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Gash / Blog

Music is my religion.

A lot of people like to find peace and serinity in their life through a higher power. Whatever your preference for your religious beliefs, they all amount to the same thing. Human's as a species are self aware, and because of this, we find that this life can be overwhelming, especially if we have no place to turn. Now, it is not to say I do not believe in a god, but I have yet to find a religion that could possibly be perfectly correct. For me, God is what you make of him/her/it. God can be your rock in rough times, or he can be the reason you go to war.

When I look above, or meditate in deep thought, my god comes to me in the form of music. My peace comes from being lost in the abstractness of all that is music. If thought about long enough, I almost induce a trance like state where peace comes to my mind, melody takes over my soul, and all the troubles of the weary world wash away.

If this is not god either speaking, or acting through music, then I do not know what is. Most people pray and seek to find specific answers to specific problems in there life. I do not like to lay my problems on god, I merely enjoy letting him drown them out with song. Anyone who can feel me on this, respond or just send me a note.