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Do You Play the Bass and Other Business

Hey all, Love ya. Lets get that straight right off the bat. You've been great to us since we released the EP (two days ago, hahaha). We're extra proud that it was a two person effort. Ben played the bass on the album, and to that end, we'd like to announce we're looking for a bassist. Before you freak out, venue, don't worry we have a KILLER stand up bassist right now. He's talented, dependable, and has a great mustache. However, he also has two great kids and a great wife. He's in to help us out as long as we need it, and we're tempted to not look for a replacement because he's so damn good, but thats not fair to his family. So shoot us an email if you're interested in being on the road at least 2 weekends a month (paid, of course), and being in a badass blues rock band. No calls please, but feel free to text us at 5098330764.