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Eternal Mosh / Blog

Woah . . . is it me, or did everything just taste purple to you?

On a serious note though, this year is looking very promising. On one hand we got the New EP CD coming out today, and on the other hand we have a BRAND NEW CAR :D. Nah just pulling your chain, or was I? (enter creepy twilight zone music here)

Getting ready for the new year

Man this new year is supposed to be the most interesting of them all. Been reading some shit about how this is the year that we will find aliens or vice versa. either way Its cool to me :D.

The band is getting ready for a show coming up on the 19th In Andrews Texas :D so if your in the neighborhood you should swing by. Need to give thanks to the band who got us the oprotunity "Shackled to the Grave" give it up to them. Check theyre shit out also. they have some pretty good shit.

OTher than that its cold and windy out here. Need some warmth :D