!